Lindsay VanSomeren

Lindsay VanSomeren has a bachelor's and master's degree from the University of Alaska.

Lindsay is a personal finance expert who has written for many websites such as Credit Karma, LendingTree, The Balance, and Experian.

woman looking at computer with credit card in hand

How to Improve Your Credit After a Divorce

It’s really important to pay attention to your credit during and after a divorce. Without good credit, it could be much harder to rebuild your life post-divorce. It may be harder (or impossible) to qualify for a good home loan, or even an apartment. However, we’ll show you how to rebuild your credit, post-divorce.

Hands taking money out of zippered wallet FI

5 Ways to Get Into a Routine of Building Better Money Habits

Everyone wants to be a money-management pro. After all, who really likes dealing with money stress? The first step in this journey is realizing you need to make a change—which, if you’re reading this article, you probably already have. Next,