Have you ever opened your mailbox to find that it is full of junk mail? Where you find a pile of credit card and insurance offers that just end up going in the trash. Have you ever been eating dinner, your phone rings and it is a telemarketer on the other end? If so, here are ways to stop junk mail:

Credit and Insurance Offers

You might not realize this, but credit card and insurance companies have the ability to pre-screen you and send you offers. You can choose to opt out from this by calling 1–888–567–8688 or going to www.optoutprescreen.com. I did this and haven’t received an offer in about 2 years.

Other Junk Mail

If you want to cancel items other than credit card offers you can go to www.dmachoice.org. There you will have the ability to indicate what mail you do and do not want to receive.

Telemarketing Calls

Although this is not really junk mail, it is something that most people, including myself, want to get rid of. If you want to get on the National Do Not Call Registry to reduce unwanted telemarketing calls, you can call 888-382-1222 or go to www.donotcall.gov.

What about Coupons?

Coupons can be a great way to save money, but they can also be a nuisance to receive in your mailbox multiple times per week. Check out where can I get coupons for more info.

Have you ever had an issue with junk mail?