One of the most fascinating things about being a blogger is to see the keywords people use to get to my site. What I find most interesting is that many of search terms have to do with “actual” wallet’s that people keep money in. Perhaps I should start selling wallets? I will have to think about that one. But for the time being, here are my top ten most interesting search terms from 2012:

1. Wallet that gets harder to open as you spend money

2. Do wealthy people have cell phone contracts

3. How much cash does a rich people carry in his wallet

4. Where should wallet be kept in pants

5. Can i buy a product which was kept for selling by myself in ebay

6. Why do people keep money in wallets

7. Trim your festival expenses

8. When a dealer buys a car from the auction, does he have to pay the 9.3% tax?

9. I don’t know how many people have a plan for using their credit cards, let alone a plan for how to pay off their accumulated debt. what do you think? is this something that would even work?

10. Junk mail wallets

Most of these keywords I can figure what post they ended it up at because of the words that I used in writing the post’s. Number 9, however, I have no idea what that related to.

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