How This Girl Paid Off $10,800 of Debt in 6 Months

Hi! My name is Amanda, I’m 27 years old and I’m a college graduate. I just earned my Bachelors Degree in Psychology in California. As of February 2017, I paid a total of $10,400.28 of debt in 6 MONTHS while

How to Pay Off $20,000 In Debt in Only 10 Months

What did your debt consist of? Student loans and medical bills. The bulk of my debt was used to pay for my freshman year of college. As I’m sure a lot of people can relate, college for me was a

How to Pay off $93,000 in Debt in Under Two Years

Today’s debt success story features Kim Anderson and her family. Today Kim shares how her and her husband paid off their mortgage is less than two years. How did you acquire $93,000 in debt? What did that debt consist of? The

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How This Millennial Paid off $32,000 in Debt in Three Years

For this week’s debt success story, we welcome LaTisha Styles, a motivational speaker, blogger and spokesperson specializing in simple finance for millennials. I know her story will encourage and motivate you. Tell us a bit about yourself: I am a

How She Paid off $30,000 on a $40,000 Salary

How did you acquire $30,000 in debt?  What did that debt consist of? My $30k+ debt was all student loan debt. I was fortunate to receive some pretty substantial scholarships from my undergraduate university which kept my debt load low.

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How This Woman Paid off $55,000 in Debt in 3.5 Years

How did you acquire $55,000 in debt? I created my debt, which was all credit card/unsecured debt, very mindlessly, one purchase at a time. I began using credit in my early twenties and spent over a decade accumulating debt before

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How They Paid off $100k in Debt in Less Than 5 Years

How did you acquire $109,000 in debt? What did that debt consist of? My wife and I racked up $109,000 in credit card debt through thirteen years of constant over spending. That amount represents everything from food to throwing dinner