How to Make Money Recycling Wood Pallets

One interesting way to make extra money is collecting and recycling wood pallets. Wood pallets are used all over the country and the world. Companies use them to help transport goods from one place to another.

Some companies simply discard these pallets. They leave them outside their business for anyone who is willing to pick them up. People like you and me then gather them and haul them to another location for resale. Anyone looking for ways to make extra money can collect these pallets and sell them to other companies. Yes, you’ll have to put in a little time and effort. However, the money you make may be worth it.

Here are some answers to questions you might have about recycling wood pallets. Learn how to do it and how much you can make. If you have access to a lot of wood pallets, this could be a viable side hustle for you.

How Much Do They Pay for the Pallets?

The price you’ll get for your pallets depends on a few factors. If the pallets are in good condition, you’ll be able to sell them for more. Pallet prices range anywhere from 50 cents each up to $4 each. The price you’ll get per pallet depends on these factors:

  • What area you live in
  • How many recyclers are in the area
  • What local recycling companies are willing to pay

If you deliver quality pallets, you may be able to get yourself a few clients who are willing to pay a decent price for them. By finding the right clients, you can earn some valuable side hustle money.

For instance, let’s say you can get two clients willing to pay $2 per pallet. If each client buys 100 pallets a week, you can make $400 per week selling pallets. You might be wondering why companies would want to buy pallets from some guy (or girl) off the street.

Companies in need of pallets for shipping will be eager to save money by purchasing recycled pallets. If you can help them cut their costs in half, you’ll be saving them a lot of money.

Remember that the companies you service will want to know you can keep up with their needs. They’ll want you to be able to meet their daily or weekly pallet demand and provide good service too. If you’re committed to doing these two things, companies may want your business on a regular basis.

Bonus: In most cases, pallet reselling is handled on a cash basis. This means you have the money you’ve earned in hand as soon as you drop the pallets off at their specified location. No waiting two weeks to get paid like you do at your 9-to-5 job.

Where Can I Find Wood Pallets?

There are a few places you may be able to find wood pallets. Local businesses are likely one of your best bets for finding wood pallets. And check your local Craigslist site as well to find pallets to re-sell. In my local area, there were several listings for free wood pallets on Craigslist.

Also, I know of two local businesses in our small town alone that give away wood pallets. They have piles of wood pallets available for pickup with a “free” sign alongside them.

Another option would be to check with local manufacturing companies that receive a lot of supplies. Stop by and see if they have wood pallets you can take off their hands. If they pay a company to remove the pallets, they’ll likely be glad to have you take them for free.

Who Buys Wood Pallets?

If you want to make money recycling wood pallets, you’ve got several options for selling them. Of course, the number of clients you’ll have depends on where you live. It’s likely that the bigger the city you live in, the more places you’ll have that buy wood pallets. Here are some options for finding places to sell your wood pallets.

Sell to Local Manufacturers

Do you live in an area that has a lot of manufacturing companies? If so, this might be a good avenue for selling your recycled wood pallets. Visit various company headquarters or call them on the phone. Explain that you’re a seller of recycled wood pallets. Start negotiations for a price that will make you a profit and save the company money as well.

Sell on Craigslist

On my local Craigslist site, several people were offering to buy wood pallets. They might want the pallets to resell themselves. Or they might want the pallets to use for wood art or other projects. The prices they were willing to pay ranged from 50 cents a piece on up. So check your local Craigslist listing to see if there are buyers available in your area. They might want to purchase the pallets you get for free.

Sell to Pallet Brokers

Pallet brokers exist all over the US and Canada. They work to make sure that wood pallets avoid a lifetime in the landfill. Sometimes the companies repair and reuse the pallets. Other times they might resell the pallets. In cases where pallets are beyond repair, they often grind them up into wood mulch and resell them to those needing mulch.

There are a number of pallet brokers that could be a viable option for you as a pallet recycler. Here are a few to chose from:

Kamps Pallets

Kamps Pallets has locations in nearly all major metropolitan areas. They have a contact page on their website for those interested in selling pallets to Kamps.

North American Pallet Recycling Network

This is another prominent company that could be willing to buy pallets you collect. They have locations in many of the 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii. The North American Pallet Recycling Network is eager to work with pallet recyclers. Their goal? To help redistribute pallets for long-term use.

National Wooden Pallet Container and Association

The National Wooden Pallet Container and Association works differently. It has a directory of companies on its website that will buy and sell wooden pallets. Recyclers can use the directory to find contact information for companies in their area that may be interested in purchasing the pallets they have for resale.

The website has a section specifically for people who buy and sell wood pallets. This site might be a good place for you to find buyers for your pallets. Or places where you can pick up pallets for free.

Local Pallet Companies or Furniture/Woodworking Schools

These two options might also be viable places for you to sell the pallets you collect. Check local technical college listings for woodworking or furniture making schools. Or check your local phone book in the yellow pages for pallet companies near you that may want to buy your recycled pallets.

What Will I Need to Get Started?

The costs to start recycling wood pallets can vary. If you’ve got one of the main items already in your possession, they’re minimal. The main things you’ll need to get started are a truck and a trailer. Of course, the start-up costs will be cheaper if you already own these things.

I wouldn’t recommend purchasing these items unless you’ve already done your research. If you are certain there’s a market for recycling wood pallets in your area, it might be worth the expense. Or if you were planning on purchasing a truck or trailer anyway, it could be worth the expense too.

You’ll also need a decent pair of work gloves. Along with that, you’ll want to have a drill and some nails for repairing any broken pallets. Remember the better shape they are in, the more money you’ll get for each pallet.

It’s likely the biggest expense you’ll have is the gas needed for hauling the pallets. You can save money on gas for your pallet recycling business in many ways.

  • First, you can plan your trips so that you’re hitting businesses near one another on the same day.
  • Second, if your truck has a topper or sides installed on it, or if your trailer has high sides on it, you’ll increase the number of pallets you can haul. This can minimize the number of trips you’ll need to make which will save you money on gas.
  • Third, knowing where you’re going in advance (so that you can avoid extra driving) will save money on gas. Use your GPS to plan your route.
  • Fourth, keeping your truck well-maintained will help it run better and use less gas.
  • Fifth, knowing where the cheapest gas prices are in your area will also help you save money on gas.

Combine these tips to maximize the profit you make on your wood pallet recycling business.

The Benefits of Recycling Wood Pallets

There are several benefits to recycling wood pallets. One great thing about recycling wood pallets is that you choose the hours you work. You can plan your work around your schedule and your clients’ schedules.

Also, you get to choose the clients with whom you work. If you find that a client’s attitude isn’t worth the money you’re earning, simply move on. Being your own boss also means that you choose how much money you’ll make. You can work ten hours a week or fifty hours a week – the choice is yours.

Note: When you earn money recycling wood pallets or any other “on your own” job, know that you’re considered self-employed. This means you’ll have to keep track of your income and your expenses.

When tax time comes around, you’ll need to report your earnings on your tax reporting form. Keeping track of expenses helps reduce your taxable income. However, if there is a profit on your business after expenses, you’ll need to pay taxes on that income.

For that reason, we suggest putting aside some of your side hustle income in a separate savings account. Keep this money untouched, so you have money to pay the tax man in the spring. Saving 20% is a good number to start with. After you get through a year or two of side hustling, you can adjust your tax payment savings accordingly.

Whether it’s recycling wood pallets or one of the many other awesome side hustle options available, having a side gig is a great way to increase your income and achieve your financial goals.

32 Frugal Gift Ideas for Christmas in 2018

I love celebrating the holidays. And I love seeing the joy on my kids’ and loved ones’ faces when they open the gifts we’ve gotten them.

I also love to not spend money. This might seem like a rather conflicting statement. But as I’ve learned over the years, there are ways to give frugal holiday gifts that save money, yet still bring joy to the giver and joy to the recipient as well.

Here are 32 frugal gift ideas that you can consider this holiday season:

1. Handcrafted Fleece Blanket

We did these one year for the grandmas in the family, and it was by far the favored gift of the year. We still see the grammies cuddling up with their fleece blankets during the cold season. Simply grab a coupon from your favorite fabric or craft store, pick out a fleece pattern that matches your gift recipient’s favorite colors or their home color scheme, and follow these instructions for a no-sew fleece blanket. 

2. Homemade Candies

My aunt Brenda makes the most fabulous homemade candies. Some candies can be difficult to make at home, but others, like these homemade caramels, are easier. Either way, it’s worth the effort and a gift those on your gift-giving list will surely enjoy.

3. A Themed Gift Basket

This is something we’ve been doing for years with Rick’s brother. Instead of buying each child and adult a gift, we exchange themed gift baskets with the family. Some ideas for themed gift baskets:

4. Service Gifts

Service gifts are great for the elderly, the exceedingly busy or the frugal-minded. We’ve used our gifts and talents to give a variety of service gifts such as hair cutting (I was a cosmetologist in a former life), house painting, landscaping and babysitting. Simply make a list of the skills that you have and match those skills with those on your gift giving list who may appreciate having gifts in the coordinating areas.

5. Homemade Baked Goods

This is another terrific gift for those on your gift-giving list. Make a batch of homemade cookies, bars, brownies or fudge and place them in a wax paper-lined decorated tin box. The perfect gift for nearly anyone. Bonus points for using a secret family recipe.

6. Gifts of Time

Gifts of time work especially well for children. Give the gift of a day away or a sleepover with a niece or nephew. Spend the day playing at a park, watching a movie at home or baking cookies in the kitchen. Those frugal “experience” gifts are often far more valuable than a gift of money or a new toy.

7. A Hand-Written Recipe Book

Purchase a note-booking journal that’s cute and hand-write all of your favorite recipes in it. Be sure to leave some pages blank so that your recipient can add some of his or her own favorite recipes too.  You can also choose the recipes you add based on a theme too, such as a grilling theme, a foreign country theme or an easy-to-make recipe theme.

8. A Good Book or Movie

I love getting great books or movies as holiday gifts. When choosing a book or a movie (or both) that would be a good fit, consider your recipient’s favorite subjects, hobbies or pastimes, or grab an up-and-coming book or movie off of the best sellers’ or newly released list.

9. A Homemade Bath Set

There are all sorts of ways to make fragrant bath salts or body rubs at home to include in a homemade bath set. One of my favorite scrubs is a simple blend of equal parts of coconut oil and sugar. Add a loofah or bath scrub, a nice CD with relaxing music and put it all in a nice basket and you’re ready to go.

10. Tea or Coffee Lovers Gift Set

We get our 2.5 lb bags of Colombian Supremo from Sam’s Club for $14.98. Occasionally we’ll pair this purchase with this inexpensive coffee grinder as a gift. If your budget is a bit bigger, you can add in a nice coffee mug as well. You can also do this using tea instead of coffee. Simply replace the coffee and grinder with a variety of teas and a good book.

11. Cookie or Brownie Kits

One of my favorite gifts I’ve gotten was this Sandcastle Brownie Kit. You can use a large canning jar to make several layered cookie or brownie recipes that look absolutely adorable and taste even better. This is a great idea for kids to give to grandparents or teachers. For more cookie or brownie kit ideas, click here. 

12. Home Canned Goods

One of the most well-received gifts we’ve given since we moved to the farm was our home-canned Homemade Smoky Chipotle Salsa.

We canned the salsa using our garden ingredients, added some spices and voila: gift-giving success!

Other canning ideas for gift giving can include jams, pasta sauces, pickles, and soups.

13. Handmade Knitted Items

My mom taught my kids and me to knit this year, and we’re using our new skills to make some homemade items such as scarves, hats, and mittens for family members. We caught the knitting bug after reading Little House in the Big Woods, and we love this back-in-time activity.

I can make a scarf using a high-quality yarn for roughly $6 by putting in some time and effort. Knitting is quite easy once you get the hang of it, and it’s a great activity to keep you busy during the cold winter months.

14. Freezer Meals

If you’ve got a recipient on your gift list who’s strapped for time or not able to cook, they may appreciate you giving them some homemade meals for their freezer. That way, they can pop them out quickly and throw them in the oven. Soups, stews, casseroles and lasagnas all make great meals for freezer storage.

15. Infused Olive Oils

Homemade infused olive oils are fairly simple to make and are a great gift for a food-loving friend or family member. Just remember that infused oils usually take about four weeks to complete (they need soaking time) and must be kept in the refrigerator. For some great ideas for homemade infused olive oils, click here. 

16. Spice Sampler

If you’ve got a gift recipient who loves to cook (or to eat), consider giving a spice sampler pack. You can pick up not-so-basic spices at your favorite big box store, or hit a local cooking store to gather some sample packets.

17. Teach a Skill

This is another great gift idea, especially for kids. If you’ve got a skill, such as knitting, playing an instrument or baking, give the gift of education. Offer to spend some time teaching your skill to your gift recipient. Not only is this gift frugal in terms of cost, but the time spent with your recipient will be invaluable to both of you.

18. Microwaveable Heating Pad with Rice

One of the very best purchases I made when I became a mom for the first time was a felt-covered microwaveable rice bag that we use as a heating pad. It was shaped like a fish and filled with rice and cloves, and was a wonderful comfort to the kids when they were scared or not feeling well. “Smelly” as he is called, still gets used in our family to this day. For sewn rice bag instructions, click here.

19. A Memory Book

One year we gave our moms memory books filled with a lifetime of pictures of us kids and the grandkids. They loved looking through all of the cherished photo memories from long ago.

20. A Personalized or Decorated Picture Frame

Buy a simple wooden picture frame from a store, and you can add a variety of personal touches to it to fit your gift-giving recipient’s likes and talents.

Find some decoration ideas by clicking here. 

21. A Heartfelt Letter or Poem

For my mom’s 60th birthday, my siblings and I made up a personalized poem that summed up who she was as a person and how much we loved her for all she had done for us. That framed poem, printed on decorated paper, still hangs in her living room over a decade later.

Sit down and write all of the things about your loved one that makes you love them, work to turn it into a poem or heartfelt letter, and frame it as a Christmas gift. Don’t worry too much about your poetic skills; simply write from the heart.

22. Savings Account Match Program

This is a terrific gift for little ones. Offer to open up a savings account in their name (with their parents’ help if it’s not your child) and then offer to match any money they choose to earn and put into that savings account for the next year.

Consider choosing an online bank that pays a high interest rate for a savings account, such as CIT Bank. CIT Bank currently pays up to 2.15% on your savings account balances.

23. Home-Sewn Cloth Napkins, Kitchen Towels or Hotpads

Most people can always use fresh kitchen towels, hot pads or cloth napkins. By learning to sew or make these things from scratch, you’re  adding a personal touch. And you’ve got yourself a frugal and fantastic gift that is sure to be used.

For some ideas for a stamped kitchen towel, click here. 

24. A Gratitude Jar

Take out a piece of paper and think of every reason you are grateful for the person that you want to give the gift to. Then write each of those reasons on a tiny strip of paper and put it in a jar with a lid.

The goal would be to have at least 20 to 30 reasons so that jar appears full. This gift will be sure to make the person feel special this Christmas.

25. Handmade Bookmark

Handmade bookmarks are super easy to make and are a favorite gift of grandparents everywhere. To make one, just cut some cardstock in a color of your choice to a standard bookmark size or a little larger.

We usually do 6 inches in length and 2 inches in width. Decorate as you wish with markers, glitter, or pictures.

Bring the bookmark to your local office store and have them laminate it. Use a hole punch to make a hole in the top and add a pretty ribbon.

26. A Tissue Box of Dollars

My teen daughter got this one year for her birthday and LOVED it. Simply buy a square box of tissues, carefully pull off the tab at the top to expose the tissues.

Pull out one or two tissues and set aside. Get a pile of $1 bills from the bank; 10, 15, 20 – whatever your budget is – tape them together end to end and roll them up neatly and tightly.

When you get to the last bill, tape a tissue to it and put the roll back inside the tissue box.

Make sure the tissue that’s taped to the money is sticking out of the top, and place the tab back on the top of the tissue box.

Gently write “pull” on the corner of the tissue that’s sticking out a bit. Wrap as you would any other present. When the recipient pulls out the tissue, they’ll get their real present.

27. Roll of Coins Stocking Stuffer

This is a great idea for kids – or anyone on your gift list who likes money. It’s also super easy for kids to make.

You’ll need:

  • A roll of coins – quarters or nickels will probably work best
  • Some striped wrapping paper (or you can use white wrapping paper and ribbon)
  • Some clear cellophane wrap
  • Small ribbons for tying

See pictures below for instructions.

28. Handprint Board

This is a gift that my hubby gave me for Christmas years ago, and it’s still one of my favorite gifts of all time.

Simply cut out a 1×4 or 1×6 piece of wood (he used pine), bevel the edges (you may also be able to find the wood ready to go at a craft store) and sand until smooth.

Have each of your kids paint one hand with a thin-ish coat of acrylic paint in complimentary colors (Rick used red, blue, yellow and green) and place their painted hand strategically onto the board in predetermined places.

After the paint dries, paint the board with a couple of coats of clear polyurethane coating to secure and protect the handprints.

You can make it sans hooks or nails for setting on a shelf or fireplace mantle or add hooks or nails for hanging it on the wall or turning it into a coat rack.

29. Homemade Bath Salts or Spa Kit

Bath and spa items are so easy to make yourself, and many items can be made from things you have around the house.

Here are some ideas of bath and spa items you can make yourself.

  • Scented bath salts: just use Epsom salt (available at any big box store) and mix in just several drops of your favorite essential oils, such as lavender
  • Body or hand scrub: Mix equal parts of coconut oil and sugar and transfer the mixture to a Mason or other jar
  • Body spray: Mix 8 ounces of water, 1 tablespoon of witch hazel and twenty or so drops of your favorite essential oil.

Put the items in a pretty jar, basket or another container, add a ribbon or two and you’re good to go.

30. Turn a Favorite Picture into a Watercolor

Any picture can be turned into a watercolor portrait with this cool app called Waterlogue. The Waterlogue app can help you turn a favorite picture into a beautiful watercolor in just minutes.

31. Movie Night Kit

Movie night kits are super easy to make and can benefit multiple people at once. So it’s great for a family gift! Just find a cute basket or colorful metal pail that’s fairly good-sized.

We usually scour the $3, $4 and $5 movie bins at Walmart. After finding a fun movie that fits the recipient’s tastes, we shop for a few fun extras such as theater-style candy boxes, individual packages of microwave popcorn or drink powder packages.

Add some brightly colored tissue paper to make the pail or basket shine and wrap in clear cello paper.

32. Recipe Ring

This is a great gift idea for a young person newly out on their own or a newlywed couple. On some 4×6 index cards, neatly print some favorite recipes.

Or if you’re looking for some extra creativity, print the recipes from your computer onto colored cardstock paper. You could even choose different colors of cardstock for different recipe categories.

Before you print, make sure the recipe will fix onto the cardstock in a 3.5×4.5 format so the white on the index cards shows through after you cut and paste the recipes onto them.

Have the cards laminated at an office shop, use a hole punch to punch holes in the corner and slide each recipe onto a silver ring. For an extra special touch, include a rubber spatula that has a hole in the stick and add that to the ring as well.

With a bit of time and effort, you really can find ways to give heartfelt gifts on a frugal budget.

What are your ideas for frugal holiday gifts?

31 Best Christmas Gifts for Her in 2018

Are you looking for some holiday gifts that will really bring a smile on the faces of the women in your life? We’ve got some ideas for you.

Yes, it’s time to put away thoughts of new vacuum cleaners and pots and pans – well, maybe. We just might even have some good ideas about basic household stuff that will make your wife’s or mom’s eyes light up.

But we also have some ideas about things you may not have thought of. So get ready to be creative with your gift giving this holiday season.

These 31 Christmas gifts for her will give you plenty to choose from and make her smile this holiday season.

Jewelry and Sparkly Things

You can find jewelry that is attractive, yet doesn’t cost a fortune. Check out these ideas for jewelry that’s affordable yet beautiful.

1. LadyColour Crystal Bracelet

This stunning LadyColour crystal bracelet bears the name “A little romance” but could be a great gift for any woman in your life.

Made with Swarovski crystals, this beautiful piece comes in an elegant jewelry box. And it makes a beautiful and affordable gift for your spouse, mom, daughter or any of your favorite ladies.

Its clasp is made of sterling silver. It’s also adjustable, extending up to an 8.5-inch length.

2. Personalized Birthstone Necklace

This gold-filled Personalized Birthstone Necklace can be ordered with a variety of stones – up to 48 different ones from which to choose. So it’s a great gift for any woman in your life.

Choose the gift recipient’s birthstone or the stones of both hers and her spouse/partner. Or when ordering for a mom, choose each of her children’s birthstones. Also, you can order the chain in sterling silver instead of gold filled. The stones have a beautiful, natural look to them.

Chains come in a wide variety of sizes, and you can choose up to six stones to be placed on a chain.

3. String Surfer Bracelet

This attractive yet casual Multistrand String Surfer Bracelet is the perfect gift for the girl who likes to go casual. The multi-colored strands mean the bracelet will go with just about any item in her closet. It also features two hematite stones and a Rumi Sumac bead.

The bracelet is hand woven for extra durability. And the bracelet is waterproof and washable. It’s got a sliding knot closure, which means it is easy to take on and off.

It fits wrists between 6.5 and 8 inches. But custom-made sizes are also available by contacting the manufacturer.

Fitness Gear

Got a fitness fanatic in your life? Here are some great ideas for fitness gear gifts.

4. Fit Bit Alta HR

The Fit Bit Alta HR is among the most popular of Fit Bits and would make a great gift for the active woman in your life.

The Alta boasts the slimmest design yet among Fit Bits. And it automatically tracks your steps, distance walked, calories burned and activity minutes for up to 7 days before it needs to be recharged. Also, the Alta HR includes a heart rate monitor into the still-slim design.

The large model featured here adjusts to fit wrists from 6.7 to 8.1 wrist circumference, according to the page website. But there are larger and smaller models available for order as well.

5. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Drinking water takes on a whole new level of delish with this Brimma Leakproof Fruit Infuser Water Bottle.

At 32 ounces, it’s plenty big enough for athletes who need to stay hydrated. And the removable infuser is large enough for adding a variety of fruits and vegetables that will flavor her water without sugar or chemical sweeteners.

The bottle is leak proof and shatterproof and is made of 100% BPA free materials. It’s top rack dishwasher safe. Plus, it has a side rubber grip and a carrying handle for easy transport during athletic activities.

6. North Face Women’s Agave Hoodie

The North Face Women’s Agave Hoodie is lightweight and comfortable, yet will keep you warm. And it’s great for running or other outdoor activities.

Another nice thing about this jacket is that it can zip up pretty close to your face to keep wind and rain out. So the hood stays on as well. It’s available in a variety of colors such as Lunar Ice, Heather Black, Darkest Spruce Heather, Rabbit Grey Heather and Rose Dawn Heather.

7. RBX Active Women’s Leggings

Ae you looking for an attractive pair of leggings for your fitness fanatic? RBX Active has some really cool designs such as the RBX Active Women’s Leggings shown here.

The company has a variety of different designs, but this particular style is full length with a mid-rise waist.

Bonus: Many of the legging designs are made with X-dri moisture-wicking fabric and come with strategically placed ventilation. This means added comfort as your girl works out.

8. Jabra Elite Sport Fitness Earbuds

The Jabra Elite Sport Fitness Earbuds are both wireless and waterproof. So they’ll stay functional even during a tough workout.

The earbuds work with your phone to function as a fitness tracker and also provide music while you work out. The battery life is 4.5 hours, plenty long enough for a serious workout.

Other models from Jabra are available too. Although they don’t have the wireless feature, which is a huge benefit during a workout.

Cozy and Relaxing

Maybe you’re looking for gift ideas that will lower your loved one’s stress level. Check out these ideas.

9. Texere Women’s Terry Cloth Bathrobe – Luxury Comfy

Who doesn’t want to stay warm and cozy during the cold winter months and cool summer mornings? This Texere luxury ultra-soft bathrobe should do the trick.

The long length reaches below the knees on most women, and the robe comes in four attractive colors: aqua, natural white, acai and Kashmir blue. The bamboo viscose/cotton terry material means that this robe is not too heavy, yet it’s warm and cozy. It’s easy care via machine wash too.

10. Beauty/Spa Gift Set

This hand-crafted beauty/spa gift set from the Little Flower Soap Company is a great gift idea for the hard-working woman. I actually received one of these sets as a gift recently, and I absolutely love it.

It comes with bath salts, lip balm, muscle rescue balm, skin rescue balm and natural bar soap. I received the grapefruit bath salts and the lavender lemongrass bar soap.

Both scents are refreshing and relaxing. This could be a great gift for teachers and other important women in your life as well.

11. Acorn Women’s Faux Chinchilla Collar Slipper

Slippers are great for keeping toes cozy or wearing around the house as you run back and forth. These Acorn Faux Chinchilla Collar Slippers have a memory foam cushion and a sturdy rubber sole.

According to reviews, they are comfy and warm. So these slippers could be the perfect gift choice for women who like having warm and comfortable tootsies at home. They are available in three colors: black, stone and crackleberry.

12. Alexander Del Rossa Satin Pajamas

These popular Alexandra Del Rossa Satin Pajamas for women are getting rave reviews from customers. They’re made from machine-washable polyester but feel like silk or satin.

What’s even better is that there is a wide variety of colors to choose from, such as Burgundy, Plum, Spa Blue, Mercury, Black and Coral. They also have a few patterned selections such as black striped and leopard.  Also, according to reviews, they fit women of a variety of different heights comfortably.

13. Nap Luxury Throw Blanket

It’s called the “softest throw you’ll ever touch,” and I believe it. This Luxury Throw Blanket is perfect for keeping warm on cold winter nights.

The blanket is generously sized at 50 inches by 70 inches, and the neutral color is great for any home décor theme. One reviewer commented that it feels like she’s sleeping on a cloud. I’m in!

Great for cuddling up on the couch or napping in the car on long drives.

Attractive Accessories

Accessory items always make great gifts. Here are a variety of different accessory gift ideas to fit many tastes.

14. Travelambo Women’s Wallet with RFID

This affordable Travelambo women’s wallet has spaces for one ID card, 15 credit or other cards and two zipping pockets for cash and a mobile phone.

It is made with RFID blocking material (in other words, it keeps your lady’s credit cards safe from hackers). And the wallet comes in a variety of colors including black, silver, red, purple and more.

If you’re looking for function, quality and style in a wallet, look no further. This one can help you keep your money safe while traveling.

15. MMK Padlock Handbag

Need a great bag to go with that wallet? This MMK Collection Padlock signature designer handbag is affordable at under $50, yet super fashionable.

It comes in a variety of finishes and colors, from black alligator to pink and white striped. Other options include a floral design, a pewter finish and a cheetah pattern.

You’ll find a design for nearly every taste in this collection.

16. Watercolor Crinkle Scarf

This Love Lakeside Women’s Watercolor Crinkle Scarf is a great accessory for a variety of different outfits from casual to dressy. She could easily wear it with jeans and a sweater or a little black dress.

It’s made of cozy soft viscose and comes in nearly twenty different color combinations. Each color is infused with another complimenting color or shade.

The purple flows in and out of a complimentary Indian blue and the rose-pink flows in and out of a complimenting shade of rust. The scarf is lightweight and perfect for wearing all year round.

17. Sorel Tofino Li Women’s Boots

Are you looking for something to help your lady keep warm with during the icy winter months? The Sorel Tofino Li Women’s Boots can help. Sorel has long been a brand associated with warmth, comfort and quality. In fact, the one pair of Sorel boots our family owned lasted well over twenty years.

These women’s Tofino Li boots come in many different shades, including fawn, black, navy, red, peat moss, curry and grey (titled “dark fog”). Stylish and comfortable, these boots will help the ladies in your life stay warm when it’s cold outside.

18. Women’s Organizing Travel Pack

Is there a woman in your life who loves to travel? Why not get her this Organizing Travel 4-pack?

The set features four stylish cotton travel bags. There’s one each for delicate items, shoes, hair accessories such as blow dryers and curling irons, and items that need to be washed.

The bags are decent sized at thirteen by fourteen and-a-half inches. And they’re washable as well. So they’re great for the lady who often travels for work or pleasure.

19. Neck Support Travel Pillow with Hood

For the frequent lady traveler, a good travel pillow is a necessity. This Neck Support Travel Pillow fits the bill. It’s made of a soft, fleecy fabric, and it has memory foam to provide maximum comfort for her head and neck.

Bonus: the hood tucks away neatly when not in use, and is long enough to cover the eyes when you want to use it. So it’s great for being able to sleep in light-filled areas such as airplanes or daytime car rides.

For the Home

I said we’d feature some gift ideas for the home, but you won’t find a “boring” label on any of these gift ideas.

20. Anolon Advanced Hard Anodized Non-Stick 11 Piece Cookware Set

Okay, as dull as it may sound, women who love to cook absolutely adore having quality pots and pans.

I received my first high-quality pot and pan set as a wedding gift over twenty years ago. And it’s just now getting to the point where I need to replace it. So I just might ask for this set as a replacement.

This Alonon 11 Piece Cookware Set boasts restaurant quality pots and pans and shatter-resistant lids. It also features sure grip soft handles and anodized construction for even heating.

If there is a lady in your life who loves to cook, this could be a great gift.

21. Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

For the coffee-loving lady in your life. The Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine is a great gift for those who love brewing the perfect cup of espresso.

It allows you to brew five different single serve coffee cup sizes at the touch of a button. This energy efficient model also shuts off after nine minutes of non-use. And as a bonus, it looks great sitting on the kitchen counter.

22. The Complete America’s Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook 2001-2018

Okay, if you haven’t watched this show, you are truly missing out on some magnificent meals. And if there’s a woman in your life who loves to cook, I highly recommend The Complete America’s Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook 2001-2018.

America’s Test Kitchen chefs do a tremendous job of featuring healthy meal ideas and creamy, delicious comfort food as well.

This book is a big one – 992 pages. It contains over one thousand chef-tested recipes, techniques, tips and tricks that will “get rave reviews from family, friends and colleagues” according to their web page.

As a bonus, the book shares behind-the-scenes info about what it takes to run a world-famous cooking show. It seems as if every time we watch this show my husband and I say “We’ve GOT to write this recipe down!”

If the woman in your life loves to cook – or loves to eat – this is a must-have book for her cookbook collection.

23. Hand Painted Wine Glass Charms

Does your favorite girl love to enjoy wine and laughter with her favorite friends? Why not treat her to these hand painted wine glass charms?

This collection of seven charms comes nestled in a sateen storage bag and features customized colorful charms in shapes of dragonflies, butterflies and more. It’s the perfect gift for the girl who loves to entertain and spend time at home with loved ones.

24. Monogram Mug

How about giving a gift that encourages the women in your life to cozy up with some coffee, tea or hot chocolate? They can do this with a classic, generously sized monogrammed mug from Williams Sonoma.

Specially crafted of Ironstone, this mug resists chipping. It’s microwavable and dishwasher safe.  Also, it is designed with a classic look that will fit in with nearly any décor.

25. Meyer Lemon Essential Oils Collection

This attractive Meyer Lemon Essential Oils Collection from Williams Sonoma contains hand soap, hand lotion, dish soap, countertop spray, room spray and a fragrance diffuser. So Buy one item or a whole set.

These simple scents refresh but don’t overpower. Choose from several options. Hand lotion and soap come with an attractive caddy when purchased together. They are made with biodegradable earth-friendly ingredients and are free of animal testing.

26. DecoBros 3-Tier Chrome Spice Rack

Is your favorite gal’s kitchen overburdened with unorganized spices? Consider giving her the DecoBros 3-Tier Wall Mounted Spice Rack.

This spice rack can hold dozens of jars of spices but will fit nicely inside most cupboard doors. It can also be installed on walls and outside of cabinets.

It’s lightweight at less than 2 pounds, so it won’t put too much strain on cabinet doors and walls. It’s a great way to organize spices and save space in the kitchen as well.

With spices in this compact rack, shelves can be freed up for other uses.

Technology Gifts

We couldn’t end without sharing some great ideas for techy gifts. Check out these suggestions.

27. Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot and its ability to fulfill almost any wish is freakishly wonderful. You can ask the Echo just about anything, and its wish is your favorite lady’s command.

All you have to say is, “Alexa…”:

  • “Play dinner music.”
  • “Reorder coffee.”
  • “What are your deals?”
  • “Play Jeopardy.”

The list of commands your Echo Dot can fulfill is nearly endless. And there are a variety of Echo Dots with different features to suit different needs. The Echo Dot will fulfill the most basic of commands. It streams music, makes free calls to the U.S., Canada and Mexico. And it can control smart home devices.

Also, the basic Echo, the Echo Plus, Echo Spot and Echo Show all come with additional features. These include higher quality speakers for streaming music and screens for viewing.

The Amazon Echo is a great gift for the girl who has everything.

28. Canon PowerShot SX420 IS Digital Camera

Do you have a photography lover in your life? The Canon PowerShot SX420 digital camera is more affordable than a professional grade camera but allows even the untrained photographer to take fantastic pictures.

The bundle shown here includes extras such as 64GB High-Speed SDXC class 10 memory card, a digital camera cleaning kit, a padded camera case and a battery pack and battery charger.

It’s a quality camera bundle set without a four-digit price tag. This camera will allow your photography loving gift recipient to capture great memories.

29. Kindle Fire HD 10

The new Kindle Fire HD 10 is the perfect tablet for watching shows and movies, reading books, playing games or browsing the Net. It has a vibrant 8-inch display screen. And comes with 32GB or 64GB storage capacity, has 2GB of ram, and has a 1.8GHz quad-core processor and more.

This Kindle also has a battery life of up to ten hours. And it has a micro SD slot for 256GB of expandable storage. Bonus: this model comes with Alexa and includes free time parental controls.

30. Fossil Smartwatch for Women

Okay, style and functionality in a watch? I’m in! But this Fossil Hybrid Q Accomplice Smartwatch is so much more than a watch.

Among its features:

  • It counts your steps
  • Tracks activity and calories burned
  • Sends notifications of texts
  • Takes photos

It seems too pretty for all of that functionality, but it comes with both. It’s compatible with both Android and iPhone. And the band is interchangeable with all Fossil 16mm straps so you can change up the look.

31. Case-Mate iPhone Cases

Case-Mate has cornered the market on cool iPhone cases. The Case-Mate Mother of Pearl case is one of my favorites, but there are dozens of others that are equally attractive.

Many of the cases are made with Military Drop Protection, meaning they’ve been certified to meet or exceed MIL-STD-810G drop test standards.

This is a fancy way of saying the cases have been tested to hold up under extreme duress and stress conditions for those who maybe aren’t as careful with their phones as they could be. 🙂

Among the other design choices: Metallic Rose Gold, Waterfall, Gold Flake, Naked Tough, Brilliance and Geometric Hexagon Marble. The company does have some designs for Android phones as well, although it seemed as if the selection for iPhones was much more expansive.

There you have it…plenty of fun and different ideas for gifts for the women in your life. What are you waiting for? Get shopping!

14 Places to Get Cash for Coins for Free (or Cheap)

Want to get cash for coins? I can help.

One way we save money in my family is by saving coins. Every time we pay cash and get change back, the coins go into a jar. We don’t miss them, and in fact, it’s nice not to have to walk around with that heavy change in our purses and pockets.

We try to designate the coins for a specific purpose. It might be for a vacation or for a Christmas fund. We don’t touch the coins until we’ve decided on a purpose for them.

You can do this, too. Save your spare change so you’ve got money when you want to do something fun. Or, you can use it to work toward financial freedom.

However, what to do with the coins once you’ve got a purpose? You can’t head to the airline counter with a jar full of coins, after all. You’ve got to cash them in first.

Places to Get Cash for Coins

Where can you get cash for your coins? Here are some options.

1. Your Local Bank

Many banks have coin counting machines. You typically have to be a member to have coins counted for free. Non-members usually have to pay a fee.

Note: I was a bank teller for many years at a local branch of a national bank that told us they didn’t want rolled coins. They’d make us open up the rolls and put them in the coin counter.

This was because people would try to scam the system. They’d put some fake coins in each roll, or they’d put a few pennies in a roll of nickels, for example.

I’m not sure what the rules are these days. However, I’d suggest checking with the bank before rolling up your coins. It’s a good idea to call ahead anyway to see if they even have a coin counting machine. I’ve read that some banks are getting rid of them.

You should also call if you don’t have an account at the bank to see if there’s a fee to cash in your coins. When I was a teller, we charged 10% to non-customers for coin counting.

Coin Counting Machines

Retailers sometimes have coin counting machines that let you exchange coins for cash. You pour your coins into the machine and it will count them.

Note that it will spit out any coins it can’t identify. This could include foreign coins, damaged coins and non-coins.

If the machine spits out a real coin, put it in again. Sometimes you can get it to register by doing that.

Know that this service isn’t free. One popular coin counting machine is run by Coinstar. Coinstar has coin counting machines in stores everywhere. They charge 11.9% to turn your coins into cash. You can read about how to get around that toward the bottom of this article.

Check the Coinstar website for kiosks near you. Here is a list of stores that might house coin counting machines.

2. Walmart

Walmart has over 11,000 stores worldwide. If you live in the U.S. there’s likely a Walmart near you.

Almost all of the Walmarts in my area have Coinstar machines. Walmart seems to be the largest Coinstar host store, at least in my area.

3. Kmart

Kmart stores are dwindling in number. However, there are still over 300 in the U.S. You might find a Coinstar machine at your local Kmart.

4. Kroger

Kroger has more than 2,700 grocery stores in 35 states in the U.S. Many Kroger stores have Coinstar kiosks. Check your local store for more information.

5. CVS

CVS Pharmacy has over 9,000 stores in the U.S. It has stores in every state except Wyoming. Check your local CVS to see if it has a Coinstar kiosk.

6. ShopRite

There are more than 300 ShopRite grocery stores on the East Coast. You can find them in several states, including:

  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Maryland

Check your local ShopRite to see if they have a kiosk.

7. Hy-Vee

Hy-Vee has over 200 grocery stores in the Midwest. Some states include Minnesota, Wisconsin and Nebraska. Your local Hy-Vee may have a Coinstar kiosk.

8. Meijer

There are more than 200 Meijer retail stores in the Midwest. They’re located in the following states:

  • Michigan
  • Indiana
  • Illinois
  • Kentucky
  • Wisconsin
  • Ohio

Visit your local Meijer store for a Coinstar kiosk. Not all locations carry kiosks.

9. Albertsons

Albertsons has over 2,000 locations throughout the U.S. Some states include Texas, New Mexico and Illinois.

Your local Albertsons store may have a Coinstar kiosk.

10. Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter has more than 200 supermarkets in seven U.S. states. They’re located in:

  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • Delaware
  • Maryland

There are Harris Teeters in Washington, D.C., too. Your local Harris Teeter may have a Coinstar kiosk.

11. Hannaford

Hannaford has nearly 200 stores in New England and New York. Note that not all locations have Coinstar kiosks.

12. Cash Wise

Cash Wise foods stores are located in Minnesota and North Dakota. There are dozens of stores. Check your local Cash Wise store to see if they house Coinstar.

13. Target

There are more than 1,800 Target stores in the U.S. Not all Targets have Coinstar kiosks. In my major city, I couldn’t find a machine at a Target.

Check your local Target store to see if it has one.

14. Lowe’s

Lowe’s is a home improvement chain with more than 2,000 stores in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Some stores may carry Coinstar kiosks.

Again, not all store locations have machines. As I mentioned, most of the Walmarts in my area have them. However, very few Targets have them.

You can find a kiosk location by going to the Coinstar website. Or you can ask at a store near you.

Coinstar Fees

As I mentioned before, Coinstar charges a whopping 11.9% fee if you want cash for your coins. So, if you have $100 in coins you’ll get charged $11.90.

I know, that’s a LOT of money. I’m not a big fan of paying fees. You’re likely not either. However, there are a few options for avoiding the fee. Check out these choices.

Get an e-Gift Card

Coinstar does have an option where you can get an e-gift card instead of actual cash for your coins.

You won’t pay a fee if you get an e-gift card. Coinstar has several e-gift card options. They all come with minimum and maximum dollar amounts.

  • Amazon: $5 to $1,000
  • Applebee’s: $5 to $500
  • Best Buy Electronics: $5 to $500
  • GameStop: $15 to $500
  • Home Depot: $10 to $500
  • iTunes: $5 to $500
  • Southwest Airlines: $25 to $500
  • Starbucks: $5 to $500

Note that the retailers and amounts are subject to change. However, if you’re looking to avoid the Coinstar fee, this could help.

Give the Money to Charity

Coinstar will waive the coin counting fee if you donate the money to charity through them. Their list of available charities is small. However, they are all good choices.

  • Unicef
  • United Way
  • American Red Cross
  • Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
  • World Wildlife Foundation
  • Feeding America
  • Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

There’s something for everyone on the charity list. If you want to give your coins to a good cause, you can go this route.


I’ve found saving coins is a great way to save money. You don’t miss them when you throw them into the jar. They almost don’t seem like real cash.

Sometimes we’ll throw dollar bills into our coin jar, too. You won’t miss them in your wallet. And they add up over time. You can save several hundred dollars a year this way.

Using your own bank is the cheapest way to get cash for coins. However, if that’s not an option you have Coinstar.

You may pay a fee with Coinstar, but at least you’ll get cash.

Do you save coins? If so, how do you cash them in? What do you use your saved coins for? Vacations? Big purchases? Leave a comment on our Facebook page, and share this post via social media.

What is the Best Time of the Year to Buy a TV

Are you in the market for a new TV? Maybe you want to trade your 45-inch model for a 60-inch set, or get a giant screen for that theater room you’re putting together.

Televisions can be expensive, so they’re not something to buy on a whim. However, if you’ve planned and saved, it might be time to buy a new one.

Of course, you’ll want to get the best price you can. One thing to think about is when the best time is to buy a new TV.

Best Time to Buy a New TV

There are a few times of the year when you’ll get the best deals on TVs. There’s also a time of year that’s the worst to buy a new TV. We’ll talk about those below.

Here are the four best times of year to get a new TV.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday has been the best time to get great TV deals for years. People line up for hours before store openings to get TVs the day after Thanksgiving. And often, they can snag killer deals.

It’s the same thing for Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving that’s become known for great online deals. In fact, some TV makers develop models just for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

There’s a lot of competition among stores this time of year. Big retailers like Amazon and Walmart have price wars.

Electronics stores like Best Buy have doorbuster deals, too. And even smaller stores have at least one or two awesome deals usually.

You’ll find deals both in-store and online. This is the time of year when prices are at their lowest.

Deals Reside Both Online and In-Store

Stores know they’re competing with online retailers like Amazon. And they know you have instant access to online pricing. You could easily find a TV you like in-store and go home and buy it for a cheaper price online.

That’s why stores have experts working to monitor online prices during big sale days. In fact, you might see stores change prices mid-day to remain competitive. They monitor competitor pricing and lower prices in real time as needed.

Another tip? Check ads the week before Black Friday. Retailers often want to get a jump on the big sale days, so they might offer some equally great sales the week preceding Black Friday.

The same goes for the week of Cyber Monday. In fact, you may find the lowest-price deals during that week. This means you can skip the Black Friday craziness.

Instead, be patient and wait to see what Cyber Monday week holds. You might end up getting a better deal.

Super Bowl Season

Ahh, the blessed Super Bowl. Even non-football fans gear up to watch the Big Game. Who can resist the battle between the year’s best football teams, not to mention the award-winning commercials?

Another great thing about this time of year: terrific TV prices. The holidays are over and retailers are eager to start clearing out the previous year’s models before the new ones arrive a few months later.

And people like us are hyped for the game. We’re drawn in by the lure of a bigger, brighter TV to watch, whether it’s with a huge group of friends or just the family.

Stores know we as sports fans think this way. Therefore, they offer deep discounts to make sure we follow through with a purchase.

But it’s important to know exactly how they time those deals. Some weeks have better TV prices than others.

Consumer Reports writes that Weeks 3, 2 and 1 preceding the Superbowl are best, where Week 1 is two weeks before the Super Bowl, Week 2 is three weeks before the game, and so on. Stores offer the deepest discounts during those times of the pre-Super Bowl season.

Weeks 4 and 5 preceding the game have the smallest discounts. Similarly, if you wait until the week of the game, you may pay more.

That’s right, discounts aren’t as deep during the week of the Super Bowl. I’m guessing stores view that as an impulse-buying week. People are up against the deadline of the game, and may be willing to pay more at the last minute.

If you’re buying during Super Bowl season, check prices two to three weeks before the game. That’s when you’ll likely see the best deals.

During the New Release Season

Every spring TV makers come out with new models. They’re bigger and better. They have more bells and whistles. And they cost more.

Mid-March to mid-April are when new TV models are released. You should start to see ads for new models in March.

The latest and greatest technological advancements arrive during this time — and full prices with them. However, new TV models in-store mean all of the old models go on sale.

Store managers know that the sooner the old models are gone, the sooner they’ll have more space to house the new, pricier models.

Prices on older models start to go down as soon as new models hit the stores. The further you get into spring, the better the deals.

This is because stores start to weary of housing the old models. They offer deeper discounts in order to clear them out.

However, if you wait too long you might miss the deals. You may find that closeout deals have cleared the TV inventory quickly.

I’d start shopping in May at the latest to save money and get closeout deals. Don’t assume merchants will still have closeout models available in July. But if you do find an old model available then, you should get a terrific deal on it.

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is another big shopping time. Retailers figure non-travelers will use the time off to shop.

Therefore, store ads offer great discounts on many things, including TVs. You’ve likely seen ads for great prices at that time of year. However, the discounts aren’t as deep as at other times mentioned here.

If you can wait until Black Friday, do so. Or, if you can buy a closeout model in  May or June, do that. The same goes for Super Bowl time. Prioritize those times over Labor Day.

But if you have to buy in fall, shop on Labor Day weekend. You’ll still find some terrific deals. Check local and online ads to find the best prices.

When is the Worst Time to Buy a TV?

Just as there’s a best time to buy a TV, there’s also a worst time to buy. I know I said mid-April is the best time to buy a TV. It’s also the worst time — IF you’re looking for a new release model.

If you have to buy a new TV, don’t buy it in mid-April. Instead, wait for one of the other sale times mentioned here.

Here are some other tips for buying a new TV. They’ll help you get the best deal on your purchase. Combine these tips with great sale times and you’ll do well.

Tips for TV Buying

These tips might not be well-known, but they do work. Use them to increase savings or get a better TV.

Consider What Size TV You Want

Do you want the TV to be big enough that you can watch it in a large family room with lots of people? Or do you want a smaller set for your bedroom or a kid’s room? Answering those questions will get you in the ballpark of what size of TV you want.

Then you need to think about how far away from the TV you’ll likely be when you watch. A very rough rule of thumb is to use a 2:1 ratio of distance to TV size. For instance, if you think you’ll be sitting about 7 feet (84 inches) from the TV, get a 42-inch screen for a comfortable experience.

The same idea works in reverse. Let’s say you want a 60-inch TV. You’ll want to place it about 10 feet (120 inches) from your couch or wherever you think you’ll be watching to TV. In other words, multiply the diagonal size of the TV screen by two to get the ideal distance, in inches, from the TV.

Check Multiple Stores

It’s a good idea to visit a few stores before you buy. First, compare brands. Go to the store and see which brands you think have the best pictures. And pay attention to the different sizes, standing from different distances.

Which store has the best deal? Does one store have a clearance TV you like? Is another advertising a deal on a new model?

A television is a big purchase. Check multiple stores before you give them your cash.

Follow Social Media Accounts

I know, it can be a pain to have a retailer on your social media timelines. However, stores do give social media followers advance notice of deals.

If you want to be in the know ahead of others, use social media. Follow stores that sell TVs. And follow different brands of TV makers, too.

Shop In-Store

It’s okay to buy online. However, experts recommend first looking at TVs in-store. Check out the picture on the models you’re considering.

You’ll get a better idea of what you really want. When viewing in person you might find out the 60-inch isn’t what you want. Instead, the 70-inch might be better for your home theater.

Go ahead and buy online if you find the best deal there. However, shop in-store first to look at picture quality.

Be Aware of Price Matching Guarantees

Some stores and credit cards have price match guarantees. Know about them before you shop. You could save yourself some big money.

A price match guarantee works like this:

  1. You buy a new TV
  2. Later on, you see a better deal
  3. The store where you bought, or the credit card that you used, refunds you the difference

Note that price match guarantees come with conditions. For instance, you may have a limited time (often 60-90 days) to prove that you’ve found a better deal elsewhere. Read the fine print before you buy.


There are several great times of year to buy a TV. As you’ve read, some times are better than others. Black Friday and Cyber Monday tend to offer the best deals.

You might be forced to buy a TV when prices are higher. However, if you shop around you can likely find a deal or sale somewhere.

Maybe it’s a closeout model that’s still sitting around in August. Or a pre-Black Friday sale in October. But you’ll find the most deals during the times mentioned above.

Use the information above to get the best deal on your new TV.

When did you last buy a TV? Did you buy during a “best deal” time? Or were you forced to buy when prices are highest? Share your experience on our Facebook site.

12 Ways to Get Cheap Baby Clothes

If you’ve got a baby, you know how expensive they can be. Diapers, formula, daycare, clothes — they all cost money.

According to this USDA report, it’s not uncommon to spend between $12,000 and $20,000 per year on child rearing.

We can show you how to cut costs in one area: baby clothing. There are several ways you can get baby clothes on the cheap.

How to Get Cheap Baby Clothes

You don’t need to pay full price for your baby’s clothes. Instead, check out some of the ideas below for getting cheap baby clothes.

When my four kids were little, I used almost all of these ideas. I didn’t shop online much, because there weren’t many online stores then. However, I did use the other tips. Some ideas may work better for you than others.

Combine one or all of the tips listed to get great deals on all of your baby’s clothing. There’s just no reason to pay full price.

1. Look for Cheap Online Stores

We live in a day where online shopping is common. It’s not surprising that there are online stores that sell cheap baby clothes.

Stores like BabyMallOnline sell baby clothing at value prices. They even have a low flat-rate shipping price.

You can find great baby clothing prices at Amazon, too. If you’re okay with used clothing, check out It sells gently used clothing for people of all ages.

2. Use Cashback Shopping Sites

Since you’re shopping online, you can save even more money by using a cashback portal. Ebates gives you up to 40% cash back on online purchases.

All you need to do is join Ebates (for free) and shop via its portal. The portal will connect you to your favorite stores.

After you buy, Ebates will credit you for the cashback amount for the store. Each store has varying cashback amounts. Here are some examples of how much cash they give you back from each store:

  • 6% at Kohl’s
  • 8% at Macy’s
  • Up to 10% at Walmart
  • 1% at Target

Ebates partners with over 2,500 stores that give cashback.

You may have heard of Swagbucks as a way to earn some cash on the side by taking surveys and polls. Swagbucks has an online cash back shopping portal, too. Join Swagbucks to earn money online and to get cash back refunds when you shop online for baby clothes.

3. Shop at Garage Sales

Garage sales can be a great place to get cheap baby clothes. If you know which sellers have kids a bit older than yours, even better.

One of the best ways to get great deals at garage sales is by shopping citywide sales. Some cities set a weekend aside where they encourage residents to have sales.

This means you can stay in one city and find dozens of garage sales. Sometimes the city or sale sponsor puts out a catalog of sale holders.

The catalog allows for sellers to mention what they’re selling. This makes it easy for you to find homeowners that are selling baby clothes.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to haggle when buying at a garage sale. Ask sellers if they’ll take “$X” instead of the sticker price.

Many sellers are happy to come down in price. They just want the items gone. Another tip is to keep track of homes with kids a year or two older than yours.

This is especially useful when shopping citywide sales. You can visit the same sales year after year to get great deals.

When I lived in the suburbs, I had a friend who held a sale every year. Somehow, she managed to keep her kids’ clothes and toys in great shape.

And, she priced them well. Many of the same people flocked to her house every year at the citywide sale. They got great deals on nice clothing, she got lots of cash.

4. Buy From Friends/Family Members with Older Kids

Do you have friends and family members with kids a bit older than yours? If so, ask if you can buy baby clothes from them.

Or maybe their kids are long out of the baby stage but they still have the clothing. Most of the time, family members and friends will give you a great deal.

After all, they’re no longer using the baby clothes. And you’re offering to give them money for the clothing. They might even hand the stuff over for free.

5. Search Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a popular place to find cheap clothing. This is because it’s such a hot social media venue.

That, and it’s free to list and sell on Facebook. Navigating Facebook Marketplace is easy. When you sign on to your Facebook account, a link for Marketplace will be on the left sidebar.

Click on it, and all Marketplace ads will show up. After that, go to the left sidebar again. You’ll see a bunch of categories. Click on the “Family” category.

The drop down box will show you what is for sale in the “Family” category. Click on “Baby & Kids”.

From there you can browse the listings. Or, you can use the search bar at the top of the Baby & Kids page. You can type in “baby clothes” or whatever you need.

When I searched for baby clothes in my area, I found a ton of great deals. One mom was giving away a dozen baby sleepers for free! Another mom was selling a table full of girls’ baby clothing for $40.

Check the Facebook Marketplace site for your area for great deals. Some people form sellers’ groups, so you may even be able to find a group in your area.

Also, there is another feature on the side bar that allows you to narrow your search so that it only shows listings close to home or work. That way you won’t have to drive far to get your bargains.

6. Browse Craigslist and Similar Sites

Craigslist can be another great place for finding baby clothes bargains. Sellers like to list on Craigslist and similar sites because they’re free to list on.

By searching Craigslist and sites like it, you’ll have access to lots of potential bargains. Each site has a different way of organizing listings. However, most of them have some sort of a category section or search bar.

Be sure to use safety precautions whenever meeting up with someone for a sale. Tell others where you’re going and meet in a public place.

7. Browse or List on Freecycle

You could also check Freecycle for free baby clothes. Freecycle is a nonprofit organization with over 9 million members.

It lets people give (and get) stuff for free to keep good items out of landfills.

Note: You do have to be a member of Freecycle to browse listings. However, it’s free to join.

Another bonus of Freecycle is that you can list things you want or need, too. For instance, you could post a notice asking for baby clothes in the sizes you need.

8. Check Local Thrift Stores

Do you have thrift stores in your area? There are chain thrift stores such as Goodwill and Savers.

Many smaller nonprofit organizations have thrift stores, too. The stores set the items out for sale at discounted prices.

Hint: In my experience, I’ve found that for-profit thrift stores like Savers and even nonprofit chains like Goodwill tend to charge higher prices. Their offerings are more expensive than smaller, nonprofit thrift stores — at least where I live.

If you have the option to shop at a non-chain thrift store, I’d recommend checking it out. However, the chain stores typically have sales, such as:

  • Buy one, get one free
  • Half off certain items
  • 75% off certain categories, such as housewares

When I checked my local Goodwill, it was having a half-off sale for kids’ toys and clothing on Thursdays.

I’d recommend visiting the chain stores on their sale days to save the most money.

9. Go to Local Group Sales (like ECFE sales)

You may be able to find local group sales in your area. Groups such as ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) and similar groups host large sales. They usually hold them on an annual or semi-annual basis.

These sales often take place in a school auditorium or other large venue. A group dedicated to educating little ones will ask its members to participate in the sale.

They charge an entry fee for sellers, or take a portion of profit. Sellers are able to get rid of baby clothes they no longer need. Buyers get to shop a huge room with dozens of tables of baby clothes and other items for sale.

10. Shop the Clearance Racks

When my kids were babies, I found SO many great deals on the clearance racks. I’d check them every time I was at at the store.

Since I usually shopped Walmart or Target, the clearance prices were super low. I’d get outfits for $2, $3 or $4.

Hint: Buy big and buy off season. For instance, let’s say you have a six-month-old. Clearance stuff usually runs with the season.

If you have a new baby born in September, buy her 12- or 18-month-old clothes for the following year. That way you’ll have some sale outfits she can wear the following fall.

You can save a lot of money by buying Christmas, Easter or other special occasion outfits ahead of time, too. Same goes for buying winter jackets or snowsuits ahead of time. Just be sure to buy big enough to cover any growth spurts.

If my kid was going to be 12 months old at Christmas, I’d tend to buy a clearance dress in an 18-month-old size. It won’t hurt if the outfit is a little big. And you can’t pass up the money savings.

I know it can feel risky to buy so far ahead. People worry about buying the wrong size.

But you can always sell the clothes online if they end up not fitting or you don’t want to use them. You might even be able to get more than what you paid for them, since they’re new with the tags on.

I bought lots of my kids’ clothes this way and it almost always worked out. You get to know your kids and their growth patterns. That makes it easier to plan ahead.

11. Take Advantage of Sales and Coupons

Stores like Kohl’s and JCPenney often have percent-off coupons in their mail ads. These coupons sometimes apply to sale items, too.

If you get a 30% coupon from Kohl’s and combine it with clearance rack purchases, you could save a LOT of cash.

Check weekly ads and your store’s website for coupon and sale information.

12. Make a Barter Deal

You may be able to barter with someone who has a kid older than yours. How about exchanging babysitting time for baby clothing? You watch your friend’s kid(s) for a set period of time, she gives you her baby clothes.

Or, ask a friend or family member with kids a bit older than yours if there’s something they need or want. If you’ve got the item, they may be willing to take it in exchange for some of their baby clothes.

Note: the IRS requires that people report barter income. See this IRS barter fact web page for more information.


With all of these ways to get free or cheap baby clothes, there’s no reason to pay full price. There are just too many ways to get great deals.

Have you ever used any of these methods to get cheap baby clothes? Do you have other ideas to add? How did you save money on baby clothes?

Share your ideas on our Facebook page. And, feel free to share this post on social media. Let’s help others get cheap baby clothes, too!

Average Grocery Bill for 2

Do you spend more than you need to on groceries? I know I did.

When I first started tracking my family’s spending, our grocery bill was high. Not high compared to the country’s average  (we’ll talk more about that later). However, it was high compared to what we’re spending on groceries now.

When I first started tracking our grocery and other spending, we had no “plan” for our shopping.

I’d just hit the store on a whim and get whatever foods sounded good, plus a few basics. At that time, we were spending roughly $1,000 a month to feed our family of six.

That’s not a lot according to nationwide averages. However, it was a lot for us at the time. We were deep in debt and struggling to pay the bills.

After making a few changes to our grocery shopping habits, I cut our bill in half. Today, I never spend more than $600 a month on groceries.

In fact, my average is closer to $450 a month — and that’s with four teenagers in the house. My point is that it is possible for most people to spend less on groceries.

Let’s start by sharing what the average grocery bill for two is. We’ll look at a variety of factors, and then we’ll share some tips for buying groceries on a budget. Ready?

How Much Is the Average Grocery Bill for Two?

Every month, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) issues its Cost of Food Report. The report details the average weekly and monthly cost of food for individuals, couples and families.

We’ll use that report to talk about the average grocery bill for two. The USDA report details four levels of food cost plans:

  • Thrifty plan
  • Low-cost plan
  • Moderate plan
  • Liberal plan

The report also counts age as a factor. After all, a household of two adults will likely spend more on groceries than one adult and a two-year-old.

In this article, we’ll share costs for two adults living in one household: a man and a woman. For the month of September 2018, the average grocery bill for two was as follows:

Household of two adults, one female and one male, aged 19-50, September 2018

Thrifty plan:                $385.00 per month

Low-cost plan:                $493.40 per month

Moderate plan:         $611.20 per month

Liberal plan:                 $765.20 per month

For older couples, the average food costs were lower.

Household of two adults, one female and one male, aged 51-70, September 2018

Thrifty plan:                $365.00 per month

Low-cost plan:                $472.40 per month

Moderate plan:        $587.70 per month

Liberal plan:                $712.70 per month

Using the numbers stated above, we can calculate what the average grocery bill for two is.

  • The average grocery bill for two adults aged 19-50 is $563.70 per month
  • The average grocery bill for two adults aged 51-70 is $534.45 per month

These are the most recent grocery spending numbers as of this writing. As you can see, the costs of the Thrifty plan are nearly double those of the Liberal plan.

Another interesting point is that older couples spend less on groceries than younger couples. There could be a number of reasons for this. We as humans tend to eat less as we get older. It’s possible that many people get more frugal as they age, too.

And, there are other factors that influence what we spend on groceries. We’ll talk about those in a bit, but first let’s talk history.

Are grocery costs on the rise? Do people spend more on groceries now than they did five years ago? Let’s take a look.

Is the Average Grocery Bill for Two on the Rise?

Luckily, the USDA keeps a history of food costs. This enables us to compare historical costs of food to see if food costs are on the rise.

Let’s look at a chart that’s similar to the one above, only with costs from September of 2013 instead of September 2018.

Household of two adults, one female and one male, aged 19-50, September 2013:

Thrifty plan:                $382.30 per month        0.7% lower than in 2018

Low-cost plan:                $486.70 per month        1.4% lower than in 2018

Moderate plan:         $606.40 per month        0.79% lower than in 2018

Liberal plan:                 $757.10 per month        1.06% lower than in 2018

Again, for older couples, the average food costs were lower.

Household of two adults, one female and one male, age 51-70, September 2013:

Thrifty plan:                $362.90 per month        0.58% lower than in 2018

Low-cost plan:                $467.40 per month        0.8% lower than in 2018

Moderate plan:        $582.00 per month        1.06% lower than in 2018

Liberal plan:                $698.00 per month        2.06% lower than in 2018

  • The average grocery bill for two adults aged 19-50 is $558.13 per month, 0.99% lower than in 2018.
  • The average grocery bill for two adults aged 51-70 is $527.58 per month, 1.29% lower than in 2018.

As expected, prices were lower in 2013, but only by a very small percent in each category. Yes, individual prices on some products have likely risen. However, overall spending in the last five years has remained fairly steady. We are fortunate that in the U.S. food prices have not risen much.

How Does Location Affect the Average Grocery Bill?

We can’t talk about grocery spending without taking location into account. Groceries on the East Coast, for example, cost much more than groceries in the Midwest.

But how does location affect the average grocery bill?

There are limited sources of reliable data recording grocery prices by state. However, I did find one USDA report on milk prices for the first 10 months of 2018.

The average prices reported from various cities was not what I expected.

I was surprised to find that milk in Minneapolis was quite a bit cheaper than in Milwaukee. After all, both Minnesota and Wisconsin are high producers of dairy.

And New York has notoriously high grocery prices. However, milk in New York City was shown to be cheaper than in Minneapolis.

However, milk prices don’t tell the whole story.This report from the Missouri Department of Economic Development rates the cost of living per state. It ranks costs including groceries,  housing and more.

As you can see, the chart shows a noticeable difference in grocery prices. Arkansas residents, for instance, spend a lot less on groceries than those living in Nevada.

It’s clear that where you live does make a difference in how much you’ll spend on groceries.

Does Income Play a Factor?

According to the USDA, income also plays a factor in grocery spending. A USDA Report on Food Prices and Spending found that the average family spends roughly 10% of its disposable income on food, split nearly evenly between restaurants and at-home meals.

If you’re average, then your income makes a difference in your grocery spending. For instance, if you bring home $2,000 per month then you’re apt to spend around $200 a month on groceries and eating out.

However, the higher your income goes, the lower the percentage of it you’ll spend on groceries. In 2017, households in the middle income bracket spent 14.3% of their income on food, while those in the lowest income bracket spend 34.2% of their income on food.

How Can You Save Money on Groceries?

Whether you’re in line with the USDA’s Thrifty plan or the Liberal plan, you can save money on groceries.

As I mentioned earlier, I spend an average of $450 a month on groceries for myself and my four teens. And guess what: We eat GOOD and healthy food. We even buy some organic products.

Here are some tips to help you save money on groceries.

Start With a Plan

A menu plan is key to cutting down on grocery costs. It helps you avoid random trips to the grocery store. It also prevents last-minute take-out or restaurant runs.

Start by making a list of dinners for the week. Try to keep dinner costs moderate.

We usually do one or two expensive dinners, like pot roast. Then we sprinkle in low- and moderate-cost dinners for the rest of the week. Some ideas for cheaper dinners include:

  • Potatoes and vegetables (usually a green veggie like broccoli)
  • Pasta dishes
  • Beans and rice with homemade tortillas
  • Burgers and a side salad

By balancing out how much you spend on meals, you can help keep costs lower.

Shop the Sales

When making our weekly menu plan, we try to plan meals around the week’s sales. If chicken is on sale, that’s our primary meat for the week.

If apples are on sale, I’ve got apples to give the kids for snacks. Work the sales to your advantage and try not to pay full price if you don’t have to.

Shop the sales to buy stuff ahead of time, too. Stock up on sale items you know you’ll need and use in the future.

Also, use money-saving apps like Ibotta to get extra cash back on grocery purchases. Ibotta has paid over $400 million to members in cash back on everyday purchases.

But make sure you’re not buying an item you won’t eat just because it’s on sale. The food is no bargain if it just goes to waste.

Ease Up on Processed Food Purchases

Processed food and junk food purchases can get expensive. Trim your grocery budget by cutting soda and other processed foods from the list.

If there’s a food you buy that you can make from scratch, do it. It’ll be better for you (no chemical preservatives) and taste better, too.

Grow Your Own and Buy Local

If possible, plant a small garden or use planters to grow vegetables. If you don’t have a lot of space, choose to grow the items you eat most often. You can freeze or can them to make them last all year long.

Depending on where you live, buying local can help cut costs, too. Farmers markets and local meat farmers sometimes charge lower prices than grocery stores. Shop your local farmers and see if you can save money on groceries.


The charts above on the cost of food for Americans vary greatly. There’s a big difference in spending $385 a month and $765 per month on food.

Of course, factors like income and location come into play. That being said, there are almost always ways to cut down on grocery costs. Follow the tips above to save where you can.

What did you think about the average cost of groceries for two? Were you surprised? How do you save money on groceries? Share your tips on our Facebook page.

7 Legit Ways to Get Free Toys

We’re big fans of freebies here at Well Kept Wallet. If we find a way to help you save money, we’ll gladly share it.

If you have children — or know someone who does — you might know something about toy prices. It can get expensive to buy toys for kids, especially since they then outgrow the toys and want new playthings/

Luckily, there are several legitimate ways you can get free toys. Read on to find out how you can get free toys for your kids, grandkids or other children in your life.

Ways to Get Free Toys

Some of these ways to get free toys take more work than others. But all of them will get you toys at no cost to you.

You can give the free toys you get to your kids, or give them to others. My mother-in-law always had a bedroom full of toys for her grandkids to play with when they were little.

And she never paid full price for any of them. She always got them for free or for cheap. Here are some of the ways you can get free toys.

1. Sign Up to Become a Toy Tester

Toy companies like to have kids test toys and put reviews on social media sites. They tend to want kids from toddler age to pre-teen. Here’s how it works.

First, they’ll send you the toy for free. Next, you’ll have your child play with the toy. Then, you’ll post your opinions (or your child’s opinion) on your social media site or on the company website.

In exchange for your “work,” they let you keep the toy. Here’s how you can find out when free toy giveaways from companies are.

  • Start by liking and following your favorite toy companies on Facebook.
  • Tell them you want in when they ask for toy testers.

That was easy, right? Note that the more active you are on social media, the higher your chances of being selected.

This is because toy companies are looking to expand their names. If you have a lot of followers and are active in a positive way, toy companies will gravitate toward that.

Also, some companies like video reviews. If your child is comfortable in front of a camera, all the better.

Hint 1: Start signing up to be members of toy company groups, like the Fisher Price Family Club. This can help you increase your chances of getting asked to test out toys. Visit your favorite toy company’s website for more information.

Hint 2: If you run a successful parenting or toy blog, all the better. Toy companies often search out these types of blogs and ask the owners to test toys.

2. Check Freebie Websites

Have you ever visited any of the dozens of “freebie” websites? These sites focus on sharing how you can get lots of stuff for free.

Truthfully, you can get just about anything that’s not too expensive for free. This is because companies love to give away free samples of the stuff they sell.

If you know where to look, you can learn how to get on these companies’ giveaway lists. The freebie sites compile this information so you don’t have to search on your own.

When you visit the freebie sites through the link above, check their “categories” list. This is typically located on the top, left or right sidebar.

As you search the categories, look for the word “toys.” Click on it and you’ll be directed to a page that tells you all of the ways to get free toys.

Most of the toys are pretty small, but they are free. Some companies will require that you sign up for their email list before they send you the free toy. Others might have you send a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Note that not all freebie sites have toy sections. You’ll have to visit the sites you find and see if they do.

3. Visit Garage Sales

I’m always surprised at how many garage sales have “free” bins. To be honest, parents often just want certain items gone. The decluttering is the goal, not the money-making.

So they’ll put a bunch of toys in a bin marked “free.” People can come and take whatever they wish out of the bin.

And contrary to popular opinion, often it’s not just junk toys in garage sale “free” bins. I’ve been to many sales where there are some really nice toys for free.

Some tips for finding the best free toys at garage sales include:

  • Hit city-wide garage sales. You’ll be able to find a lot of houses within close proximity.
  • Try hitting more affluent areas. You may find more freebies and nicer toy choices in general.
  • Try haggling. If a seller isn’t in the mood to haggle, they may give you a toy for free even though they were trying to sell it.

When my kids were younger, we got a lot of nice toys from garage sale “free” bins — stuff I couldn’t believe people were giving away. One time we got a Fisher Price Little People farm set for free. Another time we got a little riding toy for free.

Look around. You might be surprised at what you’ll find hiding in garage sale “free” bins.

4. Check Craigslist

Craigslist has three sections that you might find free toys in. The first is their “free” section. The second is their “toys and games” section. Thirdly, you can check the “baby and kids” section.

People give toys away on Craigslist for the same reason they do at garage sales. They just want the stuff gone. You might be surprised at some of the free stuff I’ve found when visiting my local Craigslist site.

In the “free” section:

  • A kid-sized kitchen playset
  • A nice high chair
  • An activity table
  • An entire set of Rescue Ranger toys

In the “toys and games” section:

  • Two free swing sets
  • A Littlest Pet Shop pet house
  • Free skateboard ramps
  • A free doll house

In the “baby and kids” section:

  • A free Ikea children’s table
  • Free outdoor slides
  • A free exersaucer for babies (those things they sit in and play)
  • Free kids’ picnic table
  • A collection of Little Tykes toddler toys for free

Seriously, you could get your child an entire collection of free toys on Craigslist. At least that’s what I found in my area. And all of the stuff I found was clean and in really good shape!

This is one route for getting free toys where you could rake in a serious bounty.

5. Check With Local Life Care Centers

I volunteer at a local life care center in my city. A life care center helps young and/or struggling moms and moms-to-be with caring for their children.

Many life care centers have free toys, clothes and other baby items available. In our life care center, we have a small “store.”

Expectant parents and parents of young kids can “shop” at the store to get what they need for free.

Note that with most life care centers there are stipulations for getting free toys and other stuff. At our center, parents need to take classes on parenting.

The classes might be about how to care for your baby. Or about how to manage your finances responsibly.

For each class they take, parents earn coupons. Each coupon has a different dollar amount. They use their coupons to shop at the life care center store.

Each item for sale is priced with a dollar amount. However, the recipients don’t pay with cash. Instead, they use the coupons they’ve earned to get the items for free.

Store items are donated by supporters of the life care center. In our life care center you can find a variety of toys, clothes and baby necessities like diapers or high chairs. It all depends on what supporters have donated or given away recently.

Do an internet search for “life care center near me” to find a local life care center where you may be able to get free toys.

Note that many life care centers have age limits on recipients of services. For instance, at our center, you can receive services until your child is age two.

6. Check With Toys for Tots or Other Ministries

You may qualify to get free new toys for your kids at Christmas through Toys for Tots. Note that Toys for Tots typically requires you have some type of financial hardship to qualify for free toys.

A hardship might mean you:

  • Suffered a recent job loss
  • Are eligible for welfare services
  • Recently left an abusive relationship

Or some other hardship that has impacted your finances. And of course, you can only get free toys from Toys for Tots at Christmas time.

However, I also would recommend checking with local churches or other ministries. They may also have programs that offer free toys for your kids.

7. Check Facebook Marketplace

Another place you might be able to find free toys is through Facebook. Again, people often give toys away just because they’re eager to declutter.

As with Craigslist, when I checked my local Facebook Marketplace site, I found dozens of free toys available. Check yours and see what you can find.


There are several places you can get free toys. Take advantage and save yourself some cash!

Have you ever used any of these avenues to get free toys? Share your experiences on our social media pages.

How to Make Money as a Beginner Blogger

When I first heard you could make money blogging, I was skeptical. It didn’t make sense to me. How could someone get money just for writing articles on a website?

I started my own personal finance blog in January 2013. The goal was to be encouraged and held accountable as I worked to pay off debt.

As part of that journey, I started reading other personal finance blogs. Soon enough, I came across articles about bloggers making money online.

Being deep in debt and desperate, I wanted in. By the summer of 2013 I had officially “monetized” my blog.

Four years later, I sold my blog for a number with five digits. I was able to sell it for so much because I had learned how to make regular income by blogging.

And you can too, if you do it right. Just follow the tips below on how to make money blogging as a beginner.

How to Make Money as a Beginner Blogger

When I started my old blog, I was definitely a newbie. I could operate WordPress on a basic level, but that was it.

It didn’t help that I’m not a techy person by nature. Luckily, there are resources out there that can help even the newest (and non-techiest) of bloggers get started.

Check out the information below and use it to start your own blogging side hustle.

Set Up a Blog

Of course, you need to start by setting up a blog. If you already have one, great! Skip to the next section.

If you don’t, here’s a brief summary of how it’s done.

  1. Determine your brand. Figure out what you want your blog to teach and represent.
  2. Visit a website host such as Bluehost. Bluehost will host your blog for as little as $2.95 per month. Use the link above to get the Well Kept Wallet special discount.
  3. When you’re signing up with Bluehost, choose your domain name, which is usually the same as your blog name. Choose something that is catchy and makes sense for your topic.
  4. Use WordPress as your blog platform. I find it super easy to work with.
  5. Sign in to WordPress, choose your theme and start writing!

For more detailed information on setting up a blog, read How to Start a Blog in Ten Minutes or Less. This article will give you clear, step-by-step instructions on starting your blog.

Next, let’s talk about some ways you can make money with your blog. These are some of the most popular avenues to blog revenue.

Affiliate Income

Money-earning bloggers often earn revenue through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money by referring people to products or services.

For instance, let’s say you link to a product on Amazon. Someone clicks on your link and buys the product (or even a different product). Amazon will pay you a commission for sending the buyer over.

There are hundreds of companies that will pay you to send customers their way. Survey companies, stores, websites and others will pay you for connecting them with customers.

However, you’ll have more success with affiliate income if you have a plan. There are certain techniques bloggers use to get affiliate traffic. Here are some tips.

1. Create Content Around Products

It’s important to not make affiliate links too “salesy.” You’ll want to create content around products and services.

However, be sure the content itself provides value. When you include affiliate links, make sure there’s a good reason. The content should be relevant and not sound like a sales pitch.

Consider these two examples:

  1. You HAVE to use Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover book to get out of debt. You just won’t succeed if you don’t use his plan! It’s the best book on the planet!
  1. My wife and I used Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover book to get out of debt. It had a plan that worked well for us. We had researched other books, but found this plan the best fit for us.

In the first paragraph, the author acts like her readers just cannot survive without the book. It sounds annoying and like her only goal is to earn commission.

In the second paragraph, the author is simply sharing what worked for him. The affiliate link in the second paragraph is more seamless.

In other words, it’s clear that the goal of the second paragraph isn’t the sale. Instead, it’s to share a tip in the midst of a bigger purpose: helping readers get out of debt.

So, when you’re creating content, use your affiliates as an added bonus. Don’t use them as the center of the content.

Your goal should be to write helpful, authentic content. If you can add an affiliate link as a part of that helpful content, great!

2. Include Relevant Links

This tip piggybacks off of the first tip. Be sure the affiliate links you include are relevant. They have to add value to what you’re talking about in the blog article. Here are some examples.

Example 1: Non-relevant link

You’ll want to start your debt payoff plan by making a list of your debts. Write them in order from smallest to largest. Record the balances, minimum payments and interest rates.

Buy this pillow from Amazon now. You’ll love it!

After you write your list of debts, you can start creating your budget. Your budget is what will help you…

Example 2: Relevant link

You’ll want to start your debt payoff plan by making a list of your debts. Write them in order from smallest to largest. Record the balances, minimum payments and interest rates.

After you write your list of debts, you can start creating your budget. Personal Capital can be a great budgeting tool. Your budget is what will help you…

The link in the second example makes perfect sense to include. The writer is suggesting a product that will help the reader budget well.

In addition, they’ve included it seamlessly, as mentioned above. In the first example, the affiliate link just looks like another ad. There’s no rhyme or reason for mentioning the product.

Be sure when writing articles to include links that are relevant to what you’re trying to teach your reader.

3. Grow Your Audience

Affiliate links are useless if you don’t have any audience. A big part of successful blogging is to grow your audience. Here are a few ways you can do that.

Write Great Content

This might seem obvious, yet it can’t be overstated. The main key to growing your audience is to write great content.

You want to write articles that are engaging and useful. Humor helps, too. The information in your articles must bring value to your readers.

People who read blogs are typically looking for two things:

  • Information/education
  • Entertainment
Network With Other Bloggers

One way to grow your audience is to network with other bloggers. The blogging community is very interactive.

Find other bloggers that write about subjects similar to yours. Visit their sites. Leave comments on their posts. Share their articles via social media.

Know that while networking is important, it’s vital to be authentic as you do it. Work to make new friends. Give as you learn from others.

Another option for networking with other bloggers is to ask if you can write a guest post for their site. Create quality content that fits in with the theme of the blog. Put one link in the post back to your website. That way, when someone reads the post, they have a reference back to your site.

Be Active on Social Media

Being active on social media is another way to grow your audience. Share your posts on Facebook and Instagram. Start a Pinterest board.

In addition, follow other bloggers with similar sites. Share their posts. Give sincere praise to them on social media.

Follow your readers’ social media accounts, too, if you can. Be interactive, sharing information and working to be a friend.

Have Drawings and Giveaways

Drawings and giveaways are another option for growing your audience. Know that you don’t have to go broke doing this.

You can give away a free coaching session on whatever your topic is. Or create a free ebook or other electronic prize.

Make a big deal about the contest. Get your readers involved. For instance, let’s say you write a post about vacations. Ask readers to share comments or guest posts about their favorite vacation.

Tell them that all readers who leave a comment or submit a story will get an entry into a drawing. The drawing will be for a free ebook (one you wrote) about how to travel for cheap.

Be creative and think of things you can give away that will add value to your readers’ lives. Share about the contest on social media.

Work to give to your readers, and your readership will grow — as long as you have great content.

Ad Revenue

Another way to make money as a blogger is via advertising revenue. Think of the ads you see on blogs and websites.

Google Adsense is one source of ad revenue. It’s a great option because it’s free for you to install.

When you install Adsense on your site, they’ll place ads on your blog. Each time a reader clicks on an ad, you get a small commission.

Google works to keep the ads relevant to what you blog about. For instance, if you blog about parenting they might have ads for diapers or kids’ clothing.

You might not get a lot of clicks at first. However, as readership grows, the number of clicks can grow too.

In addition, as your blog grows, you may be eligible for advertisers that pay more. Note that some of the companies that pay more require higher site views.

Online Courses

Selling online courses is another way to make money blogging. Is there a subject you can teach to others? You can teach it via an automated online platform.

The course subject should be related to your blog. And the topic or subject needs to be worth paying for.

Some ideas for course topics include:

  • How to make something
  • How to do something
  • A way to achieve something, like financial independence or debt freedom

Think about your gifts and talents. What are you good at? What have you achieved in your life? Are there things you have overcome?

It’s important when creating online courses that you think about your audience and how you can help them. Talk about how you’ve achieved or made something. But you’ll also need to give instructions. Don’t just tell your story.

Think about how you want to break your content down into lessons or learning modules. What types of visuals will you use? You can use video, audio, written content and activities. Decide what works best with the content you’re teaching.

When you’re finished creating the course, upload it on your site and sell it for an attractive price. Automate it so that it’s a true passive income source for you.

You might be thinking, “But, I don’t know how to create an online course.” If that’s the case, check out Teachable.

Teachable helps you create and sell your own online courses. It makes it easy for you to get your course up and running and available to readers.


eBooks are another popular income source for bloggers. As with online courses, you’ll want your eBook to share valuable information.

Here are some tips on creating a valuable eBook.

  1. Decide ahead of time what you want the topic of your book to be. Make sure the topic fulfills a need.
  2. Write your outline. Be sure it covers all of the bases of your topic.
  3. Write the book. It can be as long or as short as you want it to be. Make sure the content is engaging and informative.
  4. Edit the book for grammatical and spelling errors. Or, pay someone to do it for you.
  5. Publish your book using an eBook publisher or publishing software. An eBook publisher would be someone like Amazon that publishes eBooks for authors. Publishing software helps you design and publish the book yourself. Microsoft Publisher is an example of publishing software.
  6. Price your book attractively. List it for sale on Amazon or on your website. You might try a limited time offer for super cheap and then move to an affordable regular price.
  7. Share news about your book on social media and your blog.

Again, content is king here. You’ll need to write and publish information that is useful to a wide audience. Think carefully before choosing a subject and then write well.

Once you publish your eBook, put it up for sale, and get the marketing done, you’ve got a passive income source.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a popular way to build an audience for your blog while earning money. This is what I did.

I wrote for other blogs. Each post contained a bio with a link to my blog. The bio brought more visitors to my blog, which produced more income.

Here are some things you can do to find freelance writing work on other blogs.

  1. Start by networking with other bloggers. Visit their blogs, read them and leave comments.
  2. As you get to know other bloggers, offer to write guest posts on their blogs.
  3. Eventually, you’ll know them well enough that you’ll feel comfortable asking if they’re hiring. If they say no, ask them to keep you in mind and ask if they know others who might be hiring writers.

It may take some time for you to find writing gigs. However, if you’re good at writing, you’ll get the work.

Keep these tips in mind as you work to find writing gigs for other bloggers.

  • Keep your word. A blog owner needs to know they can count on you to deliver what you say you will, on deadline.
  • Do your best to learn and follow grammar and spelling rules.
  • Be sure to do what the blog owner asks. In other words, follow all directions.
  • Add in links where applicable. Help the blog owner increase their affiliate income.

As you improve as a writer, more work will come. Your reputation will precede you. The blogging community is a tight-knit one. This means that if you’re a good writer, people will come to know your name.

Hint: Besides checking with other bloggers for jobs, you may be able to find gigs on Upwork or Craigslist.


Coaching is another route to making money with your blog. As a coach, you will help people do what you do.

For example, Kayla Sloan, Well Kept Wallet’s virtual assistant, teaches people how to become virtual assistants.

Her course, 10kVA, can teach you how to makes thousands per month online as she does. The course runs on an automated platform, like I mentioned above. However, for an additional cost Kayla will personally coach you on becoming a VA.

You can coach people on just about any subject you’re good at. Maybe you can coach people on how to pay off debt.

Or, become a life coach and teach others how to achieve their dreams. Coaching is a bit different than creating a course.

When you create a course, you’ll be selling an automated program. As a coach, you’ll work directly with your clients.

You’ll give them one-on-one advice on whatever it is you teach. They’ll pay you a set price (usually an hourly or half-hour fee) for that coaching.

Understand What a Coach Is

It’s important if you want to make money as a coach to understand one thing. Coaches are meant to be encouraging to their clients.

A good coach can listen, understand and direct people in a positive manner. You’ll need to make sure you have these qualities if you want your coaching business to be a success.

If you’re encouraging by nature, and you know a lot about your subject matter, you could earn money this way. Advertise your services on your blog so people know about them.


Another way to make money with your blog is to start a podcast. In case you don’t know, a podcast is an audio segment that’s available on demand.

You’ll spend time each week interviewing someone or talking about a subject. Advertisers will pay for advertising spots on your podcast.

Or, you can advertise your courses and other products on your podcast.

Note that it can take a while to earn income from a podcast. You’ll have to grow your audience well before advertisers will pay to have an ad on it. But it is another source of potential income for bloggers.

The Key to Making Money Blogging is Multiple Streams of Income

Nearly every successful blogger I know uses multiple sources of income related to their blogs. They have ads. They include affiliate links where appropriate. Their resources page has a course or eBook on it.

Separately, your individual sources of blog income might not seem like much. However, together and over time, they can grow.

It’s kind of a “slow and steady wins the race” deal.  However, the harder you work and the better your content, the more you can speed up the race.

Just keep working until your blog income grows to where you want it to be. When I owned my blog, it made several hundred dollars per month.

However, I know bloggers whose blogs make seven digits per month. Yes, that’s over $1 million each month in income.

It takes some work to make money blogging, but it can be done.

Selling Your Blog

If the time comes to sell your blog, you can make money that way, too. Blogs are usually bought out by bigger blogs that feel your blog has potential or is a competing source.

In my case, my blog was bought by a bigger blogger who was better than I at monetizing blogs. He owned several blogs and wanted to add to his list.

If you decide to sell your blog, here are some tips.

  • Blogs typically sell for between 12 and 24 months’ worth of revenue. So, if your blog makes $1,000 a month (from all its sources) you can expect to get $12,000 or so for it. In some cases you might get $18,000 or $24,000. It all depends on what a buyer thinks the potential for your blog is.
  • You can sell your blog by advertising on a site like Flippa. Flippa is a popular place for buying and selling blogs.
  • Be patient. Selling a blog takes time and negotiation. I got several offers before I chose the company I sold my blog to. Others offered much lower prices.

My blog was unique in that I had really high traffic but low revenue. This was because I didn’t put much effort into revenue building due to time restraints.

The buyer I ended up choosing saw that it was truly a diamond in the rough and offered a price that was higher than the others.

  • Be objective about your blog’s worth. You need to see it for what it truly is. Don’t expect a higher price than 12x the monthly revenue if you don’t have a good reason for expecting more.
  • Decide what kind of an offer you’re willing to take. Sometimes it’s worth taking a lesser offer if you really want to get the blog off your hands.

Selling your blog is like selling any other business. You need to negotiate and be objective about what you’re selling. However, if it’s worth what you think it is, a buyer will likely come along.

Share Your Thoughts With Us

Did any of these ways to make income with a blog surprise you? Do you own a blog? If so, are you using it to make money? Why or why not? In what ways are you earning income from your blog?

Feel free to share this information on social media if you think it will help someone. We’d also love to hear your thoughts on our Facebook site. Share how you make money blogging — or how you want to.

Free Stickers: 50 Companies That Will Send You Stickers for Free

You might be surprised to learn that all kinds of companies send free stickers to kids and adults.

I’m guessing it has a lot to do with promoting their businesses. But either way, the result is free stickers. Anyone willing to contact companies and ask for them can get them.

Each company has different requirements for obtaining free stickers. Some may merely require you send an email and ask them. Others might request you send a self-addressed stamped envelope with a specific amount of postage attached.

Whatever the case, there is usually very little work required on the part of the one who wants the stickers. Why would someone want free stickers, you might ask?

Brand-loyal shoppers might like free stickers to show how much they like a particular brand. Parents and educators may want free stickers to reward kids for good behavior. Or to provide kids with an outlet for creative entertainment.

When my oldest daughter was little, we spent a lot of cash on stickers. For some odd reason, she liked plastering them all over her dad’s face while he sat watching TV.

The stickers provided two-fold benefits for our family. First, they would entertain her for hours on end as she covered her dad’s face with them. Second, I’ve got blackmail pictures to use against my hubby on those occasions when he’s not keeping up on his honey-do list.

Brands You Can Request Free Stickers From

If you like stickers for whatever reason, here are some companies that will send you free stickers. All you have to do is meet their requirements on how to get them.

1. Billabong

Billabong is a clothing and accessory company that specializes in surfing and beachwear. They sell items such as t-shirts, tank tops and board shorts (long shorts that are often worn for surfing — yes, I had to look that up on Wikipedia). Don’t judge. I’m from Minnesota.

They also sell backpacks, sunglasses, sandals and other beach-type accessories. To get your free sheet of Billabong stickers, go here.  (U.S. addresses only.)

2. Annie’s

If you like to eat organic, you may have heard of Annie’s. Annie’s specializes in making organic processed foods that are quite delicious.

Two of their big sellers are the Annie’s Mac and Cheese and their Cheddar Bunnies (similar to Goldfish). We used to buy Annie’s a lot as a healthy alternative to more common similar items.

It felt good knowing I could give my kids the snacks they wanted without all of the chemicals, etc. Here’s a link to send for one of several Annie’s stickers.

3. PETA Kids

The non-profit PETA organization (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has a sub-organization called PETA Kids. PETA Kids focuses on sharing information on protecting animals in a kid-friendly way. They will send kids a free magazine entitled The Kids’ Guide to Helping Animals.

The magazine shares tips for kids on how to protect wildlife, buy cruelty-free products and more. Along with the informative articles, the PETA Kids magazine also includes puzzles, quizzes, and free stickers.

Here’s the link to request the free PETA Kids magazine with stickers.


RVCA is a sports apparel shop that specializes in “transcending the boundaries of traditional action sports apparel.”

In searching their website, they sell a wide variety of casual clothing as well as sports/action wear.

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of styles they sold and the tasteful designs. So if you like RVCA clothing, you can get brand name stickers from RVCA for free by going here.

5. In-N-Out Burger

I found a few different websites that said that In-N-Out Burger would give free stickers for those who ask. In-N-Out Burger is an iconic fast food chain that’s been around since 1948.

In-N-Out Burger fans swear by their burgers, fries and other foods. The restaurant website contributes their great foods to making them “the old-fashioned way.”

They’ve got restaurant locations in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Texas and Utah. You can stop at a store location and ask for free stickers. Or you can use their website contact page to request free stickers by mail.

6. Patagonia

Patagonia is a store that specializes in outdoor and activewear clothing and gear. They sell everything from wetsuits to snow and ski apparel to board shorts.

They also sell sleeping bags, travel bags, water bottles and more. If you go to the Patagonia contact page, you’ll see a list where you can request a few different items such as store catalogs and yes, free stickers.

However, know that the sticker requests are limited to one request every four months per person.

7. Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi also sells activewear for outdoor type activities. In their online store, you’ll find jackets, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts and more. And they have a variety of outdoor gear items including backpacks and laptop cases.

The Cotopaxi logo is a llama, and they will send you a free llama sticker upon request. Just follow this link to the Cotopaxi website.

8. Southern Cross Apparel

Southern Cross Apparel sells really attractive casual and sports clothing. I could see myself spending serious amounts of cash on their t-shirts, hats and sweatshirts.

They sell polo shirts and some accessories too. To get a free sticker from Southern Cross, simply fill out their contact form.

9. Moosejaw

Moosejaw sells clothing apparel, footwear, hiking and camping gear and more. They sell climbing equipment and snow activity equipment and apparel too.

Also, the company has an expansive list of items you can buy if you like outdoor sports. And they’ll hook you up if you just like to wear nice looking outdoor sports type clothing.

If you ask via their contact form, Moosejaw will send you free stickers. I’m not sure what they look like, but the contact form quote says “My favorite is the Mother’s Day sticker.” That could be interesting.

10. Southern Lure

Why is it that the sports apparel companies are so great about sending out free stickers to people? Southern Lure has a really cool sticker logo that they send out upon request.

And if you’re interested in shopping there, they sell some great casual style hats. They also sell t-shirts, polo shirts, swim shorts (for guys) and more.

11. Medi-Badge

Medi-Badge is a company that sells stickers, lollipops and other goodies that businesses might use. I can see their stickers being used in dental offices, doctor’s offices, or by teachers or dance instructors.

They give away one FREE roll of stickers with every order. So if you’re buying something anyway, this could be a great way for you to get free stickers.

12. Dakine

Dakine is a sporting goods store that sells a wide variety of sports apparel. They sell items such as snowboard/skiing jackets and pants, bike shorts and jerseys, board shorts and more.

They also sell a host of sporting accessories including coolers, handbags, totes, and travel kits. There are many items to choose from if you’re into snowboarding, surfing, biking or similar sports.

To get your free Dakine stickers, just send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the address below.

Attn: Sticker Request
603 Portway Ave
Hood River, OR 97031

13. Rip Curl

Rip Curl sells sports apparel as well as casual everyday wear apparel. They even sell surf watches and snow accessories such as gloves and hats.

In the past, Rip Curl would send free stickers upon request. But the company no longer answers requests for free stickers. However, they do include a free sticker pack with every purchase. So if this is a company you would buy from, you can get free stickers simply by making a purchase.

14. Chaco

Chaco’s is a name-brand store that sells fashionable outdoor sandals and flip-flops. If you like to summer hike fashionably, you’ll find some cool stuff for sale on their website.

The company sells other types of hiking gear and accessories too. For instance, they sell hats, socks, belts and bags. And they even have a dog gear section.

To get a free Chaco sticker, go here.

15. Zumiez

Zumiez sells a wide variety of fashion apparel. In addition, they sell sports equipment including skateboards, snowboards, snowboarding boots, jewelry, accessories and more.

The company will give you free stickers one of two ways. You can get free stickers by stopping at any store location. Or you can send them a self-addressed stamped envelope. So if you don’t want to make the trip to a store, they’ll mail free stickers to you.

It sounds like they send a variety of different types of stickers. They might send skate stickers, bumper stickers, locker or bedroom stickers.

The website also says that the sticker packs change each season. They imply that customers are welcome to send multiple requests for free stickers.

16. Sticker You

Sticker You is a company that sells stickers, decals and other items. Upon request, the company says they’ll send you free sticker samples along with a catalog if you’d like.

Just go to the Sticker You About Page and fill out the form to get your free stickers.

17. Hook and Tackle

Hook and Tackle is a store that sells a variety of different types of fishing apparel. They sell items for both men and women, such as:

  • Performance fishing t-shirts
  • Casual fishing t-shirts
  • Fishing shorts
  • Water shorts
  • Hoodies
  • Fishing hats and caps
  • Fishing backpacks and drink insulators

The company will send you free stickers upon request if you visit the Hook and Tackle free sticker page.

18. Fish Hippie

Fish Hippie is another company that will send a free sticker upon request. They have a cool logo too. So that means a cool free sticker.

If you’re interested in shopping there, they sell a nice mix of casual and dress items. It includes casual dress shirts, baseball caps and performance hoodies. They also sell wine. Yes, I said wine. Interesting combination of things, I know, but honestly, it’s a really cool site.

19. Osprey

If you like outdoor activities, you may have heard of Osprey. Osprey is one of the more well-known retailers of backpacks and travel bags for a variety of activities.

They sell hiking backpacks, travel bags, snowboarding and skiing backpacks, duffel bags, child carriers and more.

You can get free stickers from Osprey by going to their sticker request page.

20. Lauren James

Lauren James is a store that sells women’s clothing and accessories. They sell collegiate wear, outerwear, holiday wear, bridesmaid dresses and more.

They also sell accessories such as journals and planners, blankets and drinkware. For your free Lauren James sticker, go to their website.

21. Punisher Skateboards

I probably don’t have to tell you that Punisher Skateboards sells skateboards. They sell helmets and other gear as well.

For your free Punisher Skateboards stickers, simply fill out a form on their website.

22. Freezer Labels

Freezer Labels is a company that produces stickers and labels that have an adhesive that will hold up to the coldest of temperatures.

If you go to their website, you can get free sticker samples of a design they choose. Or free blank sticker samples that you can print yourself from home.

23. Sticker Mule

Sticker Mule is a site that manufactures stickers for businesses and individuals. They will occasionally offer free sticker packs on the site. However, they always send out sample packs of 9 stickers for $1.

Are considering using your hand-made custom designs for making your stickers? If so, Sticker Mule will also send you a custom sample pack. It will have ten stickers with your design for $9 with free two-day shipping.

This could be a good company to contact if you want some freebie stickers (or cheap) just for fun. Or if you wish to play around with designing your own stickers.

24. Jadelynn Brooke

Jadelynn Brooke is a clothing store owned by three sisters. The girls offer cute, “happy” clothing and accessories for girls and young women. They sell shoes, hats and other accessories as well.

Side note: they also have a sister site called ATX Mafia where the clothing and accessory choices are a little more grown-up. At this site, you’ll find clothing collections such as “faith,” “tropical paradise” and “mom boss.”

To get your free Jadelynn Brooke “Happy” sticker, click on this link to go to the free sticker form.

25. Pelican Coast Clothing Company

Pelican Coast Clothing Company sells clothing and accessories for men, women and kids. However, it seems like most of their offerings are for men.

Their clothes and accessories have kind of a cool, preppy look to them. They sell everything from t-shirts, ties and swim trunks for men to dresses and blouses for women.

Bonus: they also sell cool-looking dog collars. In fact, when I checked their dog collar page most of the collars had a “sold out” sign. So they must be pretty popular.

To get your free Pelican Coast sticker (there are two to choose from at this writing) click on this link.

26. Heybo Outdoors

Heybo Outdoors sells mostly fishing and outdoor gear for men, women and youth. The majority of their clothing has a hunting/fishing theme to it. For instance, they sell camo jackets and shirts.

However, they do have a casual dress section that features nice button-down shirts. And they even offer button downs with a camo flair. In the “accessories” department they sell belts, hats, boxers and more. You’ll find cool stuff for your hunting and fishing friends and family.

To get your free Heybo sticker, click on this link. Bonus: at the time of this writing they had a deal where they’d give you 10% off your first order if you signed up for their mailing list.

27. Mobile Bay

Mobile Bay sells clothing and accessories with a nautical theme. They focus mostly on men’s clothing but do offer some women’s selections as well. In the men’s clothing area they offer button-down shirts, polo shirts, outerwear vests and accessories.

Hats, visors, swimwear and koozies round out the accessories selection. For women, they sell a small, albeit cute, selection of t-shirts. To get your free Mobile Bay sticker, click on this link.

28. Haley and the Hound

Haley and the Hound sells cute clothes for women and kids. You’ll find dresses, tops, tunics, sweaters and swimwear for women. They’ve got a plus size section too. Girls will find a selection of adorably cute dresses on the site. And they sell t-shirts that work for both boys and girls.

The shop features cute accessories and stationery as well. You’ll find necklaces, handbags, caps and more. The store also carries a selection of Mommy & Me outfits. I like the Mommy & Me stuff because it doesn’t match exactly, but is cute and complimentary instead.

To get your free Haley and the Hound sticker, click on this link.

29. Over Under

Over Under is a cool site that primarily sells men’s clothing and accessories. However, I did find one woman’s leather tote bag on the site. They also had some youth-sized t-shirts, and stuff for your dog too.

The feel of this site was really cool. The clothing was casual but nice. They had some dressier casual shirts for men as well, and some nicely designed leather accessories. For dogs, they had leashes, collars and beds.

Most everything offered on the site was made in the U.S.A. To get your free Over Under sticker, click on this link.

30. American Fish and Tackle Company (AFTCO)

AFTCO is a family-owned company committed to selling quality performance sportswear. They have clothing and sports gear for kids, men and women. The clothing and accessories are fashionable.

Bonus: they spend a portion of each purchase on conservation efforts in the wild. To get your free stickers, just subscribe to their email list here.

31. Backcountry

Backcountry is a clothing site that specializes in outdoor sportswear. They have hiking, biking, skiing, running and other sports apparel and accessories. If you mail in a request, they’ll send you a free sticker with a Backcountry logo.

The logo is cool – it’s a goat. Get your Backcountry stick by visiting this Backcountry web page.

32. Vinyl Disorder

Vinyl Disorder makes custom stickers, banners, wraps and more. They make business decals and other vinyl creations too. This company has two dozen free stickers they’ll send you. Just add them into your cart when you place an order.

Note that you can only get five stickers at a time from them. Also, their stickers sell out fast. You may have to wait to get some designs. Go here to get free Vinyl Disorder stickers.

33. Burton Snowboards

Burton makes snowboards and snowboard accessories. Also, they sell clothing apparel and luggage such as backpacks. They’ll send you free stickers if you send them a self-addressed stamped envelope. They have different addresses for U.S. and Canada residents.

Go to the Burton free sticker page for addresses and instructions.

34. Southern Marsh

Southern Marsh sells cool clothing for men, women and kids. They sell accessories such as hats, duffel bags, beach towels and scarves too. You can get your free Southern Marsh sticker by going here.

35. Sperry

Sperry sells super cool shoes, boots, clothing and accessories. They have items for men, women and kids. Sperry specializes in boat and duck shoes. Very cool designs here.

You can get your free Sperry sticker pack by filling out this form.

36. Coast

Coast sells cool apparel such as deck shorts, angler shorts and hoodies. They have an accessory line as well. You can get your Coast stickers by following the instructions here.

Note that you’ll have to send them a self-addressed stamped envelope. P.S. You’ll get a 20% off coupon if you sign up for their email list.

37. Rome Snowboards

Rome Snowboards sells snowboards, boots, bindings, apparel and more. They’ll send you a free pack of stickers if you mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the following address:

Rome SDS
Attn: Sticker Request
1 Derby Lane
Waterbury, VT 05676

38. Moose Tracks

Moose Tracks is a popular ice cream flavor. It’s so popular that Denali Flavors created a Moose Tracks website. You can get your free Moose Tracks sticker or magnet by filling out this form.  

P.S. The site has all kinds of recipes featuring Moose Tracks ice cream. Beware of deliciousness!

39. Collared Greens

Collared Greens (isn’t that the coolest name?) sells elite performance menswear. They sell polo shirts, bow ties, cummerbund sets and more. (Note: they have a super cool camo cummerbund set).

You can get a free Collared Greens sticker by following the instructions here.

40. Salomon

Salomon sells ski and snowboard equipment for men, women and children. And they sell sports apparel too. You can get your free Salomon stickers by emailing them at [email protected]

41. The Lucky Knot

The Lucky Knot sells nautical-themed sportswear for men and women. They sell accessories such as bags, jewelry, cuff links and ties too. If you want free Lucky Knot stickers, just fill out this Lucky Knot web page form.

42. VonZipper

VonZipper sells snow goggles, moto goggles, sunglasses and traditional eyeglasses. They have some fun and different designs. To get a free VonZipper sticker pack, visit the VonZipper website and fill out this form.

42. Keds

Keds sells women’s and kids shoes. I still love buying Keds’ shiny white walking sneakers to this day. However, these days they don’t just have the white sneakers. They have all sorts of cool designs and colors. If you visit this Keds web page, they’ll send you free Keds stickers.

43.Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson sells firearms and firearm accessories. Notably, they’ve been in business since 1852. Smith & Wesson will send you free stickers just for the asking. Just send an email to [email protected]

44. Race Tech

Race Tech sells suspension systems for snowmobiles, dirt bikes, etc. You can get free stickers from Race Tech if you email them and ask. The email address is [email protected]

45. Heelys

Do you remember Heelys? The tennis shoes with skate wheels on the bottom? I totally wanted a pair of those when I was a kid young adult. You can buy your own. And if you want, you can fill out the Heelys contact form, and they’ll send you free skate stickers.

46. Marker-Volkl

Marker-Volkl sells skis and coordinating accessories. You can get a free Marker-Volkl sticker by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the following address.

Marker-Volkl USA
Attn: Stickers
112 Etna Rd.
Lebanon, NH 03766

47. Teton Sports

Teton Sports sells outdoor sports gear such as backpacks, tents and more. They even sell fun camping equipment such as inflatable camping pillows and hammocks too. You can get your free Teton Sports sticker by filling out this web page form.

48. Houston Astros

Are you a Major League Baseball fan? The famous Houston Astros will send you a Houston Astros sticker when you email them at [email protected]

49. Chicago White Sox

The Chicago White Sox is another MLB team that will send you free stickers for the asking. Just email them at [email protected] Hint: You might be able to get free stickers from other MLB teams by emailing them as well.

50. Boreal Mountain Ski Resort

Do you love to ski? Boreal Mountain Ski Resort will send you free mountain-themed stickers for the asking. Just email them at [email protected]

Next, I’ll talk about sites that will help you stay abreast of companies that are giving away free stickers.

Sites that Will Keep You Updated on Free Sticker Offers

Along with the sites mentioned above that send out free stickers directly from their companies, several freebie sites post new free sticker offerings whenever they come out. I’ll share a few of them here.

Sweet Free Stuff

Sweet Free Stuff is a freebie site that shares links to companies willing to send free stickers. They also share the scoop on freebies such as free samples, free baby stuff, free books, free birthday things and more.

Their site posts links to freebies for pet items, health and beauty, and free food items. Also, they give coupons and information about giveaways as well.

I Crave Freebies

I Crave Freebies is another freebie site that shares information on how to get free stickers. Among other categories they have for getting free stuff, you can find out how to get many more items such as:

  • Admissions and tickets to events
  • Baby and kid stuff
  • Beauty samples
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Cashback offers
  • Cleaning products

They also share info on current sweepstakes happenings, share coupons and other great deals you might find of interest. seems to deal with sharing info about how to get free stickers and other free stuff as well. Categories on their site include free samples in the areas of men’s, women’s and kid’s products, magazines, health, food and pet merchandise.

They also share coupon information and sweepstakes info.

Yo! Free Samples

Yo! Free Samples is a freebie site I hadn’t heard of before, but they’ve got lots of great information. Along with a free sticker section, Yo! Free Samples shares information on wedding freebies, entertainment freebies, household samples, health samples, free food, free clothes and more.

The site also features a savings blog, contest and giveaway information and Amazon promo codes.

Seriously Free Stuff

Seriously Free Stuff is a pretty popular freebie site that shares info on free stickers among other things. FYI, I found a lot of free sticker info on this site that wasn’t common on many of the other sites I checked.

Along with free sticker info, the site shares links to free: health stuff, food samples, beauty samples and home goods. And they share links to sweepstakes information as well.

Free Stuff Times

Free Stuff Times is another popular freebie site that has a free sticker category.  You’ll also find information there about contests, giveaways, coupons and hot deals. And a host of freebies including free samples in the areas of baby items, food samples, beauty samples, eBooks, magazines and more.

Mr. Free Stuff

Mr. Free Stuff is a freebies website that shares information on how to get free samples. Although they don’t have a clear tab on their categories bar for free stickers, I did find some free stickers when I searched the site. didn’t have a specific category for free stickers either but had search results indicating they do share free sticker info on their site.

This is a good reminder that although a site might not blatantly advertise that they directly give away free stickers or that they share information about other companies that give away stickers, it never hurts to do a search to find out.

I Love Free Things

The I Love Free Things site shares quite a bit of information about free giveaways. They do have a separate category on their home page that shares about companies giving away free stickers, and I’ve linked to that at the beginning of the paragraph.

The site also shares how you can get free stuff for babies, beauty products, clothing, food samples and more. is like most other freebie site links I’ve shared here. I did have to search to find the “free stickers” category.

There’s an abundance of other freebie information on this site about a host of categories such as health and beauty, household products, books, magazines, pet products, birthday freebies and more.

Free Stuff Finder

Free Stuff Finder was one of those sites that had some links to free sticker giveaways that I hadn’t seen on many other sites.

There’s lots of other shopping and saving information on the site as well.

Totally Free Stuff

Totally Free Stuff is one of the longest standing freebie sites, started in 1998. When I searched for “free stickers” on the site, it populated a list of available free stickers.

This comprehensive and easy-to-use freebie site shares offers for free pet items, health and beauty products, home and garden items, electronics, free food samples and more.

Just Free Stuff

Just Free Stuff has an attractive website that’s easy to use. All of the freebie categories, including the free sticker category, are listed on the left sidebar, making your favorite freebies easy to find.

Some of the categories this site had that I didn’t see on many other freebie sites included free printables, free postcards, free games and free software items.

3000 Free Goodies

3000 Free Goodies isn’t the most attractive site you’ll find for getting free stickers, but it’s easy to use and has a lot of information on it. Here’s the link to their free sticker information.

There is a LOT of information on this site for those of you who really love getting free stuff.

Go Freebies

Go Freebies is one of the more popular free giveaway sites, and it shares a lot of great information. However, you’ll have to do a free stickers search to get the list of available free stickers on the site. But it was worth the trouble when I did my search as it returned quite a few results.


Free was another one of those sites where I had to work a bit to find their information on free stickers. But there ended up being quite a few links on the site for them.

Stickers are fun to get for both kids and adults alike, especially if they’re free. So if you like stickers, this list will help you make sure you get dozens of them. And most are accessible by simply sending an email or letter request.

Have fun getting your free stickers, and sharing them with others as well! Do you ever send away for free stickers? Do you know of any companies not mentioned here that give them away? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page. 

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