Joel Larsgaard producer of the clark howard showThere are people who get apprehensive with the mere mention of the word ‘budget’ or with the slightest talk of saving money. This may have come from the notion that you need to have a lifestyle overhaul or that you need to change who you are to be able to get your finances on track. Today, our guest will share how saving money does not always involve huge compromises or drastic changes…He even gives an example of how you can start saving money today by simply using do it yourself  pest control.

Our guest for this episode is Joel Larsgaard, a writer, traveler, avid beer drinker and a producer of the nationally syndicated personal finance radio program, The Clark Howard Show.

What you will learn in this episode

  • Why he is an Atlanta Braves fan, his dreams of being a baseball broadcaster an  d why he decided to get into radio production.
  • Eating on the go, managing call varieties, preparing for show topics and basically how a producer’s typical day goes.
  • How he pressure washed houses and driveways to make ends meet.
  • Meeting his mentor and how the things he learned from him paved his way to having the job he loves.
  • Tips on how to get into the industry to be a radio producer.
  • The reason behind creating his blog, Save Outside of the Box.

Quotes that Joel mentioned in this interview

“Don’t ever quit on your dream or say, I can’t make it, that’s too hard, that’s not possible”

“Be flexible and know that there are other jobs where you can derive just as much enjoyment from.”

“Be willing to do an unpaid internship. That opened all the doors for me.”

“Know ahead of time that, for the most part, radio production is not a super high paying job. Do it for the love of the job.”

How to connect with Joel

Blog: Save Outside the Box

Twitter: @JoelLarsgaard

Work site:


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