12 Best Saucer Tree Swings

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This list of the best saucer tree swings gives you some great options for helping your kids have some fun outside!

There are few things more exciting to a kid than hopping on a swing. I have fond memories from my childhood of trying to reach the sky as I happily swung back and forth.

Why not bring a tree swing to your own backyard? There are some wonderful saucer tree swings out there that can fit one child or multiple children (and in some cases, even adults!) for hours of outdoor entertainment and screen-free fun.

Top Saucer Tree Swings

Here are the best saucer tree swings currently available, with lots of options to consider at a variety of price points and sizes. You’re sure to find one you like!

1. PACEARTH Saucer Tree Swing

The PACEARTH 40” Saucer Tree Swing is a fantastic tree swing for your yard. It has a whopping 660-lb. weight capacity, so multiple children can swing on it at any given time.

This saucer tree swing has a 40” diameter and is made of a steel frame padded with foam. It comes in a lot of different colors, too, with some fun flags you can attach for added decoration.

Safety features include a tear-resistant cloth, multi-strand braided ropes, and a larger eye bolt to ensure the swing doesn’t fall apart while your kiddos are having the time of their life.

It also comes with hanging straps and carabiners, so you don’t have to spend extra on those.

Reviewers say assembly is quick, and the foam-padded frame helps with comfort as children swing. Parents also like that the seat is solid, so little arms and legs won’t get caught in the seat.

2. Royal Oak Saucer Tree Swing

The Royal Oak Saucer Tree Swing is also 40” in diameter and comes in a lot of different patterns/colors, but there are some differences between this and the previous swing.

First off, you’ll see that it has a slightly different design with the cloth running through the middle. This gives it a different look and feel. It does still have the flags you can add for decoration.

The ropes are adjustable, and there’s a seat cover you can attach to the swing when not in use to help protect it from the elements.

This saucer tree swing boats a 700-lb. weight capacity, but keep in mind that if you use it with a bunch of kids on it at once, it will probably wear out more quickly.

It’s extremely easy to install, but you will need to purchase the strap kit separately to hang it from a tree.

3. SereneLife Spinner Saucer Tree Swing

The SereneLife Outdoor Spinner Saucer Tree Swing is another saucer swing with a 40” diameter, but this one only comes in black. I’m guessing that some parents might like the black cover better than a brightly colored one.

This saucer tree swing has a solid metal frame that can support up to 600 lbs., so once again, multiple kiddos can enjoy this one at a time. There’s extra thick padding around the outside, and the swing itself is waterproof.

You can purchase a spinner attachment that goes with this swing to add another dimension to the fun play – instead of just going back and forth, kids can go around and around!

Note that you’ll need to purchase the hanging swing tree mount kit separately. Assembly is reportedly easy.

4. Play Platoon Flying Saucer Tree Swing

Want a swing that’s a little smaller? The Play Platoon Flying Saucer Tree Swing has a smaller diameter at 30” with a 400-lb. weight capacity.

This swing arrives fully assembled and ready to install – all you need to do is hang it up! The permeable material drains water, allowing the seat to dry quickly in case of rain.

This is a great option if you’re looking for something a little smaller, but still able to hold a couple kids or one adult.

You will need to purchase a strap installation kit separately to hang it from a tree.

5. LAEGENDARY Flying Saucer Tree Swing

The LAEGENDARY Flying Saucer Tree Swing is another fantastic option for swinging fun, and this one’s got a unique hexagon shape to set it apart.

It has a 40” diameter and a 700-lb. weight capacity, like a couple other options we’ve already mentioned.

Bonus: The swing comes with a swivel and straps to hang it from a tree, so you don’t need to purchase an additional kit.

Other fun extras include a pillow as well as soft-touch handles on the straps for extra comfort. You and/or your child can lay down on the swing with a pillow tucked behind your head as you look up at the sky.

There are multiple options for hanging the swing: 1 point, 2 points, or 1 point with a swivel. Get spinning!

6. Air Riderz Saucer Swing

The Air Riderz Saucer Swing is a simple saucer swing that is made of all plastic – no mesh. It has a durable and sturdy solid base design with a plastic seed and molded curve shape so your rider can sit comfortably.

As you can see, it’s much smaller than the others on this list (24” diameter) so it should really have only one rider on at a time. It’s safety rated up to 200 lbs. for swing and spin motion and is intended for riders 5 and up.

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7. Sorbus Spinner Swing

If your kids want to feel like they’re swinging on a spiderweb (or a hammock, for that matter), the Sorbus Spinner Wing is a good bet.

This saucer tree swing has a 40” diameter with a webbed net seat instead of the solid ones we’ve seen so far. This makes the weight capacity considerably less (up to 220 lbs.), but it’s a lighter seat that’s easy to store away.

The swing can fit 2-3 kids at a time and is best for ages 5 and up due to the rope seat (smaller kiddos are more likely to have an arm or leg slip down through the holes).

As with some of the other swings on this list, it can be mounted in a few different ways to change how the swing works. You do need to buy a separate spinner kit if you want it to spin.

Note that the steel frame and webbed netting may take a beating when kept outside, especially if you live in an area where it rains a lot. Keep this swing away from sprinklers and store it away in inclement weather to prolong its life.

8. HearthSong SkyCurve Platform Tree Swing

Now this one just looks like FUN! The HearthSong SkyCurve Platform Tree Swing has a larger curved platform that can hold multiple kids.

The platform measures 60” x 32”, so there’s plenty of room for a few kids to swing at a time. The sturdy metal frame supports up to 400 lbs., and the breathable mesh met lets moisture drain so it can quickly dry.

With such a large platform, your child can even lie down on it and look up at the sky while swinging.

Note that assembly is more time-intensive than the others, probably due to its larger size. Since it’s a little bigger, you probably don’t want to get this one for toddlers and preschoolers since they might get a little freaked out.

Some reviewers state that the fabric doesn’t hold up, but if you need a replacement mat you can contact HearthSong’s customer service (on their website, not Amazon) rather than buying a whole new swing.

9. Swinging Monkey Tarzan Tire Spider Web Swing

Want a saucer tree swing that’s kind of like a tire swing? The Swinging Monkey Tarzan Tire Spider Web Swing fits the bill.

This swing is 40” in diameter and is webbed with a hole in the middle so kids can stick their legs through while they’re swinging, just like a tire swing.

It has a padded steel frame and super strong nylon webbing with a 400-lb. weight capacity. It assembles quickly so your kids can get to the fun!

If you run into any problems with this swing, note that Swinging Monkey Products prides itself on quality customer service, and all the company’s products come with an automatic one-year warranty.

10. Costzon Giant Platform Swing

If you like the idea of a larger swing but don’t want one with a curve, the Costzon Giant Platform Swing has you covered. It has the same 60” x 32” size platform as the HearthSong swing mentioned above, but this platform is flat.

This swing holds up to 700 lbs. and can be attached at 1 point, 2 points, or 1 point with a swivel joint.

Due to its size and weight limit, multiple kids can swing at one time. And if a parent is interested in hopping on when the kids aren’t around, that’s an option, too! Think of it as a big hammock.

Reviewers state that assembly is simple, and the massive size makes it a winner.

11. Slackers TreeZone Adventure Sky Swing

Slackers is known for their gear that helps kids play in the air, like Ninja lines, zip lines, and tree climbing kits, so it makes sense that the Slackers TreeZone Adventure Sky Swing is one of the best saucer tree swings.

This 30” saucer swing has a few different options for hanging. You’ll need to purchase the tree hanging kit to hang it from a tree, or spring for their Build a Branch kit if you don’t have a tree with a solid branch.

The swing features a breathable mesh design as well as easy snap attachment points to quickly assemble and disassemble your saucer swing.

One thing to note: This saucer swing only attaches at one point. That’s not necessarily a problem, but it is something to keep in mind as you don’t have the two-point option as you do with some of the other options on this list.

For a 30” swing, it’s got an impressive weight limit of up to 300 lbs., so the whole family can use it – just not all at once!

12. Zupapa Hanging Tree Swing Tent

Want your saucer tree swing to feel like a fort? The Zupapa Hanging Tree Swing Tent has a 40” diameter base like many of the others on the list, but it also has a detachable play tent for extra imaginative play!

The maximum weight recommendation is 330 lbs.

The play tent can fully close to keep the sun’s rays away as well as any bugs. Plus, sometimes it’s nice for your child to have a little private hideout.

Choose from three different colors/patterns including hot pink, camouflage, and stars and stripes. And the tree hanging kit is included, so you won’t need to buy anything extra to hang it up!

Tree Swing Hanging Straps Kit

For many of these swings, you’ll need to purchase a hanging straps kit to be able to hang it as a tree swing. This Tree Swing Hanging Straps Kit is a bestseller and gets great reviews!

This set of straps is made out of industrial grade polyester and can hold up to 2000 lbs. The 2-inch wide straps help prevent tree damage and offer a smoother ride.

It also includes carabiners with a heavy duty screw lock along with extra stitching on the metal ring fabric loops.

Choose from 5-foot, 8-foot, or 10-foot straps.


Having a saucer tree swing in your backyard is a wonderful way to get your kids outside to have fun. We hope this list of the best saucer tree swings has helped you make a good choice based on your family’s needs.

Now all you need to do is pick your favorite tree to hang it on!

13 Best Saucer Tree Swings