Woman laying on soft blanket watching tv holding a remote and eating popcorn

Apple TV vs. Amazon Fire vs. Roku

Remember when watching a video meant you needed to leave your house, get in the car and drive to your neighborhood video store? I can still picture my local Blockbuster, the carpeted floors, fluorescent overhead lights, and shelves lined with

Persons hands holding white piggy bank on blue tinted wood table

How to Save Money for a House: Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s be real, saving for a house is hard. Saving money, in general, is hard. Besides the actual budgeting of how much you need to put away in addition to your other financial obligations and bills each month, there’s rising

a row of differently shaped mailboxes. one says no junk mail on it

3 Ways to Stop Junk Mail for Good

Have you ever opened your mailbox and found it was full of junk mail? After sorting through the pile you may have found most of it to be credit card deals and insurance offers that just end up going in