A quote that has been ringing in my head over the past year is one by Thomas Edison: “find a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I thought to my self, ‘is this possible?’ Well, I am about to find out. On May 17th, I will start my new career as a Financial Planner with Ronald Blue and Company. This is an amazing opportunity and after talking with 7 different people in the financial industry, all at different companies, this by far the best company I could work for to align my passions with my vocation.

I recently heard about a study where a group of people were hired to dig a ditch for $7/hr and then after lunch they were told to fill it back in. They were perplexed and resisted but they did it anyway. At the end of the day the superintendent told them that if they come back the next day, they would receive double the pay ($14/hr). The next day 40% of the people didn’t show up. This offer continued and the attendance continued to decline. Why, you ask? People want to feel, to some extent, that the work that they do has meaning. That it is helping others in some way and that it is not just a waste of time.

Now here is the most important question:

IS THIS YOU? Do you want a job that is meaningful and adds value to the world?

If so, there is a book that I recommend you read called “48 Days to the Work You Love.” In this book you will be challenged to seek out what it really is that you are called to do in life and to think more critically about how you spend your time.

Well, it turns out that if you work in the Financial Industry that you are regulated, in some respects, by the SEC. I did some research and it appears as though I am in the clear as long as I don’t charge you any money or try to solicit business from you. And that is perfectly OK with me. My goal is that you get something good out of reading this blog. That you take the principles that you find here, apply them to your life, and don’t settle for less.

On to the Topic at Hand

So is it all that it’s cracked up to be? Does working in a field that you enjoy really different? Well, do you want the simple answer? YES. I go to work and everyday I learn something new about an area I am genuinely interested in. Not only that, but I am surrounded by people that have similar interests and let me tell you, that makes for some real riveting conversations. For instance, today the financial implications of SB1070 was the topic of the office, but I wont get into that here.

It is Still Work

Don’t be fooled though, just because I am getting satisfaction out of what I do, it is still work. There are still things that are required of me that aren’t necessarily on my top 10 favorite things to do list, but I am alright with that. Everyone has to start somewhere. I feel blessed to be part of such a great organization and in an industry that desperately needs some common sense; and that is just what I am going to bring to the table.

What will you do?

Are you in a job that you dread going to? Do you want more out of life? Do you have a calling that you are putting off? Well, I am here to tell you to get out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN! Pound the streets and get a job that you love. Start a business, go into the mission field, whatever you field called to do, just TAKE ACTION. Stop making excuses. And always remember, complaining is like a rocking chair, it will give you something to do but it won’t get you anywhere.