Infiniti G20

Same make and model as my car, but they probably don’t store cash in it

On Saturday afternoon I decided to go run some errands and when I opened my car door I noticed that an audio book that I had in a nook below my car stereo was laying on my passenger seat. I thought to myself, ‘that is strange?’ Then I noticed that my glove box was open as well as my center console; I had been robbed.

I looked around the car but there was no sign of forced entry. Then I remembered that when I went grocery shopping the night before that I had my hands full and I forgot to lock my car doors. Someone must have been walking around from car to car checking to see if doors were unlocked because another neighbor had a similar experience.

So what about the $27?

Well, at one point I thought that I should put a few dollars in my center console for when I see homeless people so that I have something to give them.  So I was fully stocked as I had about $7 in the center console when this occurred. Then recently I went through a drive-thru to order breakfast and I realized that I had forgotten my wallet. I was frustrated because I had to drive back home to get it. I decided that a good solution would be to put a $20 bill in my glove box so that if this ever happened again, I would be covered. Well, that is not the case now as the mysterious thief now has my “homeless people money” and my “I forgot my wallet money”.

Take away: Remember to lock your doors no matter where you are. Yes it is still possible for people to break in, but locks are a there for a reason. They deter people who are not motivated enough to break in and I am sure it would have kept the person out that got into my car.

Stay safe America (and world).

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