William Shaker Endless Possibilities Podcast

In this episode of the Well Kept Wallet podcast we have William Shaker who has sold millions of dollars worth of products through his online businesses over the years. In 2010 he decided to shift gears in order to help give back to other entrepreneurs who are looking to make it big. He has a blog at WilliamShaker.com and is the host of the Endless Possibilities Podcast where he interviews other entrepreneurs and shares wisdom from his own experiences as well.

What you will learn from this episode

  • How he sold millions of dollars worth of product online through drop shipping
  • What he learned when Google’s algorithm change dramatically decreased his traffic
  • How he re-invented himself to what he is doing today
  • What a “procrastination calendar” is

Quotes from William Shaker

You learn the information that you learn, not for yourself, but you learn it for other people”

I am more value oriented now than I have ever been in my entire life and that’s something that I think is a lot more important than going out there and chasing the dollar”

I am gainfully unemployed right now. And when I say unemployed, it’s because that the job that I do is really not a job, it’s mostly play.”

Influential book

Other mentions in this episode

Robin Sharma – A master at self-help where he got the idea of a “procrastination calendar”.

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” ~ Albert Einstein

How to connect with William

Website: WilliamShaker.com

Twitter: @WilliamShaker1

Facebook: Facebook.com/williamshakercom

iTunes: Endless Possibilities Podcast