With today’s increasingly popular 800 number plans, a much larger number of companies both large and small can take advantage of the convenience and professionalism of an 800 number for their business. Unlike in days of old, getting an 800 number for your business doesn’t require the presence of an office building, and it doesn’t require setting aside a day so that phone techs can come and install 800 number services in your office or on your phone.

Today’s remote technology means that you can have an 800 number for your business with a simple phone call. That technology also means that 800 numbers for your business are more affordable than ever before.

There are a number of questions you can ask yourself to determine if your business would benefit from the presence of an 800 number. Here I’ll share a few of those questions.

Do You Have a Business with a Separate Office?

Whether your business is run out of your home office or in a separate rented or owned space, having an 800 number would give your business the appearance of professionalism and enhance your ability to show clients and potential clients that you are serious about what you do. If you’ve got other employees that help you run your business, a separate 800 number phone line is a must.

Do You Run Your Business From Your Cell Phone?

Self-employed business owners who run their business on their own often use their personal cellular phone as a business phone. One problem with this is that when a phone call appears with a number the business owner doesn’t recognize, they have no idea whether or not it’s a business call. Do they answer as their business? Do they answer as an individual?

With an 800 number that can be hooked up to your current cellular phone as an additional incoming number, that problem is solved. Grasshopper, which is one of the top 800 number service companies available today, can show incoming calls to your 800 number with a separate identity, even if the calls are being routed to your personal cellular phone. With this valuable service, you’ll know whether each caller is calling for you personally, or for your business.

Do You Have More Than One Small Business?

This same problem of not knowing who is calling and for what exists for those who own more than one business and use the same phone to promote them all. Grasshopper can set you up with an 800 number for each business, and identify which business a caller is calling so you’ll know how to answer before you even pick up the phone, no matter how many businesses you own.

What Level of Professionalism Do You Want to Present to Clients?

Let’s face it: An 800 number does add an air of professionalism to a business. Potential clients evaluating your business will likely be encouraged by its appearance of professionalism knowing that you’ve taken the step to establish your business as professional and here for the long-term because you’ve invested in an 800 number service.

Are 800 Numbers Affordable?

Grasshopper has 800 number plans that are affordable for any business. Check out the graphic below to see their wide range of affordable plans for any size business.

grasshopper 800 number plan options

As you can see, with plans ranging from $12 a month up to $200 a month depending on the size of your business, an 800 number is affordable for even the smallest of businesses. With Grasshopper, you can choose the plan size that’s best for your business and for your business budget.

What If I Want a Separate Business Phone Number with a Local Area Code?

Some businesses benefit more by having a business phone number with a local area code, giving clients comfort in knowing that their business resides in their hometown city. Grasshopper has the ability to provide local numbers for your business as well as 800 numbers. Whatever type of business phone number you decide will help you put your best foot forward, they’ve got you covered.

As you can see, an 800 number or a local phone number for your business is an affordable and convenient option that will help you bring your company’s image to a higher level of professionalism. Sign up for a free trial with Grasshopper to see whether an 800 number or a local number is right for your business.