4 Secrets for Scoring a Great Deal on Amazon.com

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1. Amazon.com Price Fluctuations

It’s a known fact that Amazon.com changes the price of items on a daily or even hourly basis. While they are fairly closed lip on this topic, it is my belief that they are simply following buying trends and data which they have collected over the years. Be sure to use this to your advantage by adding products to your cart in the “Save for Later” section. Then check back often to observe the price changes. Only buy when the price dips to a comfortable level. I have personally used this strategy to save up to 40% off my purchase price.

2. Subscribe & Save

Have you ever heard of the Amazon.com ‘Subscribe & Save’ program? The program is a great way to save money and get free shipping on items you buy on a regular basis. Things like diapers, office supplies, and household supplies fit the mold. Essentially it works by Amazon mailing you your pre-selected items on a pre-determined schedule. The best part is you’ll save up to 15% off when you have 5 or more items on your monthly schedule. Also, the kicker is that you’ll always get free shipping. Cancel at any time, no fees, and no obligations.

3. Shop the Amazon Outlet

Many are unaware that Amazon.com has an online outlet that offers deals up to 70% off the retail price. The outlet is not shown on the homepage as a clickable link. Amazon breaks the outlet down into very easy to navigate categories as well as the savings available. Popular outlet categories include clothing, jewelry, electronics, and shoes. Your best bet to get to the outlet is to click on the above link or do a Google search for “Amazon.com outlet”.

4. Consider the Amazon Prime Membership

If you are a loyal Amazon user you should definitely consider a Prime membership. For $99 a year, you get unlimited free 2-day shipping with no minimum order size, instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows, and 1 Kindle book borrow per month. The Prime membership breaks down to just over $8.25 per month, so if you make at least 2 purchases a month with Amazon you’ll essentially break-even. With the unlimited shipping and the amazing selection that Amazon has, you can shop from home for not only gifts but household supplies and everyday items. The convenience is what really makes the Prime membership so attractive to consumers. But with that comes the risk of overbuying and impulse purchases. You definitely have to be aware and keep your spending in check.

Are you an avid Amazon.com shopper? If so, do you have any other secrets on how to score a great deal? I look forward to your comments.

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