Introducing the first spending challenge for Well Kept Wallet. I am going to list 5 areas that I spend money on to see if you spend less than me on any given item or service. If you do and I end up switching to your plan, then I will pay one months worth of savings.

“What? Did I just hear that right?” Yes, you did. For example, if you tell me that you spend $20 less per month than I do in a given category, I will check it out. If I end up switching, I will send you a payment via PayPal for $20. It is that easy. Here are my first 5 items of the challenge:

1. Car Wash – I pay $2.99 at a drive-thru car wash for an exterior car wash with a free vacuum to clean the interior.

2. Satellite TV – I pay $27.39/month for Dish Network with DVR. We have the Dish Family package which includes 55+ channels, which is still more than we ever watch.

3. Gym – I pay $10/month to work out at You Fit. They are a great facility that has everything I need to work out: cardio equipment, free-weights and a sea of exercise machines.

4. Internet – I pay $18.99/month for high-speed internet from Cox Communications. Now this is a “Starter” package, so there is a minimal amount of lag at times. For instance, we might be watching a Netflix movie and it will buffer once or twice. But this does not happen often. Note that our package isn’t even on their site. You have to call them at 623-594-8759 and ask for it.

5. Cell Phone – I pay $116.07/month for two cell phones with 1000 minutes, unlimited messaging (text/multimedia), one unlimited 4G data plan from T-Mobile.

Quick note: The item that you spend money on must be VERY similar to what I listed. If you tell me that you use a bucket of water and soap to wash your car, that does not count. A better response is to tell me about a car wash that charges $1.99 or that you pay $9.99 for high-speed internet.

Rules: You have to comment with a link to the item/service provider, amount you pay and the details of the item/service. Make sure to provide me with a valid email that is linked to your PayPal when you leave the comment. This challenge will end June 30th, 2012.

Do you spend less than me?

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