10 Best Kids Basketball Hoops

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There’s not much that can compare to a good old game of pick-up basketball. Luckily, this gem of a game is not limited by your skills or your age level.

The best kids basketball hoops allow for sturdy, safe fun as the game encourages the child in your life to learn hand-eye coordination, teamwork, and more.

In this article, we’re sharing the top-rated basketball hoops for kids of all ages.

Top Kids Basketball Hoops

In our search for the best kids basketball hoops, we’ve considered several factors.

Customer ratings, versatility, age range, and other factors were all considered. Read on as you search for the most fun basketball hoops for kids of all ages.

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1. Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set

The Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set is the #1 best seller in basketball hoops for kids. You can adjust the hoop to six different heights ranging from 2.5 feet to four feet high.

This set comes with an oversized hoop opening and three orange balls. There are two color choices available: blue and pink.

If desired, you can weight the bottom of the hoop with sand for increased stability. The hoop weighs just seven pounds without sand and is easy to assemble.

And the hoop is easy to move from room to room without sand in it. It holds up well in outdoor use too.

If you’ve been parenting for long, you know that Little Tikes has a reputation for manufacturing sturdy toys for little ones. As a former owner of this very product, I can verify that it holds up to typical kid play very well.

Recommended age: 1.5 to 5 years

What we like best: Sturdy, adjustable design works for kids of many ages.

2. AOKESI Basketball Hoop

The AOKESI Basketball Hoop is a highly rated set with a hoop that has three height settings from 2.7 feet high up to six feet high.

The set comes with a sandbag that can hold up to 50 pounds of sand. You can also add 1.3 gallons of water to the base, according to the manufacturer.

It seems like it would be reasonable to assume that you can add sand to the base as well, although the manufacturer doesn’t address that in its description.

The set includes one soft rubber basketball with a pump, as well as two nets. AOKESI says that the set holds up well in indoor and outdoor use.

The company states the set is made of non-toxic plastic. Fully assembled, the set weighs just 5.7 pounds, making it easy to transport without sand or water in the base.

Recommended age: 3 years and up

What we like best: This set can accommodate a wide range of heights for kids of all ages.

3. 3-in-1 Kids Sports Center

The 3-in-1 Kids Sports Center features a basketball hoop, soccer goal, and a ring toss playset.

This Amazon’s Choice winner comes with an adjustable basketball hoop, enabling it to be set from 34 inches high up to four feet high.

The sports center comes with a basketball, a soccer ball, four rings, and an air pump for blowing up the balls.

Snap-together assembly makes for easy set-up. No additional tools are needed to put it together.

The set is lightweight yet sturdy for easy transport to beaches, parks, and more. It’s made for both indoor and outdoor use.

And it weighs in at just 5 pounds, making it easy for both kids and adults to carry.

Recommended age: Up to 5 years

What we like best: Offers a variety of activities for busy toddlers.

4. BESTKID BALL Indoor Basketball Game

The BESTKID BALL Indoor Basketball Game works more like arcade game basketball.

This set comes with two hoops, and ramps so the balls slide down to the bottom and are stored securely in the undercarriage of the net for easier retrieval.

The undercarriage storage area can also be used to store other toys as well. There’s no electronic scoring system with this set, but that also means you won’t have to worry about fixing an electronic scoreboard that goes on the blink.

The manufacturer says the set is easy to assemble and shouldn’t take any more than a few minutes to put together.

This hoop weighs in at just over 10 pounds. Not as lightweight as some of the other hoops featured here, but easy to move nonetheless.

Recommended age: 3 to 10 years

What we like best: This hoop provides basketball fun for older kids too, and the double hoop makes it easier for two kids to play at the same time.

5. Franklin Sports Over-the-Door Mini Basketball Hoop

The Franklin Sports Over-the-Door Mini Basketball Hoop can provide hours of fun for growing kids as well as adults.

Manufactured with a half-inch of EVA foam to protect doors, this hoop was made to fit all common interior doors in your home or office.

Franklin is a premier name in sports equipment and basketball, and they’ve used their knowledge to create a hoop with a backboard that is made to withstand 3-point shots and slam dunks as well.

It’s made with quality steel and hardware, including spring-loaded hoops for easy and safe slam dunking. Reviewers comment over and over again about the good quality of this hoop.

This set comes with one ball as well as a pump. I’d consider purchasing a second ball (separate purchase required) if you want more flexible play.

Recommended age: 4 years to adult

What we like best: Made for a wide range of ages, easy to move from room to room, more like “real” basketball.

6. TREYWELL Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop

The TREYWELL Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop has several of the same features as the Franklin over-the-door hoop does.

It’s made with durable, non-toxic plastic and has foam backing to help prevent damage to the door or other place you hang it on.

And it’s made with a steel rim and is spring-loaded. This set comes with batteries, three basketballs, and a pump.

Also, it has an electronic component for scoring and simulated cheers from the “audience.” As a parent, you may prefer the Franklin hoop that comes with no beeps, bells, or other noise.

Or, you may prefer the TREYWELL version with real-life game sounds. The TREYWELL hoop is also very highly rated by users. 

If you want the cheers and scoring capabilities, but only “sometimes,” one option would be to remove the batteries when you want a quieter game.

Recommended age: 4 years to adult

What we like best: This hoop suits younger and older kids like the Franklin hoop does but also has electronic scoring and sounds.

7. Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop

The Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop made our list because it can be mounted to a door or a wall.

This set comes with four balls, all in different colors for easy scorekeeping, and a pump as well. The backboard is made of shatter-resistant polycarbonate.

And the hoop is made of steel and is spring-loaded for dunking capabilities. The balls are rubber, however, reviewers say that they’re a thinner rubber which makes it a bit quieter when playing.

The set weighs under four pounds but is said to be sturdy and able to handle plenty of “court” time.

A few reviewers mentioned being impressed at the hoop’s ability to handle grown-up strength play.

Bonus: Reviewers have lots of good things to say about this company’s customer service.

Recommended age: Age 3 to adult

What we like best: Mountable on a door or a wall, comes with four balls, budget-friendly.

8. BRITENWAY Fun Basketball Hoop

The BRITENWAY Fun Basketball Hoop is made for the littlest of players. This toddler-sized set has suction cups on the back, making it perfect for mounting on your bathtub backsplash.

However, according to the manufacturer, it will stick to any flat surface whether indoor or outdoor. This feature makes this hoop a great backyard water toy for your toddler.

It’s made of BPA-free non-toxic plastic, making it safe for your little ones to use. The set comes with three hard plastic balls that don’t need to be blown up.

Note that this set is geared toward bath playtime with older toddlers. It’s not for slam dunking, and older kids will probably get bored pretty quickly with it.

However, the manufacturer says the suction cups are strong enough to mount indoors or outdoor on any flat surface and provide for hours of play.

And at under half a pound in weight, this hoop is easily transportable. Great for road trips or when visiting family or friends.

Recommended age: 3 years and up

What we like best: Geared toward younger toddlers, this set is great for bathtime play or to mount anywhere indoor or outdoor.

9. BESTKID Indoor Ball Basketball Hoop Single Hoop

This BESTKID Indoor Basketball Hoop is similar to the one mentioned above, with the exception that it’s half the size, taking up less space.

The set only has one hoop, but it does have two balls so that friends and family members can play together. You’ll get a pump with the set as well.

This hoop is easy to put together (no tools needed) with its snap-together pieces. And it’s lightweight, coming in at only six pounds.

The manufacturer says that the set is sturdy and that the bars will not break when you put pressure on them.

That being said, I’d probably discourage your kids from leaning on the bars too heavily.

The frame is available in three colors: purple, blue, or red. As with the double hoop set mentioned above, this hoop has storage space under the hoop, providing for extra space to store kids’ toys.

Recommended age: 3 years and up

What we like best: This set appeals to older kids as well as younger, ones but is still easy to assemble and store and includes bonus storage space under the hoop.

10. JHTOPJH 5-in-1 Basketball Hoop

The JHTOPJH 5-in-1 Basketball Hoop made our list simply for the “fun” factor. Designed for younger kids, this hoop provides five ways to play.

Along with basketball, you can play ring toss, golf, soccer, and darts with this set. The dartboard (with velcro darts) can be played separately from the hoop, making it easy to travel with.

This is an indoor/outdoor hoop that holds up well to outdoor conditions. It’s a lightweight hoop at just over five pounds.

However, you can add sand or water to the base to make the set more sturdy. With five different games to choose from, this set should keep your kids busy for hours.

You can adjust the hoop to over 20 different settings, up to 61 inches high.

Along with the indoor/outdoor hoop and net, the set comes with three basketballs, a soccer ball, four rings, two golf clubs, three golf balls, a ball pump, a dartboard, and several velcro dart toys.

One complaint reviewers had about this set pertains to the ring toss hook being located directly below the basketball hoop and net.

Recommended age: 3 years and up

What we like best: This set has five different activities to choose from to keep kids entertained for hours.


As a mom of four, I can tell you that my kids had hours of fun with the basketball hoop set I purchased for my son.

The best kids basketball hoops will keep your kids entertained regularly, and they’ll be sturdy enough to handle rough play from kids who fall within the product’s recommended age.

The sets featured here are said to be sturdy, along with being easy to assemble. Even the larger hoop sets are easily disassembled to allow them to be moved from room to room or brought along with on trips.

That makes these basketball hoops a smart consideration for any child’s toy collection.

10 best kids basketball hoops