Happy Mother's Day on chalk boardAfter giving you an allowance and teaching you how to save, mom probably wants you to spend smart on her Mother’s Day gift. What do you usually spend on a Mother’s Day gift?

This year shoppers are forecasted to spend a million hours shopping online for gifts according to research from Experian Hitwise. That’s in addition to the money they’ll fork over for a present. Also, don’t forget the Mother’s Day card!

Time and money are both valuable, so don’t waste either this year.

Here are some frugal Mother’s Day gift ideas:

  • Even if your mother is not a foodie, show her how sweet she is by treating her to dessert. If you take her out just for dessert, the cost is a fraction of the price of dining out for the entire meal. Also, be sure to check for a coupon! Many people will overspend as Mother’s Day is the busiest dining day of the year, according to The National Restaurant Association, (NRA).
  • If you prefer to stay home, celebrate by raising a glass to the woman who raised you. Gather your family and toast to mom. Be sure to check for rebates on alcohol like champagne, wine and more. Your retailer should have the offers posted in the store.
  • For traditional children who want to purchase a gift for their mother, don’t forget to show her you listen. Mothers want the best for their kids and teach them lessons, like the value of a dollar. Use a coupon and shop smart if you buy her a gift. You can find sales flyers online to view the specials and print retail coupons as well.
  • An alternative to giving gifts, spend your time to help her. You can do an activity she will appreciate such as chores around her home, lawn mowing/yard work, or anything else you think she’d be grateful having help with.

Mother’s Day does not need to involve spending a fortune. Showing your mother that you care can be done in a frugal manner.

This is a guest post from Jon Lal, founder of coupons and cash back website BeFrugal.com which offers cash back for online shopping at 3,000+ online stores with a current average rate of 7%.

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