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Do You Really Need Life Insurance?

No one wants to think about the bad “what ifs” in life, but no one wants to leave their family financially shattered if something unexpected happens either. So the question you need to ask yourself when deciding if life insurance … Read more

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10 Best Home Insurance Companies

Homeownership is an adventure. There are a lot of great aspects to it, but there are also some things that just aren’t fun to deal with. Finding homeowners insurance is one of them. But since I know what a pain … Read more

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8 Best Travel Insurance Companies

If you like to travel often, or even travel overseas once, travel insurance can be as valuable as the best travel gear. Travel insurance can offset costs for medical emergencies and non-refundable trip cancellations and delays. You can buy travel … Read more

AIG Life Insurance Review

Let’s be real: Most people don’t want to think about death at all, let alone sit down and make a plan for theirs. However, that’s precisely what shopping for life insurance requires you to do. While the process may be … Read more

How to Find the Best Car Insurance Agents

Finding the right car insurance policy can be tough. You’ve got so many options. Do you have the time to call the dozens of auto insurance companies out there to find the best auto insurance for you? Probably not. So … Read more

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Lemonade Insurance Review

Life happens. Bad things happen to cars, homes, and even apartments. Although you may be lucky for years at a time, it is likely that you will need to file an insurance claim at some point. If you have already … Read more

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15 Best (And Cheap) Auto Insurance Companies

Most American households own a car. One expense you can’t avoid is auto insurance. In several states, you must carry insurance or pay a fine. There are many auto insurance companies to choose from. However, your monthly premium can vary … Read more

Can You Have More Than One Life Insurance Policy?

Eighty-four percent of Americans agree that life insurance is an important tool to have in your financial toolbox. Yet a 2018 Insurance Barometer Study found that only 59% own a life insurance policy. Technology has streamlined buying life insurance, and … Read more

Is Long-Term Disability Insurance Worth It?

The last thing you want to do is to add an expense to your budget. Especially if it’s another type of insurance, I mean, enough already, right? But when you realize that disability causes mortgage foreclosures 16X(times) more than death … Read more