When it comes to making purchases and saving money, there’s often a fine line that needs to be walked, and consumers often need to weigh their options before making their purchases. Saving money is good, but so is purchasing quality items that will last.

Target is a store that keeps us coming back for more in the area of buying the items that we need/want. As expert money-savers, we know where the lowest prices are. But, when it comes to quality, there are certain things you should consider buying at Target, even if it might not have the lowest price on those particular items.

The Top 5 Quality Items at Target for the Price

There are several types of items that smart shoppers should consider buying at Target in order to find that great balance between price and quality. Here are 5 items that we think strike that great balance between “good deal” and “quality item” that are sold at Target.

1. Clothing

Target tends to be our go-to store for clothing purchases. For both kids and adult clothing, we find that Target offers quality clothing with a variety of styles in a range affordable for even the smallest clothing budget.

Last year, we bought all four of our kids quality winter jackets at Target for $39.99 each. The jackets look great, held up well and kept the kids toasty warm, even in our harsh Midwestern winters. What’s better is that the jackets are still in perfect shape to use next winter as well.

No matter what the season, we can always find a great deal at Target on quality clothing, so it’s often our first stop when we have a clothing need.

2. Groceries

Most Target stores have a pretty large selection of groceries nowadays, and by and large, most grocery items at Target have prices that are quite competitive with other local grocery stores. The store prices range on the low-to-mid end, and the quality is always good.

When grocery shopping at Target, we can always find the items we need to make delicious and easy meals for our family. Target features all of the name brand items shoppers love to buy, with great prices to boot.

Add in the fact that they have great sales on grocery items each week, and you can be sure to find extra savings on groceries at your local Target store.

3. Towels and Bedding

Target is also our go-to store for towels and bedding. Again, Target’s great balance between quality items and affordable prices keep us coming back.

We know that when we purchase towels and bedding at Target that they’ll not only be fashionable, but they’ll last, thanks to quality construction. To save extra money at Target without using coupons, we regularly check their clearance aisle for clearance bedding in order to keep even more money in our pockets and still provide quality linens for our family.

4. Movies and Music

Target stores always have an abundance of movie and music selections at affordable prices, so when we’re looking for a movie or CD, we check Target first.

Target also offers nicely tiered movie selections at the $5.00, $7.50 and $10.00 price points, along with a wide variety of choices of movies, television series DVDs and the latest in all music genres. With the wide selection and the affordable pricing, why shop anywhere else?

5. Electronics

Last year as we shopped for our first flat screen TV (yes, I know: we’re behind the times a bit 🙂 ), we compared brands and prices on televisions at three different popular stores. We found that in all of the brands/sizes we looked at Target prices were nearly identical to another big box store that people often assume has the lowest prices.

We also love Target for their large selection of electronics accessories. Whether it be wireless mice, electronics chargers or anything else, Target seems to always have what we need when it comes to electronics accessories, and at these prices, we’re willing to pay as well.

Frugal doesn’t always have to mean “low quality” when it comes to the things you want and need for yourself and for your family. By shopping at Target, you can purchase items for your home and family that have quality construction at an affordable price. Oh yeah, and if you sign up for the Target RedCard, you will save 5% on every purchase!

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