Image Credit: WikipediaHappy Independence Day from Well Kept Wallet! Sometimes life gets hectic and we don’t plan for events like this far enough in advance. To help you do some last-minute planning here are five ways to save money this 4th of July:

1. Go to a Local Park
Many local parks offer a great view of fireworks at no cost. Google the words “free fireworks show park” along with your city and state to try to locate one near you. For instance, if you live in Phoenix, AZ, I found a FREE show at Steele Indian School Park in downtown Phoenix.

2. Buy in Bulk
Are you entertaining some guests? Maybe you have a huge family. If so, a last-minute Costco run might just save you some money. Make sure to make a list beforehand so that you don’t walk out with a LCD TV and new vacuum while you are there.

3. Go to Dollar Store for Decorations
If you are having some sort of party and have a tight budget, check out your nearest Dollar Store as they might have what you need for cheap. They often will have festive table clothes, balloons, and inexpensive plates and cups to accommodate your budget.

4. Don’t Hire a DJ Instead use Pandora
It is amazing what you can do these days as far as playing music for free on the internet. Pandora is a great way to have music in the background while you are hanging out and it costs a lot less than a DJ, in fact, it is no cost at all.

5. Get on the Roof
Want to keep costs really low? If you have a roof that you can access safely, why not just consider staying home and setting up camp on your roof. That way you don’t have to hassle with the crowds and you can enjoy the comfort of your own home.

What are you doing this 4th of July to save money?

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