Protect your credit and your identity with Experian’s Protect My ID program.

Our good friends at Experian have a valuable program they’ve asked me to share with you today, and I can’t tell you how excited I am about this program. Protect My ID is Experian’s comprehensive identity theft protection plan. The multi-faceted program secures citizens in all aspects of identity theft, helping people rest assured that if an identity thief strikes, Experian’s Identity Theft Resolution Agents will work to handle the problem as quickly as possible on their behalf. Some of the many valuable benefits of the Protect My ID program are listed below.

Protect My ID: Detect, Protect, Resolve

Protect My ID’s identity theft monitoring program works to keep you safe from identity theft in three ways. First, they monitor your credit report, looking to detect any suspicious activity, such as new loans or credit cards being opened, collections processes started, along with monitoring for all of the other roughly 50 leading indicators of identity theft. Protect My ID also monitors a number of online sources where compromised personal information, such as credit card numbers and social security numbers, is found. By stopping would-be thieves from being able to get access to your information via online sources, Protect My ID helps stop identity theft before it happens.

Second, Protect My ID protects your identity in a number of ways. If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve lost your wallet or credit card, one call to Experian’s Identity Theft Resolution Agents will allow them to help you protect your credit from possible fraud from a would-be thief. Protect My ID will make all of the calls necessary to close your credit and medical cards down and protect them from being used illegally. Protect My ID will also instruct your creditors to issue replacement cards to you if you wish. Because they’re owned and operated by Experian, an industry leader in identity protection, Protect My ID can also protect your identity by regularly accessing and monitoring your credit in a secure fashion. As a bonus benefit, Protect My ID offers ChildSecure, which will monitor your child’s social security number as well. Children are 51 more times likely to be victims of identity theft than adults are; however, ChildSecure helps prevent your child from becoming a victim of identity theft.

Third, Protect My ID agents are experts in Identity Theft Resolution. If you’ve been targeted by an identity thief, an Identity Theft Resolution Agent will be assigned to your case, and that same agent will work with you from beginning to end to get your identity theft problem resolved. Working to solve an identity theft problem on your own can take hours and hours of work; let the experts at Experian’s Protect My ID do the work instead.

With Experian’s Protect My ID on your side, you can stop identity theft in its tracks, before it ruins your credit and your reputation. That’s a great reason to enroll today.

Now, for the fun part: Experian has awarded to Well Kept Wallet Readers 10 free one-year memberships to Protect My ID! To enter the contest, simply tweet the link to this post with the twitter handle @wellkeptwallet included, or leave a comment below.  This contest will run through the end of the day on Wednesday, March 4th. Winners will be notified on Thursday, March 5th via twitter or email.  Good luck!