Get paid to type

10 Sites To Get Paid To Type

Are you great at typing? If so, you can use that skill to earn cold, hard cash by getting paid to type. Getting paid to type is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to earn money from home. All

save money with ibotta

10 Best Apps like Ibotta

Looking for apps like Ibotta? We all like it when we save more money shopping for essentials and the apps below will help you stretch your dollar a little bit farther. All of the apps in this article are very

visible wireless

Visible Wireless Review

If you are trying to save money on your cell phone bill, Visible is a Verizon-owned discount cellular phone service provider offering affordable plans that include data.  But are the savings you’ll get by switching to this company worth what

Wall Street Movies

14 Best Movies About Wall Street

We all have a mental image that pops up when we think about Wall Street. Whether your vision is positive or negative, the financial industry undoubtedly adds drama to our lives and daily newsreels. Given the mystery and drama surrounding

Pile of old video games to sell

15 Best Places to Sell Video Games

The video game industry is worth over $178 billion. As someone who loves to play video games, I know how much it costs to buy new games. One way I make cash to pay for new games is to sell

Vanguard personal service review featured

Vanguard Personal Advisor Services Review

Not every investor wants to self-manage their taxable and retirement portfolios. Managing your portfolio requires time to research investments and rebalance. Vanguard Personal Advisor Services can give you peace of mind as you have financial advisor access and a managed

Woman researching health sharing plans in her bed

6 Best Health Sharing Plans

While it is definitely worth the leap of faith to become self-employed, one thing is for sure. Paying for your health insurance, after never having done so, is one of the biggest downsides to self-employment. If you’re not prepared for

gas station

8 Best Apps to Find Cheap Gas Near Me

Don’t you hate it when you’ve pulled into a gas station, parked, and about to open the door, only to notice that the gas station across the street has gas for 10 cents less per gallon? It’s happened to all

Fetch Rewards review

Fetch Rewards Review: Is It a Safe Way to Earn Cash Back?

Are you looking for effortless ways to save money on groceries? Food is a large monthly expense for most households. Grocery shopping apps like Fetch Rewards make it easy to feed your family for less money. You earn rewards by scanning your

FNBO Direct Review

FNBO Direct Review

As our world becomes increasingly digital, more consumers want online solutions for their financial needs. As a result, it’s no surprise that online banks have become incredibly popular. FNBO Direct is one of the many online banks that customers can