7 Great Jobs for College Students

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College costs are laying an ever-increasing burden on students and parents alike. One way to ease that burden is for college students to get a job, however balancing a job with a full-time college load can be difficult. Today we’ll share a list of 7 great jobs for college students, jobs that can be worked around a college student’s busy schedule yet still earn a nice paycheck. Check and see if any of these 7 jobs might work for you or one of the college students in your life.

1. Waitress/Waiter

When I was a student at a local technical/vocational college, I had a lucrative job as a waitress. College students love to eat out and party. A job as a waiter/waitress will allow for more flexible scheduling, which can work around your college course load. The bonus: a pocket full of cash from tips for each day/night you work. Check with local restaurants for available openings.

2. Resume’ Writer

If you’re a skilled creative writer, consider advertising your services as a resume’ writer. College students, along with men and women of all ages, need resume’ writing services, and people are happy to pay good money for a well-written resume’ that’s not filled with too much fluff, yet stands out from the crowd as professional and a bit different.

3. Online Freelancer

I’ve learned first-hand that a nice income can be earned from building an online freelance income. College students can advertise for a variety of online services: virtual assistants, content writers, artists and a number of other available freelance jobs. Check out sites such as Fiverr and Upwork for ideas and available jobs.

4. House Cleaner

If you’re great at cleaning tasks, a job as a house cleaner might be the perfect job for you. The going hourly rate in most cities is pretty nice, and there’s almost always a demand for house cleaning jobs. Flexibility in when you complete the job is another bonus.  I know many college students who would gladly pay for someone to clean their dorm rooms or apartments, and local homeowners often need house cleaning services as well. Put advertisements in local mailboxes or newspapers to advertise your house cleaning service, and set fair, reasonable rates that will also make sure your time is well spent.

5. Babysitter

Many college town families like to use college students for babysitting or nanny services, and they usually pay quite well. If you love being with little ones and are good at providing quality care for children, advertise your babysitting or nanny services to local families via a mailbox ad or local newspaper ad.

6. Tutor

If you have a particular subject that comes very easy to you and that you know a lot about, consider offering tutoring services to college classmates or even to local k-12 students. Parents will pay good money to quality tutors for their children.

7. Personal Trainer

College students often find it difficult to find the time and motivation to work out. This is where services with a personal trainer would come in. You can use the college gym as a facility if it’s available, or lead a running, hiking or biking club, charging participants a small fee to help them stay fit.

There are many jobs outside of the “norm” that will fit in with a college student’s busy schedule, yet still provide a nice income.

What job ideas do you have that work well for college students?  What types of jobs did you have while in college?

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