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  1. mamata

    “When you shop online, don’t just buy the product directly and burn your money. Always look for valid coupons available and compare prices with other sites. To relieve this cumbersome process, Frostty does three steps in the simplest way.

    1. It searches all the coupons available for the website from which the purchase is being made.
    2. At the checkout page, it tests out all the coupon codes automatically within a minute.
    3. It applies the best coupon available for that product and saves the maximum money for our users.
    Do install the link and enjoy happy savings.

    • Deacon Hayes

      That looks interesting. I will check it out. Thanks!

  2. Cory @ Growing Dollars From

    I know about Ebates and Groupon for coupons and cash back. I think they are the most popular as well, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to check out the other coupon sites. After all, I may find a deal there that I might not find on the other popular websites.

  3. Asif Alam

    It’s the same list everywhere. 😀 BTW, thanks for sharing.

    • Deacon

      I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Asif Alam

    You’ve added some cool sites that other listings didn’t include. Thanks for sharing.

    • Deacon

      Thanks! 🙂

  5. Afzal

    This is a very nice list of money saving websites. There is another one which I like very much,, where you can find fresh coupons and deals of almost all the major brands and online stores.

    • Deacon

      We’ll check into that. Thanks!

  6. Ruby

    Thanks for sharing. My favorite coupons sites are and I also search on Google directly when I look for a coupon or discounted items.

    • Deacon

      DealsPure isn’t one we listed, of course. But there are many ways to get coupons and save. Thanks for listing this one and for your comments.

  7. Kelley

    I love all these sites, however, I do have a favorite that isn’t listed: They have been around awhile. If, or when, I have a problem, I get a super fast response, and if in doubt, I am always right (at least according to my experience). This is my go to shopping site. I am retired, so I have limited income. So, this site is also great for limited shopping. Recently, I went on and clicked on a $50 “members only”, free to join, discount from The Container Store. I had no problems. I also don’t like to give up secrets, because that lowers my chances to get some of the top cashback offers. But, this is one where you think it’s too good to be true. But, it actually is true! I’m not affiliated in anyway. I just thought I’d share. I don’t see much any where about this wonderful site.

    • Deacon

      Thanks for sharing it. We may have to check that out!

  8. Shoaib

    Hey Laurie,

    Thank you for bringing the top coupon website list, but do you think people directly visit for all kinds of coupons, or get it by conducting a search? As I was searching for a Filippo Loreti coupon, I reviewed many sites, like, dealspotr,, and so, on including groupon, which was on the top of the list.

    • Deacon

      I’m sure it’s some of both. Some people probably just search for coupon websites. Others might be wanting to buy a specific item and so search for a coupon for that single thing.

  9. mel

    I love too!

    • Deacon

      I might have to check that out!

  10. Alice

    Thank you for bringing up the top coupon websites. I am a student, so I have limited income. My favorite coupon sites are and

    • Deacon

      I hope those two sites save you a ton of money. Thanks for sharing your favorites!

  11. Alex

    You can also consider adding This site gives you exclusive deals & coupons.

    • Deacon

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  12. Shashank

    Hey Deacon Hayes,
    I familiar with these coupon website, especially I am talking about RetailMeNot, this website, the offers provides not works or valid so i want approach you that you should consider this website which also provides coupons and promos online and it gives better deals to the user. This provides worldwide coupons and promos. At last, i think you should write about this website. I hope you will see it soon.

    • Deacon

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  13. Shashank

    Hey Deacon Hayes, If you need content for explaining about so we can provide you.

  14. Jackie

    I use Rakuten (formally E-bates), Be Frugal, Top Cashback, Retail -Me-Not, and most of all, Cashbackholic. I go to Cashbackholic first & look up the store I am going to purchase from. It pops up a tab that lists how much each cashback site pays for that particular store. You can click the cashback site you want to use & it takes you to that stores page on the site you clicked. Cashbackholic is a cashback comparison site. There are others out there but this is the only one I have found to be 100% correct in the cashback amounts listed by each rebate or cashback site. They also have the largest listing of stores & websites.

    • Deacon

      That sounds like it works well! Thanks for the suggestion!

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