It’s time again for my monthly blog income report. I’m happy to tell you that once again, my blog income went up. I have to give you guys some of the credit; knowing I’m going to be sharing my income numbers online really motivates me to work harder at making sure my blogging side hustle numbers continue to go up.

I like sharing my monthly income reports for the motivation it gives me, but my main reason for sharing how much money I make blogging each month is to motivate readers.
WKW Blogging Income April

How I Went from Employed to Working for Myself

When I quit my job in early 2013 to start working on my own, I never would have dreamed that my side hustles would have taken off so quickly. By listening to podcasts, searching the Net to learn all that I can about making multiple streams of income and by committing to putting in the hours to get things done each day, I’m able to make an income that helps support my family well and allows my wife and I to continue living debt free, saving money and investing in order to reach financial freedom.

As you’ll see from the list below, my blogging income comes from several different sources. For me, using multiple sources that will benefit readers and help me earn money has been a huge key to my success. Read the report below and you’ll see how I make money blogging.

April Blog Income Report

Total: $1533.50

If you’ve been reading my other monthly online income reports, you might remember that I made $1175 through blogging last month, which means I increased my income in April by over 30 percent! My increase from February (when I first started sharing my blogging income) to March was 25 percent.

How You Can Make Money by Blogging

Anyone can make money blogging. By starting a blog, putting out great content that benefits readers and by continuing to work at building your blog, you too can earn money by blogging. If you’re willing to learn the ropes, practice continuing education and set aside a few hours a day to work on perfecting your blog, you can make money online just as I do each month.

My post, How to Start a Blog in 10 Minutes or Less will help get you get your blog started in no time.

Making money from side hustles helped my wife Kim and I pay off $52,000 in debt in just 18 Months, and now side hustles are allowing me to do the work that I love and bring money into our family so that my wife and I can achieve our dream of financial freedom.

If you’re interested in finally dumping your debt for good so that you can start living the life you’ve always dreamed of, check out my course, Debt Free in 18 Months and start winning with money. It was my wife’s and my choice to get out of debt that led me to be able to work for myself full time. If you dream of leaving the rat race and starting your own business, or if you’re happy in your job and just want more financial freedom, start working toward that dream now by taking my course and getting out of debt. Without debt, your window of opportunity in the world gets much bigger.

Have you ever thought about starting a blog and using it to make money? If so, what’s stopping you?   



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