38+ Best Minimalist Wallets

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Do you want to show others how you’re savvy with money? One of the best ways is with a minimalist wallet that lets you carry the bare essentials without looking stingy.

If you’re tired of using a wallet that’s as unwieldy as an over-sized smartphone, you’ll want to upgrade to one of these wallets; and I promise these minimalist, ultra-thin wallets are not like your father’s stodgy money clip.

To help you pick out the best minimalist wallet for you, our recommendations are broken down by how much you’re willing to spend.

Whether you have $10 or $100 to spend on your next wallet, you’re sure to find one on that holds the cash and cards you use on a regular basis.

OurTop Pick
The Ridge Minimalist Slim Wallet For Men - RFID Blocking Front Pocket Credit Card Holder - Aluminum Metal Small Mens Wallets with Cash Strap (Gunmetal)
Best Slim Line
SlimFold™ Minimalist Wallet - Thin, Durable, and Waterproof Guaranteed - Made in USA - Original Size Black with Gray Stitching
Lowest Price
Chelmon Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Wallet Minimalist Secure Thin Credit Card Holder (Black Crane)
The Ridge
SlimFold Minimalist
Chelmon Slim Wallet
OurTop Pick
The Ridge Minimalist Slim Wallet For Men - RFID Blocking Front Pocket Credit Card Holder - Aluminum Metal Small Mens Wallets with Cash Strap (Gunmetal)
The Ridge
Best Slim Line
SlimFold™ Minimalist Wallet - Thin, Durable, and Waterproof Guaranteed - Made in USA - Original Size Black with Gray Stitching
SlimFold Minimalist
Lowest Price
Chelmon Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Wallet Minimalist Secure Thin Credit Card Holder (Black Crane)
Chelmon Slim Wallet

Top Minimalist Wallets Under $15

It’s highly likely you’re familiar with the adage, “You get what you pay for.” If I go to the store to buy a wallet, I usually don’t look at wallets that cost less than $15 because they will usually fall apart within a year.

To me, that’s not a wise use of money. If you’re budget-conscious, these wallets cost less than $15 and won’t begin unraveling the moment you put your first dollar inside.

1. Travelambo RFID

The Travelambo RFID Minimalist Slim Wallet prevents identity theft with its 13.56 MHz frequency RFID blocking technology that is used by most credit cards, debit cards, and driver licenses.

Despite its slim design, this wallet makes it easy to access your cash and plastic:

  • Quick access ID window
  • 10 card slots
  • Two long top slots for cash, receipts, and tickets

The card and cash slots are on both sides of the wallet so there’s no inch of wasted space. Some current owners were even able to fit 50 $1 bills into this Travelambo wallet plus their id cards.

You also have your pick of between carbon fiber or three different grains of leather: Crosshatch, Vegetable tanned, or Napa leather. Every Travelambo wallet is handmade by one of 15 craftsmen for additional quality.

2. Dash 2.0

Have you ever paid for a purchase with your debit card without physically taking the card out of your wallet? This isn’t a trick question, with the Dash 2.0 you can slide your card through the card reader without taking your entire card from your wallet.

The Dash 2.0 is one of the smallest wallets available as it only measures 2.5″ x 3.25″ x 1/8″ or slightly larger than your driver’s license.


  • Leather on front side
  • Flexible elastic on back side with multiple card slots
  • Holds up to 10 cards and up to 15 dollar bills
  • Three compartments for easy organizations

3. Bison Denim Leather Slim Wallet

If you carry loose change, the Bison Denim Leather Slim Wallet is one of the very minimalist wallets with a zippered change pocket that can also hold an essential id card like your driver’s license if you don’t keep the change.

With this wallet, you can also carry up to eight cards and a few dollar bills in addition to your coins.

4. Villini Minimalist Wallet

The Ukrainian-made Villini Minimalist Wallet is made of “Crazy Horse” leather with the vintage minimalist look. If you prefer classic design, this wallet can be right up your alley because of its simple and timeless design.

You can buy this wallet in 11 different colors and it comes with a three-year warranty.

This wallet is slightly smaller than some of the others, but you can still hold four cards and some cash.

The Villini Minimalist Wallet holds two cards on each side and one of these slots clearly displays your driver’s license so you never need to take it out when you need to show it.

5. Chelmon Slim Wallet

The Chelmon Slim Wallet has a simple and efficient design. For under $10 you get a wallet with:

  • RFID-blocking technology
  • Calfskin leather
  • Four credit card slots
  • One clear photo id window
  • One zipper currency pocket

Unlike other photo id slots where the plastic covers the entire card and you have to sometimes fumble to get your id card out, the Chelmon clear photo id has an opening in the center of the window so you can easily slide the card in and out with a thumb swipe.

This simple feature helps keep the plastic window from cracking and stretching as you don’t have to stick your fingers inside a pocket only designed to keep a single card.

6. Fidelo Wooden Wallet

A wallet made of wood? Yes, the Fidelo Wooden Wallet comes in the light-colored maple or dark-hued walnut and fits comfortably in your front pocket. In addition to choosing the type of wood, it also comes with four different elastic money band colors to further personalize your wallet.

The Fidelo wallet holds up to 15 cards and your paper currency.

It’s also EMV chip card-friendly as you can press on the back of the wallet to extend the opening on the other side so you only have to slide enough of the chip card from your wallet to fit into the chip reader. This way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting or losing your card at a store.

Minimalist Wallets Under $30

If you’re looking for a conversation starter, you can find a handsome wallet for less than $30 that’s still ultra-thin but luxurious. You’ll be surprised at some of the features these wallets offer.

7. The Desoto Wallet

The Desoto Wallet is one you can truly call your own. This is a personalized money clip with your name or monogrammed initials on a leather exterior.

Its canvas clamshell interior offers four slots that can hold your cards or cash. On the exterior are two quick access pockets and a spring-loaded money clip.

You might consider this wallet giving this wallet as a gift to your loved one, wedding party, or if you never want to confuse your wallet with a friend’s wallet again because it has your name on it.

8. Alchemy Goods Belltown

Do you ride a bike? It’s possible that your recycled bike tubes were used to make the Alchemy Goods Belltown wallet. Alchemy Goods upcycles bicycle inner tubes to create the exterior of the Belltown wallet so you not only help protect the environment but you get a water-resistant wallet in the process.

This wallet holds up to eight id cards and also has a mesh id card pocket. And, you can even keep one card on the front of the wallet too.

9. Lookiss Aluminum Slim Wallet

The Lookiss Aluminum Slim Wallet has the look and feel of a minimalist wallet that retails closer to the $100 price point, but this one is available for less than $30 without sacrificing quality. It’s like buying a store brand instead of a name brand to save money on groceries.

You can keep up to 10 cards inside the aviation-grade aluminum body for RFID-protection. And, it comes with an elastic money strap to secure your cash outside the case.

10. Calti Tactical Titanium

The Calti Tactical Titanium will make MacGyver envious with its indestructible design that could help him escape from the most daunting of scenarios. It’s made from 100% titanium–one of the strongest metals known to man–that’s laser cut, scratch resistant, and will never rust.

Etched into the titanium skeleton are the following tools:

  • Bottle opener
  • 8, 10, 13 mm wrench
  • 6, 8, 10 mm hole
  • Paracord handle and maintaining tension for credit cards
  • Money clip

This wallet holds up to 20 cards that are stored underneath the money clip and are also held in place with the paracord.

11. Dash Slim Wallet

The Dash Slim Wallet is another ultra-slim design that lets you store up to six cards plus cash. You can store one card on the front with a horizontal card slot, the remaining five cards in the middle vertical card slot, and a few bills in the vertical cash slot.

This slim wallet is also animal-friendly as it uses an eco-synthetic microleather that gives a leather-like appearance.

12. Homie Carbon Fiber Wallet

The RFID-blocking Homie Carbon Fiber Wallet is made of aviation-grade aluminum and 304 stainless-steel so this wallet will never rust and withstand the harshest abuse.

There are no exterior card slots with the Homie Wallet which means up to 10 cards are “sandwiched” between the carbon fiber plates and elastic band.

This sheltered design means all of your cards are protected from RFID thieves. Your cash is held with an exterior money clip on the backside of the wallet.

13. Recycled Firefighter

The Recycled Firefighter is made from a decommissioned nylon firehose and they’re proudly made in the United States to military-grade specifications.

For a nylon wallet, this wallet is very stylish and doesn’t look like something a 10-year-old would carry. If you don’t like leather wallets, this one needs to be put on your short list.

Each wallet holds up to eight cards on the front side and your cash is stored with an elastic band on the back side. It also comes in seven different color schemes so you can choose which color that best fits your personality.

14. Serman Brands 5.0

The Serman Brands 5.0 wallet is a minimalist bifold wallet that gives you a little more storage space than a non-folding minimalist wallet but is still smaller than your typical bifold wallet by a half-inch.

This leather wallet is slightly smaller than a U.S. passport and comes in your choice of three colors:

  • California Desert
  • Canyon Red
  • Texas Brown

Regardless of the color you choose, the Serman Brands 5.0 is RFID-blocks, holds up to 10 cards plus cash, and has one exterior slot to hold one card or your dollar bills. You’ll find four pockets, a cash slot, and a photo ID slot inside the wallet.

15. Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve Wallet

The Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve Wallet is designed in Britain and made with top grain Italian leather. It holds up to 10 cards with two cards in the front pocket, three in the back pocket, and five cards in the RFID-protected middle pocket.

This wallet is also a slightly larger than other minimalist wallets letting you carry business cards that can be larger than credit cards.

To easily access the cards stored in the middle pocket, you simply have to grab the built-in smart strap to grab the card you need in seconds and the unused cards will retract back into place automatically.

16. Trayvax Original Wallet

The Trayvax Original Wallet is a mid-priced tactical wallet with a built-in bottle opener, aircraft-grade aluminum, and an adjustable paracord strap to securely holds up to 14 cards inside with RFID protection and five bills.

The Original Wallet is handcrafted in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty. For a minimalist wallet, this holds more cards than most inside the storage pocket.

17. HuMn Mini Wallet

The HuMn Mini Wallet is made from aviation-grade aluminum that blocks RFID signals and comfortably holds up to eight cards, but this wallet is a better option if you carry three or less inside the metal plates.

You can store cash and additional cards on the outside using the elastic strap.

For its price, the HuMn Mini Wallet offers maximum protection but you’ll want to upgrade to a different wallet if you need to carry more than just a few items.

18. Paperwallet

Just like the name implies, Paperwallet is made of paper thin material, which means it takes up very little room in your pocket. But even better yet, they are also really durable.

Paperwallet has several styles available that range in price from $20 to $35, making them very afforable. They also offer lots of styles, sizes, and colors so you have plenty of options to choose from. RFID styles are also available.

Well Kept Wallet founder, Deacon, personally tested Paperwallet and loved the small size and how the material held up well during testing.

Minimalist Wallets Under $50

These wallets cost less than $50 and can be more functional or have better build quality than the lesser-priced wallets mentioned above.

19. Cuoieria Fiorentina Slim Wallet

The Cuoieria Fiorentina Slim Wallet is handmade in Italy with Italian calf leather. This is one of the most reputable brands for leather wallets.

You can hold up to eight cards and cash with the four card slots on each side and three additional storage slots in the middle that can store cards, cash, and receipts.

If you appreciate handmade craftsmanship with top-grade Italian leather, it doesn’t get much better than this slim wallet.

20. Ranger Wallet

If you want a metal wallet that doubles as a multi-purpose tool, the Ranger Wallet comes in at just above $30 and has 12 built-in tools including:

  • Bottle opener
  • 1/4″ Hex driver
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Metric wrenches
  • SAE wrenches

The steel body doubles as an RFID-blocker for additional security of your personal information and the steel is also coated with Cerakote Ceramic to resist corrosion and scratches.

Including the tool card, you can fit up to eight cards and eight bills that are secured with the elastic band. The Ranger Wallet is also made in the USA.

21. Saddleback Leather Front Pocket ID Wallet

Saddleback Leather stands behind their product so much that they offer a 100-year warranty and their company motto is, “They’ll fight over it when you’re dead.” How’s that for a customer satisfaction guarantee?

This Saddleback wallet has a front id pocket to quickly display your driver’s license and the wallet holds up to 12 cards!

It’s made of full grain cow leather and has also won multiple awards for being the best minimalist wallet.

Besides the high-quality leather, the wallet is stitched together with parachute-grade polyester that is UV and saltwater resistant.

22. ACM Wallet

The ACM Wallet resembles the removable memory cards you used with the Sony PlayStation 1 and 2 video game systems. Instead of only having 15 blocks of memory, this wallet holds up to six cards inside and also has an exterior money clip that holds up to twenty bills and five business cards.

There are six push buttons on the front of the wallet. When you want to use a card, you push the button and the wallet only ejects the card you request.

This wallet provides optimal protection for your cards with its metal case and it’s also highly likely that your friends will have never seen a minimalist wallet quite like this one.

23. Machine Era Ti5 Slim Wallet

Maybe you have titanium golf clubs. If so, the Machine Era Ti5 Slim Wallet can complement your taste for the finer things in life.

Many people like aluminum, but titanium is a more durable metal and usually found in more expensive wallets and products because of its superior quality.

Now, you can get an aircraft-grade titanium wallet that offers RFID protection that holds up to seven cards inside. The elastic money strap keeps you cash snug on the outside as well.

Unlike some of the other metal wallets that have sharp corners that can cut through your clothing or skin, the Ti5 Slim Wallet’s edges are all smooth and you don’t have to worry about abrasions.

In addition to the maximum protection for your id cards and payment cards, the wallet also has a thumb slot that makes it easy to slide a single card from the wallet for quick retrieval.

The thumb slot also doubles as a bottle opener. Finally, this wallet is designed and manufactured in the United States.

24. Hitch and Timber Flat Jacket

The leather USA-made Hitch and Timber Flat Jacket holds up to eight cards with one card in the front pocket and up to seven cards in the middle pocket.

You can store cash in the pocket on the backside of the wallet too. Each wallet is made to order and crafted entirely by hand.

25. Ezra Arthur No. 1 Wallet

The Ezra Arthur No. 1 Wallet is probably the closest recommendation to the old-fashioned money pouch your grandfather might have used.

You have a single middle pocket to store all your cards and cash with no exterior pockets.

The leather is tanned in Chicago and doesn’t have any linings, rubber, or glue. When empty, it’s only a one-tenth inch thick, which is extremely small even for minimalist wallets.

26. SlimFold Waterproof Wallet

The SlimFold Waterproof Wallet holds up to 20 cards. Because it’s made of thin Soft Shell waterproof and abrasion-proof fabric, it’s three times thinner than leather.

Because the material consumes less space, you have more storage space to have a wallet that can be as thick as a leather minimalist wallet except you have twice the storage capacity.

Having a waterproof exterior is a huge thumbs up for this wallet. And, it also comes with a 5-year warranty.

27. Baurdi Admiral

The Baurdi Admiral is another bifold wallet that lets you take the first step to becoming a minimalist. There are four interior card slots and a cash pocket that doesn’t require you to fold your bills in half to fit inside the slot.

The Admiral is also made of brown Italian leather and handsome white stitching that delivers a classic design that goes with any formal or casual setting.

28. Picker’s Wallet

Guitarists and street musicians may never know when it’s time to break out the guitar to begin playing a riff.

You’ll never forget your guitar pick again with the Picker’s Wallet. There’s one pocket sized for a pick and you’ll also be able to find a slot for four cards and some cash.

After all, you need a place to keep your tips!

Minimalist Wallets Under $100

When you want the Cadillac of wallets, these best in class wallets cost less than $100 and can be the last wallet you ever buy for yourself.

29. Architect’s Wallet

Are there any Seinfeld Architect’s Wallet fans here? The is the wallet that George Costanza should have been carrying instead of his overstuffed one.

Whether you’re an actual architect, specialize in import-export, or do something in between, this leather wallet comes with a miniature space pen, notepad, and it also holds up to six cards.

Instead of drawing your next great side hustle idea on the back of a napkin, you can jot it down in the notepad and take it along with your other essential items like your driver’s license, cash, and payment cards.

30. Bellroy Hide and Seek

When you’re not ready to go full-minimalist, the Bellroy Hide and Seek makes an excellent compromise is a minimalist bifold wallet. It holds up to 12 cards, cash, and coins inside the wallet.

The Bellroy Hide and Seek is also RFID-protected for maximum protection. Each wallet is made from environmentally certified top-grain leather and carries a three-year warranty.

31. The Ridge

The Dango Dapper EDC Wallet offers RFID-protection for up six cards stored in the middle pocket. You can also store an additional six cards on the front and back sides of the Dapper EDC too.

Aircraft grade aluminum composes the wallet of the skeleton which is covered with leather in one of two colors: Gold Whiskey Brown or Jet Black.

You can store your cash on the outside of the wallet with the plastic band that wraps horizontally around the entire wallet.

33. Dango Tactical EDC Wallet

When the regular Dapper EDC Wallet isn’t utilitarian enough for you, the Dango Tactical EDC Wallet offers a built-in multitool.

The stainless-steel multitool performs the following functions that will delight any outdoor enthusiast:

  • Saw
  • Knife
  • Paracord tensioner
  • 10 and 15 mm Hex
  • Smartphone stand
  • Nail pryer
  • Ruler

As you might guess, this tactical wallet isn’t airport-friendly with the multitool attached. It only takes a moment to detach the tool so it can be included in your checked baggage so you don’t have to leave the wallet at home.

If one of your favorite Christmas gifts growing up was a Swiss Army knife of Leatherman multitool, you’ll like this tactical wallet.

In addition to the tactical multitool, this wallet also holds up to 12 credit cards. Up to six cards can be stored inside to benefit from the RFID protection provided by the aircraft-grade aluminum shell.

34. Decadent Minimalist DM1 Aluminum Wallet

The Decadent Minimalist DM1 probably takes the prize for being the most minimalist of wallets as it only holds credit card-sized cards like your id cards, payments cards, store loyalty cards, and mass transit passes.

This option is only good if you never carry cash with your other cards; as we transition to a cashless society this minimalist design will become more common.

There are three different sizes of the DM1 wallet that hold either four, eight, or twelve cards. It’s also available in nine different colors and there are no screws or add-on accessories. It’s one piece of metal; minimalism at its best.

35. Ekster Parliament Wallet

All of your cards and money are stored vertically with the Ekster Parliament Wallet that holds up to nine cards. For quick access to your cards, you can click a button at the bottom of the wallet and six of your cards slide upwards.

Because these cards are stored in the middle pocket, they’re also protected from RFID data skimmers.

This wallet also has a bifold pocket with three long slots that can hold additional cards, receipts, or cash so this wallet can resemble a pocket-sized day planner you use for business or to protect your smartphone.

36. Hitch and Timber Card Caddy

Finally, a minimalist wallet that lets you carry something in addition to cards and cash. The Hitch and Timber Card Caddy is a leather wallet that holds the following items:

  • Up to six cards
  • One small pen
  • One small knife

Each wallet is also handmade in Baltimore, Maryland so you support local artisans with your purchase.

37. Pioneer Altitude Billfold  Wallet

No products found.

The Pioneer Altitude Billfold Wallet is made from ripstop fabric that’s 10 times stronger than steel and holds up to six cards and folded bills.

Should your wallet get dirty or need to be cleaned, it is machine washable.

You might feel like Superman–the original Man of Steel–with this wallet. The Altitude Billfold provides a good balance between modern and classic design elements to provide a timeless look that will last as long as your minimalist spirit.

38. Trayvax Element Wallet

The Trayvax Element is made in the United States and is a solid stainless-steel wallet covered with top-grain leather and your valuable contents are secured with a military-strength paracord.

You can keep up to ten cards inside the wallet with RFID-protection and there’s a built-in money clip that holds up to five bills too.

This wallet is airport-friendly and the top of the stainless-steel frame doubles as a bottle opener and a lanyard eye in case you want to tether your wallet to another article of clothing or a piece of luggage.

You have three color choices for the Travax Element too:

  • Canyon Red
  • Tobacco Brown
  • Stealth Black

39. Tumi Alpha Slim Wallet

Frequent flyers are well-versed with the reputation of the Tumi travel luggage brand. You pay a premium for their products, but they are virtually indestructible and Tumi has a very loyal following because of their superior quality.

Now you can get that same quality in a minimalist wallet with the Tumi Mens Alpha Slim Wallet.

So, this wallet is another minimalistic bifold, but it still meets our criteria for being smaller-than-normal.

The Tumi Alpha Wallet is made of ballistic rip-stop nylon and has RFID protection. It holds up to six cards and also has two slip pockets for dollar bills and receipts. You’ll absolutely love the build quality of this wallet.

A Word About RFID Protection

As you can see from these recommendations, many of the minimalist wallets offer RFID protection. It’s important to note that our “smart cards” come in two different frequencies: 13.56 MHz and 125 kHz. RFID wallets protect against 13.56 MHz data skimmers.

Credit cards, debit cards, and your driver’s license and other photo id cards operate on the 13.56 MHz frequency. If these types of cards are kept inside the RFID pockets, it’s nearly impossible for the data to be skimmed.

But, a skimmer can still potentially steal the card data from cards that operate on the 125 kHz frequency like your workplace id badges and hotel room keys.

If you have more cards than slots in the RFID pocket, you’ll probably want to leave these 125 kHz cards in the outside pockets that are unprotected.


Minimalist wallets hold more than you think, but they do a good job of ensuring you keep everything in moderation.

Whether you need RFID protection and multitools, or just something simple to hold your id card and cash, minimalist wallets have a basic design that is still highly functional at the same time.