Marc Renson is the owner of the Ambition Coffee House and Eatery in Schenectady, NY. In this episode, Deacon interviews Marc about why he loves what he does and finds out some interesting facts. Many celebrities have stopped by including Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper, just to name a couple. Below is a summary of what was discussed during the interview.

Career: Coffee House and Eatery Owner

Previous employment: Worked for Sodesko a food service company

Average Day

Marc says that anyone who know this business, there is no average day. The morning of the interview, he and one other person had to feed the entire cast of Les Miserable which had them going non-stop.

Interesting Facts

Several celebrities have dined at the Ambition Coffee House and Eatery including Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling, Barbara Eden, George Hamilton, Cathy Rigby, Bethany Frankel as well as many others.

How long until he start making a livable wage

Marc called starting his business as a “labor of love”. he was only drawing $500 per week at the beginning and he was working 80-90 hours per week. It took him about 2 years to make a decent wage.

Any business is a labor of love when you first start it.”

Hardest part about what he does

Everyday is different, he doesn’t know what to expect. Pipe burst, roof leak, employees not showing up, etc.

Why he loves what he does

It has been his dream to open up his own coffee house and eatery. His restaurant combines all aspects of his personality and he loves that about what he does.

Influential People

Madonna – He learned from her to never take “no” for an answer

Dolly Parton – Got the name of his restaurant from her song 9 to 5 “pour myself a cup of Ambition

To hear who else influenced Marc, check out the podcast above!

How he got where he is today

He accredits years of planning and experience to how he got where he is today. Every job he ever took was a different aspect of the culinary field or the food service business. He was a bus boy, a waiter, a dish washer, a prep cook, a line cook, and a food production manager. Also, when he quit his job at Sodesko, they were already in the process of buying the building for his restaurant. So he had already had the plans in the works to open his business. In Addition, he had a partner that was funding the project.

All those years of experience brought me here.”


Tips for those looking for a job that they love

Ask yourself “What is it that you love to do?” Do you like comic books? Start writing comics. If you love to read books, start writing your own book so that you can get published.

Figure out who it is you are and be that person.”

Current Project

Marc is currently working on making “Ambition” a national brand. He is also a published other as he wrote a book called Is the Coffee Fresh?

How to get a hold of Marc

You can find him at or you can also connect with him on Twitter or Facebook as well.

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