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  1. Donald

    These are great wallets. I haven’t noticed Mani Wonders Wallet there. I have one and I feel like it deserves to be in the list. It is just my personal experience. But I do like the Ekster from the list, though.

    • Deacon

      That looks like a good wallet too. Of course, we can’t list everything or the post would go on forever. But it looks like you picked a nice one.

    • Deacon Hayes

      That is awesome to hear that you are familiar with two of the wallets on the list. I actually only use the one by Ateleia, but I know there are so many other small wallets that will do the trick as well.

      I like the authentic look and smoothness of the leather. I also like the fact that there are two sides to put cards in. I use one side for business cards and the other for personal cards. It makes life a lot simpler.

  2. Terry

    I suggest taking a look at Tauruscamp Base wallet. It’s really a great pick, and it’s practical. It has so much better quality and is easy to use – especially the cash and coin pouches… you can take a look here:

    • Deacon

      It does look like a nice wallet. Of course, we did not list all of the good ones there might possibly be since we had to end the post at some point. Thanks for suggesting it.

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