People Watching a Movie Outside at Night

My wife and I love to watch movies, especially if they are cheap. There are so many options available to watch them these days and some are more expensive than others. To help you sift through all the different choices, here are 10 ways you can watch movies for less:

1. Movie Screenings

There are two companies, that I have signed up for, that allow you to watch movies for free before they are released to the public. To find out more, check out my previous post on How to Watch Movies Before They are Released for Free.

2. Redbox

This is the cheapest method I have found around $1 per night, you can watch a new release.

3. Blockbuster Express

This is not as cheap as Redbox because they charge $2 for brand new releases, but that is because they do get certain movies before other movie rental kiosks. Also, once it has been around for a while it drops down to $1.

4. Dollar Theater (Now the $3 Theater)

If you like to watch movies on the big screen, this is a great way to do it for less. Most that I have been to are $3 or less, the only draw back is that these movies have been out for a while.

5. Netflix

For $7.99/month you can stream a huge library of movies. The only challenge is that there are not many new releases available.

6. Drive-in Theaters

We have one in Arizona called West Winds and if you go on Tuesdays it is $4.50 per person. Keep in mind most Drive-in’s movies are double features which means you can watch two new releases for $4.50. Not too shabby.

7. Vudu

This is an application that can be found on many Blu-ray players that allows you to rent movies without leaving the house. They have most new releases and costs about $3.99 per rental. They also have a “movie of the day” that you can rent for $1, so if you are not too picky this could be a very inexpensive option.

8. Buy a DVD lot on Ebay

You can often buy a group of 20 DVDs on Ebay for less than $30 and you own the movie. This can be a great way to start a movie collection, the only downside is you may end up with movies that you don’t like.

9. Go to Pawn Shops

I am not a frequenter of pawn shops, however, I do know that you can pick up DVDs relatively cheap. Somewhere below $2 per DVD should be common to find.

10. Costco Deals

About once a year Costco has a deal where you can buy AMC Gold Experience tickets for $6.50 a piece. So if you like going to the nice theaters, even the dine-in locations, you can watch any movie for up to 50% less than the normal price. We stock up on these whenever they become available.

How do you watch movies for cheap?

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