Nearly every person, whether they acknowledge it or not, has goals and dreams, but how can you go from having goals to the point where you actually reach your goals? Although the goal or goals that you set may seem daunting, the process you need to go through to reach your goals is actually quite simple.  Tedious, yes, difficult, not necessarily.  Today we’ll talk about four steps that you can take for any goal you’ve set that will make the difference between success and failure regarding whether or not you reach your goals.

Acknowledge the Issue

Most every goal is born out of a problem:  A roadblock, of sorts. You set health goals because you’re unhappy with your current health.  You set financial goals because you’re unhappy with your current money situation.  You set organization goals because you feel as if your home or life is unorganized.  However, in order to properly identify goals, one needs to face up to the problem or issue at hand.  If you refuse to sit and assess the problem, the race to reach those goals will likely not even leave the starting gate. Until one has a clear understanding of the problem and of the weight of the impact it’s having on their life, the drive to complete that goal will likely elude them.  For this reason, it’s vital to start your goal-setting session with a thorough assessment of the problem that’s caused you to set the goal, how and why you got there,  and how that problem has negatively impacted your life.

Make a Written Plan

Another vital step that has to be completed in order for you to reach your goals is for you to make a concrete plan to reach those goals.  For instance, don’t make a goal that states simply “pay off debt”.  Make a detailed plan that outlines each of your debts, and how you’ll put extra money toward those debts each month in order to get those balances to zero. Also, a written plan for your goals and your road to achieve them nearly doubles your chances of succeeding at those goals.  Unwritten goals have far less chance of succeeding as they slip to the back of your subconscious while you deal with the things of daily life.

Take a Step Toward Your Goal Every Day

Whatever your goal is, take a step every day that will help you to reach your goals.  If your goal is to pay off debt, put extra money, even if it’s just a few dollars, toward that debt on a regular basis. Or read a personal finance article.  Find a lower insurance rate; just do something every day to help push you toward goal success.  If your goal is better health, make choices each day that will help you reach that goal.  Choose an apple instead of your daily latte’ for breakfast.  Do 30 situps and 30 squats as you watch TV.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator at work.  Make small, simple choices each day that won’t overwhelm your psyche but will push you toward your goal.

Monitor Your Progress

Set a certain time period on your way to your goals in which you’ll assess your progress.  For health goals, step on the scale or take your measurements once a week.  For financial goals, monitor your debt levels and net worth levels on a monthly basis.  If your goal is to find a new job, assess the steps you’ve taken each week to make that happen.  Monitoring your progress as you work toward your goals will help keep you accountable, and it will help encourage you as you see yourself getting closer each day to reaching those goals.

Setting goals can indeed be intimidating, but reaching those goals is a highly rewarding experience.  Use the steps above in order to make sure that the goals you set for yourself this year will be goals that do indeed cross the finish line.

What’s your best tip for making sure one reaches their goals?  What new goal are you setting for the new year?

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