Start Up is an 8 week class that I created to reach Young Adults with the message of how to manage money well. The average young adult in America starts his/her professional career in the negative and it is my goal to help them Start Up. If you are under 35 and looking to get a handle on your finances this class is for you. In the class I will teach you the 7 Steps for a Strong Financial Foundation to help you get on the right track:

Step 1

Financial Game-Plan – Create a budget and review it monthly.

Step 2

Starter Emergency Fund – Save a minimum of $500 for emergencies.

Step 3

Eliminate All Non-Mortgage Debt – Pay your debts off smallest to largest.

Step 4

Crash Fund – Save a minimum of 3 months expenses for the unexpected.

Step 5

Invest 5% of Your Gross Income – Invest in a diversified portfolio after all your non-mortgage debt is paid off.

Step 6

Save Up for Major Purchases – Set aside money in savings monthly for future purchases.

Step 7

Give More – You have been blessed with much now look for ways to bless others.

The next class is coming up quick and will start September 20th, 2012 at 6:30pm. Click here to find out more about Start Up.

Hope to see you there!