Last Minute Christmas Gift IdeasBuying gifts for others can definitely be a challenge. If you still need to purchase Christmas gifts for those on your list, here are five gift ideas that could help make your last-minute shopping quick and painless:

1. Magazine Subscription

If you know what the person is interested in, then all you have to do is go to a store and buy the most recent edition of a magazine that matches their interest. Then go online and subscribe for the next year. Put the magazine in a gift bag with a note that says you got them a year subscription as well. I did this one year for my wife. She was interested in photography, so I bought her a subscription to an outdoor photography magazine and she loved it.

2. iTunes Gift Cards

Almost everyone has an iTunes account and listens to music. This is a cool way to get something that shows you care without much effort. If you know they love music then this is surely a better route than buying a “general” gift card.

3. Subscription to

If the person enjoys listening to audio-books than this is definitely worth considering. It is a monthly subscription service where you get to pick one audio-book a month to keep forever. I have an account and the books download straight to my phone which hooks up to my car radio. I can listen to any book I want and it is one of the coolest gifts that I have ever received from my wife.

4. Event Tickets

Does the person love the theater?  Do they have a favorite sports team? If so get them tickets to the next play or sports game. One year my in-laws got us tickets to see Wicked, a play that ties into the Wizard of Oz. I was shocked at how much I liked it. If the person your shopping enjoys theater, then getting them tickets to a play could go a long way.

5. Personalized Vouchers

Make a voucher for something that the person would like. For instance, “This voucher is good for a 30 minute massage” or “This voucher is good for one car wash and detail.” Think about something that the other person would really appreciate and just create a voucher for it.

What are some last-minute gifts that you have gotten or got for others?