This past week I had the privilege to talk to a group of roughly 100 college students about managing money. I was impressed with their interest in the topic and not once did I see someone fall asleep. They were engaged and asked some really tough questions. Here is what I learned from them:

Budgeting is becoming more common

Almost 50% of them have a budget! I asked them how many of them do a budget and almost half the room raised their hands. I was blown away as I didn’t do a budget at their age.

Graduating from college without debt is possible

I have talked to a number of students that either had graduated or will graduate from college without debt. It seems people are taking the initiative to work through school, apply for scholarships, or do whatever it takes to graduate without getting student loans. Are you interested in doing this too? Check out How to Graduate College Without Any Debt.

Budgeting can be tough when you are “commission only”

I know this first hand, as I was in a 100% commission job when we were paying off our debt. I had two people come up that were in this situation and I was able to discuss with them How to Budget with a Variable Income.

College students need an Emergency Fund too

I asked the group if any of them had an emergency in the past 6 months and here are some of their responses:

“Does a speeding ticket count?”

“Got kicked out of my apartment and need to find a new place to live.”

“I had to replace three tires on my car.”

As you can see, unexpected expenses happen and you need to be prepared, no matter how old you are. Find out more at The Purpose of An Emergency Fund.

Can you relate to any of these college students?