How to Clean Up a Bad Credit History

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Are you working on paying off debt and building wealth? One important step that goes with that is cleaning up bad credit. Note that it will take some work to learn how to do this. Having a spotless credit report won’t …

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13 Best Student Loan Companies to Refinance

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With the cost of college increasing, more students are borrowing more to pay for college. Graduating without student loan debt is a “financial miracle.” Simply put, you need to figure out how to pay off your student loans fast. Refinancing …

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10 Best Mortgage Lenders to Buy a Home

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Buying a home is a massive decision. It’s by far the biggest financial commitment you will have in your life. This is why knowing the best mortgage lenders is important. The best mortgage lenders can offer more competitive rates, lower …

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10 Easy Steps to Get Out of Debt

Credit card chopped up on a wood table

Debt can be like this large dark cloud looming over your head. At least that is how we felt when we were in debt. It felt like we were just getting by. It was hard to see the light at …

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Should I Pay Off My Mortgage or Invest?

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It’s the age-old debate. Which is better: to pay off your mortgage early or to make the payments for 30 years and invest your extra cash in the stock market? The answer, honestly, will be different for everyone. It depends …

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