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Wow. That is all I can say. This month I did almost double the revenue compared to what I did last month and this is by far the best month I have ever had from online income. I appreciate all of you who help make this possible by clicking on my affiliate links and taking my courses. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it was for people like you.

Update on my Book

I have completed chapter two of the book about How to Retire Early and submitted those to the publisher. I have started on chapter 3 and it is coming along nicely. It is amazing to see how much I actually enjoy the process of coming up with the ideas for each chapter. Initially I had to establish a table of contents to get the book deal, so I have been using that as my guide for creating the content for each chapter. I need to have chapter 4 done by mid January, so everything seems to be on track.

That being said, here are the numbers for last month.

November Income Breakdown

  • $2.97
  • Adsense: $71.21
  • Ebates: $ ($10 – I have 90 people signed up that have not bought anything yet. If that is you, make sure to buy something so that you the get cash back and a $10 gift card! Click here to sign up for Ebates for FREE)
  • Bluehost: $0 – an inexpensive way to host a website when getting started.
  • EVoice: $70 – This is a cheap way to have an 800 number and is great for entrepreneurs who want to have a national presence.
  • Amazon: $2.86
  • YouTube (Well Kept Wallet Channel): $5.92
  • YouTube (SEO Channel): $8.07
  • Credit Sesame: $24 – A FREE way to get your credit score and check your credit report to make sure that it is in good order.
  • Lending Club: $36 – I have a post about how people can make money and how Lending Club allows you to invest money and get a higher interest rate than traditional investing solutions.
  • Other Sites: $200
  • My courses: $475 – How to Save $250/month Mini Course & Debt Free in 18 Months
  • SoFi: $600 – A great way to refinance student loans and credit card debt.
  • Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing: $0 – A great course for learning how to make money online.
  • Freelance Writing: $750 – I write for various personal finance sites and get paid per article.
  • TradeKing: $240 – A great site to buy stocks for $4.95 per trade which is half the cost of most companies.
  • Surveys: $12 – This is great because people can start making money today by filling out surveys online. Here are the three that I like: Opinion OutpostDigital Voice, and Harris Poll. If you want to be an affiliate of Offer Juice which gives you access to be an affiliate of these survey companies, click here.
  • MyFinance: $93.74 – This is a recommended ad that goes at the bottom of each post and is only personal finance content. If you are interested with signing up with them, let me know and I will introduce you directly to them.
  • Care: $1 – This a way to make extra income as a babysitter or a pet-sitter.
  • MediaVine: $589.84 – This is my new ad network which replaced Adsense on WKW. So far this had paid 3 – 4 times better than Adsense.
  • Fundrise: $350 – This is a way to get started in real estate investing for as little as $1,000 through real estate crowdfunding.

Total: $3542.61

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I bought a new website

For the past couple of years, I have been acquiring other personal finance sites. Up to this point I have had three other sites, but this month I added a fourth to the list: This is a daily deals website that has 18,000 email subscribers and over 54,000 Facebook fans. I look forward to spending some time in the next couple of months fine-tuning that site and increasing it’s income. By the way, if you have a we

Did you make any extra income on the side last month? If so, please share what you did in the comments below!