Best of Personal Finance Roundup LogoIt’s time once again for the Best of Personal Finance Roundup, where we share the week’s very best in personal finance articles. I think you’ll enjoy today’s picks.

One of my favorite new blogs, Money Peach, featured a great article on ways to cut TV costs and still enjoy great TV shows and movies.  All the TV You’ll Need for $28 a Month shares great TV options that won’t break the bank.

Jacob from I Heart Budgets wrote an awesome article this week entitled Broken Doesn’t Mean Broken. Find out how Jacob and his family scored a $2,000 refrigerator for only $14 because of their family’s view on what value truly is.

Our friend J$ from Budgets are Sexy wrote a thought-provoking post entitled The Things That Last Forever. It’s a great article for instilling a little perspective into your day.

Early retirement expert Mr. Money Mustache shared his wisdom on How to Sell a House this week. This article shares smart tips for maximizing your profit when you sell a house.

Elyssa from Go Banking Rates shares a powerful article entitled 23 Reasons Why You Will Always Be Poor. If you’re stuck in a no-money trap and can’t seem to get out, you might benefit from learning from this group of experts what habits and decisions lead to being perpetually broke.

Erin from Frugal Rules shares a great post entitled Why We Should Stop Judging Others Based on Their Spending. Here Erin talks about her personal experiences with judging others and what she’s learned from her experience.

The Financial Mentor shared an educational post on wealth-building entitled 12 Tips to Build Wealth for Early Retirement. This well-laid-out map to financial freedom will leave you inspired and motivated to build your own early retirement plan.

The Frugal Farmer shared a powerful story about becoming mortgage free in 36 and Mortgage Free: One Family’s Journey.  Learn the tips and tricks this family used to pay off their home at a very young age.

Sarah at See Debt Run writes about marriage and finances in her post entitled Talk Money With Your Honey. Here Sarah shares tips for creating a powerful financial partnership with your spouse.

Greg over at Club Thrifty shares the beneficial impact his savings habit has had on his family finances in Why My Emergency Fund is the Bombdiggity. You’ll appreciate this thorough post on the benefits of a plush emergency fund and how you can build your own.

So sit back, relax and take some time to improve your financial education by reading these fine articles. And have a great weekend in the process!



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