Here is a list of 10 great businesses that I am a big fan of and a brief description why: A global online marketplace that connects the individual with the rest of the world in the buying and selling of goods at the most competitive prices. Great for buying media like books, games and movies.

Apple: A technology company that I advocate because of their ability to create quality products that are easy to use like the iPhone. The ability to have applications for our cell phones are going to revolutionize the way we live on a daily basis and the opportunities are endless.

Chick-Fil-A: A sit-down, fast food joint. that almost exclusively sells chicken in multiple mediums. They have quality food along with fast and friendly service. A great auction site for things that there really isn’t a market for on Amazon. I have sold tons of items on here and it has become a safe and reliable site to do business.

Fresh and Easy:  A grocery store where I have never had to wait in line at any of their locations. Also, it is easy to navigate and prices are good.

Goodwill: A non-profit organization that offers jobs to the community while providing low cost goods. For example, I bought a fully-functional HP Printer/Copier/Fax/Scanner for $1. Need I say more?

In & Out: A burger shop that is efficiently run, with quality burgers and fries (Which is about all you can order).

QuikTrip: A gas station/convenient store with great locations, friendly staff, low prices and free air for your tires. What more can you ask for?

Quiznos – A somewhat healthy fast-food chain that has the Choose any 2 for $5 meals. This is possibly the healthiest and cheapest lunch deal out there. If you know of any others I am always open to suggestions.

Redbox – A movie rental kiosk business that you can rent New Release movies for $1 where you can return the movies to any location; enough said. Wait! I almost forgot to mention that you can reserve movies online so that when you get there they are just waiting for you. Booyah!

This list primarily represents businesses that I use on a regular basis because they have good business practices and quality products. I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies (except that I am a satisfied customer) and my intentions are that you would seek to do business with companies with such reputations.

Please note: If there are any businesses that you feel strongly about please respond with a comment on this post. Thanks!