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In an effort to help encourage others to make some extra money, I decided to publish my monthly online income reports. I have been doing this since the beginning of 2016 and it has been amazing to that I have been able to make over $1000 extra per month consistently. Before we get into the details, here is an update of what I have been up to.

Back From a Trip to Belarus

I just got back from Belarus where I was able to help out with a construction project for about a week. The pastor that married my wife and I is now serving those in European countries and I had the privilege to work alongside of him doing some back-breaking yet rewarding work: building a church parking lot. We laid about 24,000 pavers and moved more dirt in one week than I have done in my entire life. Being an entrepreneur gave me the flexibility to do this and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to serve the people over there.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing (Update)

I finished the course and I found it extremely helpful. Although my online income is about the same as last month, my affiliate income is up a decent amount. This month it was almost half of my online income.

For those of you not familiar with the course, Michelle shares how she makes over $50,000 a month in affiliate income through her blog. In fact, last month she made nearly $100,000 online through affiliate income. If you’re interested in learning how to make some extra income online, click here to check out Michelle’s course.

The Impact of Social Media


My Pinterest traffic is up 59.69%. This has definitely helped my Adsense income which is up 55.1% this month! I have been using Boardbooster to automate pinning my content which has saved me a lot of time. I also now use Social Warfare plugin to make it easy to share my content on Pinterest. It allows me to tell Pinterest what image to pin so that I do not have a bunch of pictures to choose from when pinning.

Previous Months’ Blog Income Numbers

  • February 2016 – $940.41 (First month of reporting my online income)
  • March 2016 – $1,175.48
  • April 2016 – $1,533.50 (Best month yet! Partly because I had a huge increase in Pinterest traffic)
  • May 2016 –  $937.58
  • June 2016 – $869.97 (Major reduction in traffic from Pinterest)
  • July 2016 – $1330.87

August Blog Income Report

Total: $1270.60

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This is just a bit lower than what I made in July, but still my third highest month since I started keeping track of online income in February of this year. The Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course continues to make a big impact on my online income. If you want to see the detailed reports of my online income each month, click here.

You Can Make Money Online Too

I believe anyone can make money online if they’re willing to put in some time and effort and get educated about how it’s done. It starts with starting your own blog. You can start a blog for as little as $3.49 a month by clicking on this special offer here.

If you’ve never run a blog before, not to worry. My tutorial on how to start a blog in less than ten minutes will show you all that you need to do to get your own blog up and running.

It was just over three years ago that I was able to quit my day job and start my own business in large part because of the information I’m sharing here. If you’re interested in leaving the rat race and having the business you’ve always wanted to have, now is the time to start building that business. You can start building your own online business in just a few hours a week, and with some effort you can start to making some extra income online.

Have you thought about starting a business that would allow you to make money online? 

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