How to Maximize Your Savings with Amazon Subscribe and Save

One of our favorite topics is how to save using best Amazon Subscribe and Save deals. Many of these offers are pretty solid, especially when you factor in the time and gas savings involved.

If you’re unfamiliar with this great way to save on a wide variety of items for your family and home, here’s a brief overview of how Amazon Subscribe & Save works. Already familiar? Be sure to read through this post as well to make sure you’re taking full advantage of all the savings available through this unique program.

What Is Amazon’s Subscribe & Save Program?

Amazon Subscribe & Save gives you an extra discount on top of Amazon’s prices just by signing up to receive shipments on a regular basis on select products. Often, these are the products you’re buying at regular intervals anyways – such as diapers, paper products, and groceries.

How Does Amazon Subscribe and Save Work

The beauty of this service is that you can easily manage future subscriptions through your Amazon account. There’s no obligation to continue shipments after you’ve received your first one. This means you can change dates or even cancel with no hassle.

One other huge perk is that all Subscribe & Save shipments have free shipping.

How to Use Amazon Subscribe & Save

1) First, select an eligible item from Amazon’s Subscribe & Save store (items are always changing).

2) Next, choose the quantity of the item you’d like to receive as well as a delivery schedule. You can choose to have your order delivered in monthly intervals from 1 month to 6 months. You can change the delivery frequency at any time.

how to set the delivery schedule for Amazon subscribe and save

3) Click “Subscribe Now,” enter your payment information, and you’re all set to go! Amazon will process your payment when your order ships.

How to Trade in your Old Amazon Devices (Kindle, Fire) for Amazon Credit

I’m in the process of cleaning out my office – a monumental task that I’ve been putting off for years.

One of the reasons I’ve put it off is because our office is one of those “dumping ground” areas in our home where everything and anything goes that we don’t know what to do with. After a couple weeks, I’m proud to say I’m nearly done and can see floor again!

Today, I thought I’d share about how I dealt with a small pile of old Amazon Kindle readers and Fire tablets I had. They were broken and out of use, but what to do with them?

It didn’t feel right to just throw them away and I also didn’t want to wait until the next recycling event in my area.

What I ended up doing: trading them in for instant Amazon credit! This process was so quick and easy, and I thought it might help someone else out there who’s knee-deep in cleaning and purging.

Trading in your Amazon Device, Step-by-Step

First, gather your devices.

Amazon Subscribe & Save: Good Items for College Students

I recently received a great question from a reader: “I’m new to Amazon Subscribe and Save but think it would be great for my daughter who will be going out of state to college. Have you ever considered doing a post listing ideas of Subscribe & Save items for college students?”

I absolutely think that Subscribe & Save is a good fit for college students and their parents! Whether students are paying for college and all of the necessary expenses themselves or whether their parents are pitching in, there are lots of great Subscribe & Save deals to be had at prices that often meet or beat area grocery stores. Plus, it’s super convenient, especially for students that may not have access to their own transportation to go to the store themselves.

And don’t forget, if you order 5 or more subscriptions to be delivered in the same month, you’ll receive 15% off your order instead of the usual 5% discount. Find out more about how Amazon Subscribe & Save works before you get started.

Amazon Student

Don’t Forget About Amazon Student!

While you don’t need a Prime membership to use Subscribe & Save, I still recommend having your student look into an Amazon Student membership. It works just like a Prime membership, but at half the price. Benefits include free two-day shipping on millions of items, Amazon Prime Instant Video access, unlimited music streaming, and deals and promotions exclusively for students. Membership is just $49/year (the first six months are free).

Best Amazon Subscribe & Save Items for College Students

Here are some of the best deals I see that can work for college students, keeping in mind that space is limited in those teeny-tiny dorm rooms:

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, Lemon & Lime Blossom, 240ct (3X80ct): $8.52 ($7.62 with 5 or more subscriptions)
Perfect for quick dorm room cleanups!

CLIF CRUNCH – Granola Bar – Chocolate Peanut Butter – (1.48 Ounce, 5 Two-Bar Snack Pouches): $2.83 ($2.53 with 5 or more subscriptions)
Quick and easy breakfast option!