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Starting in January, I decided to publish my online income reports. I did this for two main reasons.

The first is that I wanted to hold myself accountable to hitting my financial goals in life. We plan to pay off our home in the next five years and to do this will take making as much extra money as possible.

The second reason is that I want to encourage people like you that making decent money online is possible. I remember when I started blogging, I would read income reports from guys like Pat Flynn who was making over $10,000 per month at the time. I thought, if I made $1,000 per month consistently that would be great.

Well, this month I am happy to say I almost doubled that goal. For the month of September, I made $1985.73! Before I get into the details, here is the latest that is happening in my world.

Paid Speaking Gig in San Diego

One of my favorite conferences to go to every year is called FinCon. This year had over 1,000 people that are in the personal finance space and included speakers like Clark Howard, Noah Kagan, and Jean Chatsky. I had the privilege to also speak at this conference and got paid to do it! Granted, it wasn’t much but speaking is something that I want to more of so it was a great experience (hire me to speak here).

Training up Future Entreprenuers

My buddy Oye Waddell has a non-profit called HustlePHX which provides aspiring entrepreneurs with three types of capital: intellectual, social and financial. I had the privilege to speak to them about making sure their finances are in order before starting a business so that they have a firm foundation from the get-go. They were a great audience that really engaged with my talk and I am all about supporting their mission and vision.

Got Twitter Verified

Thanks to a post on Facebook by Josh Elledge (Savings Angel), I was able to follow the instructions to officially become Twitter verified. I now have that blue check-mark next to my name just like Taylor Swift. Not sure what good it does, but thought it would be cool to see if they would approve my application. Here are the instructions if you want to get Twitter Verified.

Previous Months’ Blog Income Numbers

September Income Breakdown

  • $1.09
  • Adsense: $221.94
  • Ebates: $20 (I have over 60 people signed up that have not bought anything yet. If that is you, make sure to buy something so that you the get cash back and a $10 gift card! Click here to sign up for Ebates for FREE)
  • RingCentral: $125 – This is a cheap way to have an 800 number and is great for entrepreneurs who want to have a national presence.
  • Amazon: $.82
  • YouTube (Well Kept Wallet Channel): $9.38
  • YouTube (SEO Channel): $6.73
  • Credit Karma: $.50 – This is from a review about credit karma written a while back.
  • Credit Sesame: $6 – A FREE way to get your credit score and check your credit report to make sure that it is in good order.
  • Lending Club: $72 – I have a post about how people can make money and how Lending Club allows you to invest money and get a higher interest rate than traditional investing solutions.
  • Other PF Sites: $175 – I own two other sites that make money from various forms of advertising.
  • My courses: $58 – How to Save $250/month Mini Course & Debt Free in 18 Months
  • SoFi: $200 – A great way to refinance student loans and credit card debt.
  • Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing: $78.80 – A great course for learning how to make money online.
  • Freelance Writing: $665 – I write for various Personal Finance sites and get paid per article.
  • Ally Invest: $45 – A great site to buy stocks for $4.95 per trade which is half the cost of most companies.
  • Care: $1.00
  • $.32
  • Surveys: $47.50 – This is great because people can start making money today by filling out surveys online. Here are the ones that I recommend: Opinion Outpost and Harris Poll. If you want to be an affiliate of Offer Juice which gives you access to be an affiliate of these survey companies, click here.
  • Native Advertising: $200
  • MyFinance: $51.65

Total: $1985.73

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As I mentioned above, this is my best month yet. The Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course continues to make a big impact on my online income. This was a course created by my friend Michelle who is making over $100,000 per month online. Insane, right? If you want to find out more about her course, click here.

You Can Make Money Online Too

If you want to give making money online a shot, you have to start somewhere. The first step is to create your own blog. The awesome thing is that it is super affordable to start a blog. You can get one going today for as little as $3.49 a month by clicking on this special offer here.

To help make the process even easier, I created a tutorial on how to start a blog in less than ten minutes which will show you everything that you need to do in order to get your blog up and running.

It was just over three years ago that I was able to quit my day job because I had a blog on the side. If you’re interested in making some extra money online with very little start-up costs, why not start a blog today and get the ball rolling?

Have you ever made money online? If so, how did that work out for you?

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