Earn Extra Cash LegitimatelyI am sure you see a ton of ads that say something like this, “Earn $1000 a week from home” or ” Be your own boss and make $3-5K per month.” Well, have no fear, this is not anything like that. What I am going to do is list 3 ways that you can earn some extra cash so that you can save up $1000 for an Emergency Savings Fund and to start paying down debt with a vengeance!

Sell Stuff on Online

When Kim and I decided to get out of debt, this was the primary way we earned some extra cash. Go though your closets, DVD rack, music collection, etc. and see if there are items that you just don’t need anymore. Lets say you had 20 books that sold or an average of $5, that would come out to $100. If you had some nice designer clothes and decided to sell 10 pieces that averaged $15 each. Now you are up to $250. Soon enough you will have enough money to fund your Emergency Savings Fund and you will be on your way to true financial peace.

Here is a list of sites that I have used and that I recommend for doing this:

  1. Craigslist – Sell virtually anything; I have sold everything from a Motorcycle to an Nintendo Wii
  2. Ebay – This is great for selling items in an online auction format. I have had success selling items like clothes, electronics, etc.
  3. Half.com & Amazon.com – Both of these sites are great for selling media, i.e. books, CD’s, movies, and video games

Deliver Pizzas

I did this when I was in college and it is a great way to earn some money quickly and on a flexible, part-time basis.

Utilize Your Skills

Throughout your life you have acquired multiple skills that you might not even realize that you can capitalize on. Here is a list of skills that you can almost instantly use to make you some extra cash:

Computer repair – Remove viruses, fix computer issues, replace hardware, etc.

Landscaping – Mow lawns, cut bushes, pull weeds, etc.

Basic house repairs – Fix a leak, replace a door knob, fix a fence, etc.

The best way that I have found to market these skills is by word of mouth. Just tell your friends and family about your plan to get out of debt and the services you are now offering. You may be surprised the amount of people who will be interested in taking you up on your offer.