items to be sold on craigslist

Last night I decided to sell my old cell phone on Craigslist and I didn’t want to wait a couple of weeks to get rid of it. So I implemented the following steps and I was able to sell it within 2 hours of listing it. Here is how to sell your items on Craigslist quickly and at a decent price.

Tips to Sell Items on Craigslist Quickly

Below our my top tips on how to make sure that you item sells pronto on Craigslist.

Determine the market price

I usually go to Ebay and check the ‘completed listings’ because this will show you what has actually sold and for how much. This will give you an idea of what the demand is for your particular item. If there is no demand then your item will not sell fast.

Price it right

On top of checking Ebay, I will see what prices the item is listed for on Craigslist within the past couple days. This is what other people will be looking at who want to buy what you have. Then I would price it competitively to be slightly less than one in a similar condition. For instance, there was a phone on there for $240 so I listed mine at $220. Remember, just because something is listed at a certain price, doesn’t mean somebody will get that price for it.

Be willing to negotiate

You must be willing to negotiate otherwise you may end up stuck with the item that you are trying to sell. Plan to sell your item for 10-20% less than the list price. I listed my old phone with the idea that I would sell it for $200. One of the first things the buyer asked was what my lowest price was. I told him that I just listed it and the lowest I could go was $200. He bought it and did not even try to negotiate any lower.

Describe the item in detail

Have this question in mind when you list the product, “What would I want to know if I were buying this item?” Here is my answer to this question:

Condition: Does it have any flaws, damage, and is it fully functional? The better you describe the condition, the less awkward the conversation will be when the person comes to look at it because they will have clearer expectations when they see the item in person.

Specs: What are the specific characteristics? In my case last night, I listed the screen size, storage capacity, processor speed, how many mega-pixels the camera was, etc. Some people are searching Craiglist for item with certain specifications, so if you list the specs, you will have a better chance of these types of buyers finding your listing. For instance, if you are selling a car on Craigslist, you should consider listing the engine size, whether not it is 4 wheel drive, how many miles it gets to a gallon, etc.

Accessories: What comes with the item? Listing the accessories is important because it could be a reason someone buys yours over a competitors. For example, when listing a cell phone some accessories would include a case, a car charger, or even an extra wall charger.

List a Reason: What is the reason you are selling it? This does not have to be long. One sentence should do. This way people know the “why” behind the listing and they will be more comfortable to give you a call. Sometimes if the price is too low and there is no reason, people may avoid call because they think it may be a scam.

Telephone Number: You must list your phone number to sell it quickly. I actually don’t even contact people with just an email address. Often times those are scams or marketing ploys to get your contact info. Also, use the digits like this: 602-555-5555. Don’t do this: Six 0 Two 555- 555Five. This is annoying because often I like to call from my cell phone. if done right, I can just touch the number when I see the ad and it instantly places a call. If you list it the latter way, this is not possible.

Special Features: Is there anything about this item that is different from others listed? If there is, make sure to put that as well. This could be the difference between someone buying yours or another item they find.

Pictures: I am very leery of an ad that does not have any pictures. I am also not fond of ads that post pictures found on the internet, instead of posting pictures of the actual item for sale. You might sell your item with somebody else’s pic, but probably not quickly. So take good pictures that are clear and that show all the accessories that go with it.

Have you sold anything on Craigslist fast? If so, did you do anything different from what I described above?