100 Companies That Will Send Free Stickers

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You might be surprised to learn that all kinds of companies send free stickers to kids and adults.

Each company has different requirements for obtaining free stickers. Some of the ways to request your free sticker include:

  • Requesting through a form on their website
  • Through email
  • Magazines or catalogs with stickers included
  • Products you get in the mail

We requested stickers from these companies and loved receiving them in the mail. A few took longer to receive, yet it was worth the wait.

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How To Get Free Stickers

If you like free stickers as I do, here are some companies that will send you them. All you have to do is meet their requirements to request your free sticker.

1. Annie’s

Annie’s specializes in making organic processed foods that are quite delicious.

Two of their big sellers are the Annie’s Mac and Cheese and their Cheddar Bunnies (similar to Goldfish). We used to buy Annie’s products as a healthy alternative to more common similar items.

You can send a self addressed letter to their mailing address requesting free stickers:

Annie’s Homegrown
1610 Fifth Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

2. PETA Kids

The non-profit PETA organization (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has a sub-organization called PETA Kids. PETA Kids focuses on sharing information on protecting animals in a kid-friendly way.

They will send kids a free magazine entitled The Kids’ Guide to Helping Animals.

The magazine shares tips for kids on how to protect wildlife, buy cruelty-free products and more.

Along with the informative articles, the PETA Kids magazine also includes puzzles, quizzes and free stickers.

Here’s the link to request the free PETA Kids magazine with stickers.


RVCA is a sports apparel shop that specializes in “transcending the boundaries of traditional action sports apparel.”

In searching their website, they sell a wide variety of casual clothing as well as sports/action wear.

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of styles they sold and the tasteful designs.

So if you like RVCA clothing, you can get brand name stickers or a free bumper sticker from RVCA for free by going here.

4. In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger provides free stickers directly to visitors to their restaurant locations, or a free sticker package can be purchased through their online catalog at www.in-n-out.com

In case you didn’t know, In-N-Out Burger is an iconic fast-food chain that’s been around since 1948. In-N-Out Burger fans swear by their burgers, fries and other foods.

The restaurant website contributes their great foods to make them “the old-fashioned way.”

They’ve got restaurant locations in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Texas and Utah. You can stop at a store location and ask for free stickers.

5. Patagonia

Patagonia is a store that specializes in outdoor and activewear clothing and gear. They sell everything from wetsuits to snow and ski apparel to board shorts.

They also sell sleeping bags, travel bags, water bottles and more. If you go to the Patagonia contact page, you’ll see a list where you can request different items like store catalogs and yes, free stickers.

However, be aware that the free sticker requests are limited to one request every four months per person.

6. Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi also sells activewear for outdoor type activities. In their online store, you’ll find jackets, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts and more.

Plus, they have a variety of outdoor gear items, including backpacks and laptop cases.

cotopaxi llama sticker example
Cotopaxi’s Llama Sticker

The Cotopaxi logo is a llama, and they will send you a free llama sticker upon request Just send a self addressed envelope. Follow this link to the Cotopaxi website for more information.

7. Moosejaw

Moosejaw sells clothing apparel, footwear, hiking and camping gear and more. They sell climbing equipment and snow activity equipment and apparel too.

Also, the company has an expansive list of items you can buy if you like outdoor sports. And they’ll hook you up if you just like to wear nice looking outdoor sports type clothing.

If you request your free stickers via their contact form, Moosejaw will send you free stickers. I’m not sure what they look like, but the contact form quote says, “My favorite is the Mother’s Day sticker.” That could be interesting.

8. Southern Lure

Why is it that the sports apparel companies are so great about sending out free stickers to people? Southern Lure has a really cool sticker logo that they send out upon request.

Southern Lure Sticker options
Example of Southern Lure stickers

And if you’re interested in shopping there, they sell some great casual style hats. They also sell t-shirts, polo shirts, swim shorts (for guys) and more.

9. Medi-Badge

Medi-Badge is a company that sells stickers, lollipops and other goodies that businesses might use. I can see dental offices, doctor’s offices, teachers or dance instructors using their stickers.

They give away one FREE roll of stickers with every order. So if you’re buying something anyway, this could be an ideal way for you to get free stickers.

10. Dakine

Dakine is a sporting goods store that sells a wide variety of sports apparel. They sell items such as snowboard/skiing jackets and pants, bike shorts and jerseys, board shorts and more.

To request your free stickers, just send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the address below.

Attn: Sticker Request
603 Portway Ave
Hood River, OR 97031

11. Rip Curl

Rip Curl sells sports apparel as well as casual everyday wear apparel. They even sell surf watches and snow accessories such as gloves and hats.

In the past, Rip Curl would send free stickers upon request. But the company no longer answers requests for free stickers.

However, they do include a free sticker pack with every purchase. So if this is a company you would buy from, you can get free stickers simply by making a purchase.

12. Chaco

Chaco’s is a name-brand store that sells fashionable outdoor sandals and flip-flops. If you like to summer hike fashionably, you’ll find some cool stuff for sale on their website.

Chaco Sticker sheet they sent in the mail

The company sells other types of hiking gear and accessories too. For instance, they sell hats, socks, belts and bags. And they even have a dog gear section.

To request your free Chaco sticker, go here.

13. Zumiez

Zumiez sells a wide variety of fashion apparel. Plus, they sell sports equipment including skateboards, snowboards, snowboarding boots, jewelry, accessories and more.

You can get free stickers by stopping at any store location. Or you can send them a self-addressed stamped envelope. So if you don’t want to make the trip to a store, they’ll mail free stickers to you.

Examples of Zumiez stickers that they give out
Zumiez sticker examples

It sounds like they send a variety of different types of stickers. They might send skate stickers, a free bumper sticker, locker or bedroom stickers.

The website also says that the sticker packs change each season. They imply that customers are welcome to send multiple requests for free stickers.

14. Sticker You

Sticker You is a company that sells stickers, decals and other items. Upon request, the company says they’ll send you free sticker samples along with a catalog if you’d like.

Go here and fill out the form to request your free stickers.

15. Hook and Tackle

Hook and Tackle is a store that sells a variety of different types of fishing apparel. They sell items for both men and women, such as:

  • Performance fishing t-shirts
  • Casual fishing t-shirts
  • Fishing shorts
  • Water shorts
  • Hoodies
  • Fishing hats and caps
  • Fishing backpacks and drink insulators

The company will send you free stickers upon request if you visit the Hook and Tackle free sticker page.

16. Fish Hippie

Fish Hippie is another company that will send a free sticker upon request. They have a cool logo too. So that means a cool free sticker.

If you’re interested in shopping there, they sell a nice mix of casual and dress items. It includes casual dress shirts, baseball caps and performance hoodies.

They also sell wine. Yes, I said wine. Interesting combination of things, I know, but honestly, it’s a great site.

17. Lauren James

Lauren James is a store that sells women’s clothing and accessories. They sell collegiate wear, outerwear, holiday wear, bridesmaid dresses and more.

They also sell accessories such as journals and planners, blankets and drinkware. For your free Lauren James sticker, go to their website.

18. Punisher Skateboards

I probably don’t have to tell you that Punisher Skateboards sells skateboards. Plus, they sell helmets and other gear as well.

For your free Punisher Skateboards stickers, simply fill out a form on their website.

19. Freezer Labels

Freezer Labels is a company that produces stickers and labels that have an adhesive that will hold up to the coldest of temperatures.

If you go to their website, you can get free sticker samples of a design they choose. Or you can request free stickers that are blank samples that you can print yourself from home.

20. Sticker Mule

Sticker Mule is a site that manufactures stickers for businesses and individuals. Occasionally, they will offer free sticker packs on the site.

However, they always send out sample packs of 9 stickers for $1.

Are you considering using your hand-made custom designs for your stickers? If so, Sticker Mule will also send you a custom sample pack.

It will have ten stickers with your design for $9 with free two-day shipping.

This company could be a good one to contact if you want some freebie stickers (or cheap) just for fun.

Or if you wish to play around with designing your own bumper sticker.

21. Pelican Coast Clothing Company

Pelican Coast Clothing Company sells clothing and accessories for men, women and kids. However, it seems like most of their offerings are for men.

Pelican Coast sticker options
Sticker examples from Pelican Coast

Their clothes and accessories have a kind of a preppy look to them. They sell everything from t-shirts, ties and swim trunks for men to dresses and blouses for women.

Bonus: They also sell cool-looking dog collars. In fact, when I checked their dog collar page, most of the collars had a “sold out” sign. So they must be pretty popular.

To get your free Pelican Coast sticker (there are two to choose from at the time of this writing)

They’ll send you some free stickers if you send a self addressed envelope.

22. Heybo Outdoors

Heybo Outdoors sells mostly fishing and outdoor gear for men, women and youth. The majority of their clothing has a hunting/fishing theme to it. For instance, they sell camo jackets and shirts.

However, they do have a casual dress section that features nice button-down shirts. And they even offer button-downs with a camo flair.

In the “accessories” department, they sell belts, hats, boxers and more. You’ll find stuff for your hunting and fishing friends and family.

To request your free sticker from Heybo, click on this link.

Bonus: At the time of this writing they had a deal where they’d give you 10% off your first order if you signed up for their mailing list.

23. Haley and the Hound

Haley and the Hound sells clothes for women and kids. You’ll find dresses, tops, tunics, sweaters and swimwear for women. They’ve got a plus-size section too.

Girls will find a selection of adorably cute dresses on the site. And they sell t-shirts that work for both boys and girls.

The shop features accessories and stationery as well. You’ll find necklaces, handbags, caps and more.

Haley and the Hound also carries a selection of Mommy & Me outfits. I like the Mommy & Me stuff because it doesn’t match exactly, but is cute and complimentary instead.

You can request free stickers from Haley and the Hound by, clicking on this link.

24. Over Under

Over Under is a site that primarily sells men’s clothing and accessories. However, I did find one woman’s leather tote bag on the site.

They also had some youth-sized t-shirts, and stuff for your dog too.

The clothing was casual but nice. They had some dressier casual shirts for men as well, and some nicely designed leather accessories.

For dogs, they had leashes, collars and beds.

Most everything offered on the site was made in the U.S.A. To get your free sticker from Over Under, click on this link.

25. American Fish and Tackle Company (AFTCO)

AFTCO is a family-owned company committed to selling quality performance sportswear. They have clothing and sports gear for kids, men and women. The clothing and accessories are fashionable.

AFTCO sticker examples
Actual free stickers sent by AFTCO

Bonus: They spend a portion of each purchase on conservation efforts in the wild. To get your free stickers, just subscribe to their email list here.

26. Backcountry

Backcountry is a clothing site that specializes in outdoor sportswear. They have hiking, biking, skiing, running and other sports apparel and accessories.

If you mail in a request, they’ll send you a free sticker with a Backcountry logo. This could make for a great bumper sticker.

The logo is unique – it’s a goat. Get your Backcountry stick by visiting this Backcountry web page.

27. Vinyl Disorder

Vinyl Disorder makes custom stickers, banners, wraps and more. They make business decals and other vinyl creations too.

This company has two dozen free stickers to choose from. You can add up to five of them into your cart when you place an order.

Also, their stickers sell out fast. You may have to wait to get some designs. Go here to get free Vinyl Disorder stickers.

Vinyl Disorder Sticker Examples
Some of the stickers Vinyl Disorder offers for free

28. Burton Snowboards

Burton makes snowboards and snowboard accessories. Also, they sell clothing apparel and luggage, such as backpacks.

They’ll send you free stickers if you send them a self-addressed stamped envelope. They have different addresses for U.S. and Canadian residents.

Go to the Burton free sticker page for addresses and instructions.

29. Southern Marsh

Southern Marsh sells cool clothing for men, women and kids. They sell accessories such as hats, duffel bags, beach towels and scarves.

Southern Marsh Sticker options
Southern Marsh Free Sticker Examples

30. Sperry

Sperry sells shoes, boots, clothing and accessories. They have items for men, women and kids. Sperry specializes in boat and duck shoes.

You can get your free sticker from Sperry by filling out this form.

31. Rome Snowboards

Rome Snowboards sells snowboards, boots, bindings, apparel and more. They’ll send you a free pack of stickers if you mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the following address:

Rome SDS
Attn: Sticker Request
1 Derby Lane
Waterbury, VT 05676

32. Moose Tracks

Moose Tracks is a popular ice cream flavor. It’s so popular that Denali Flavors created a Moose Tracks website.

You can get your free Moose Tracks sticker or magnet by filling out this form.

Moose Tracks Ice Cream Sticker
Actual sticker sent from Moose Tracks

P.S. The site has all kinds of recipes featuring Moose Tracks ice cream. Beware of deliciousness!

33. Salomon

Salomon sells ski and snowboard equipment for men, women and children. And they sell sports apparel too.

You can get your free Salomon stickers by emailing them at support.us@salomon.com.

34. The Lucky Knot

The Lucky Knot sells nautical-themed sportswear for men and women.

They sell accessories such as bags, jewelry, cuff links and ties. If you want free Lucky Knot stickers, just fill out this Lucky Knot web page form.

The lucky knot free stickers
The Lucky Knot Free Stickers

35. Keds

Keds sells women’s and kid’s shoes. I still love buying Keds’ shiny white walking sneakers to this day.

However, these days they don’t just have white sneakers. They have all sorts of designs and colors. If you visit this Keds web page, they’ll send you free Keds stickers.

36. Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson sells firearms and firearm accessories. Notably, they’ve been in business since 1852.

Smith & Wesson will send you free stickers just for the asking. Send an email to qa@smith-wesson.com.

37. Race Tech

Race Tech sells suspension systems for snowmobiles, dirt bikes, etc. You can get free stickers from

Race Tech if you email them and ask. The email address is info@racetech.com.

38. Heelys

Do you remember Heelys? The tennis shoes with skate wheels on the bottom? I totally wanted a pair of those when I was a kid.

You can buy your own. And if you want, you can fill out the Heelys contact form, and they’ll send you free skate stickers.

39. Marker-Volkl

Marker-Volkl sells skis and coordinating accessories. You can get a free Marker-Volkl sticker by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the following address:

Marker-Volkl USA
Attn: Stickers
112 Etna Rd.
Lebanon, NH 03766

40. Houston Astros

Are you a Major League Baseball fan? The famous Houston Astros will send you a Houston Astros sticker when you email them at fanfeedback@astros.mlb.com.

41. Chicago White Sox

The Chicago White Sox is another MLB team that will send you free stickers for the asking.

Just email them at fanfeedback@whitesox.mlb.com. Hint: You might be able to request free stickers from other MLB teams by emailing them as well.

42. Boreal Mountain Ski Resort

Do you love to ski? Boreal Mountain Ski Resort will send you free mountain-themed stickers.

Simply email them at borealinfo@borealski.com.

43. Properly Tied

Properly Tied is an online store that sells clothing and accessories for men, women and kids.

Despite the fancy sounding name, the items they sell are casual and comfortable-looking.

To request free stickers from this company, go to Properly Tied website.

As with other sites, it will likely take a few weeks to get your stickers.

44. Wild Hat Co.

Wild Hat Co. is a company that sells hats, beanies and accessories such as stickers and t-shirts.

If you sign up to join their email list, you’ll get a free Wild Hat Co. sticker.

Examples of free Wild Hat Co stickers
Sticker options provided by Wild Hat Co.

Bonus: When you sign up, you get 10% off your first order. To get your free Wild Hat Co. sticker, go here.

45. Next Adventure

Next Adventure sells fun clothing for men, women and kids. They focus on activewear such as base layer clothing, hiking pants, etc.

You can get a free Next Adventure sticker simply by filling out their online form.

Fun fact: If you tell them a joke in the order form, you’ll get better stickers.

46. Honeybee Gardens

Honeybee Gardens makes natural cosmetics and skin care products.

To get free Honeybee Gardens stickers, order them on Mondays through this link.

47. Sinclair Oil

Do you want a sticker of the famous Sinclair Oil dinosaur, DINO?

Even if you don’t drive a car, this is a really cute sticker to have. It can also make for a great free bumper sticker.

48. Ducks Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited is a hunting and wildlife conservation site that focuses on healthy wildlife management and safe hunting.

When you sign up to receive the Ducks Unlimited newsletter, they’ll send you a free decal.

49. Southern Fried Cotton

Southern Fried Cotton is a clothing and apparel store that focuses on southern living.

If you fill out their contact form and ask for free stickers, they’ll send you some in the mail.

50. Wildlife Conservation Society

The Wildlife Conservation Society works hard to protect and preserve wildlife.

When you sign up through this form, they’ll send you a free sticker.


The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) will send you a free “pet alert” sticker for your home.

These stickers let emergency workers know there is a pet inside your home in case of an emergency.

Just fill out this form to request your free sticker.

52. Coca Cola

Do you love Coca Cola?

If so, you can use this contact form to request a free sticker. Sticker giveaways and designs can vary.

53. Exalt Paintball

Exalt Paintball sells paintball equipment and accessories.

Fill out the company’s sticker request form to request your free sticker from Exalt Paintball.

54. SB Surfboards

SB Surfboards is a company that specializes in, obviously, surfboards. If you’re a surfboarding fan, or if you just like free stickers, you can get a free SB Surfboards sticker decal.

55. Eastside Longboards

Eastside Longboards is a shop out of Oregon that sells longboards and longboard accessories.

When you send them a self-addressed, stamped envelope, they’ll send you two free stickers. Just go to this webpage and fill out the form on the page.

56. Jr. NBA

Are you a basketball fan? Or do you have aspirations to become a professional basketball player?

When you or your parents sign up to register with the Jr. NBA, they’ll send you a welcome pack that includes a free Jr. NBA sticker.

Request free stickers and head to this webpage to learn more.

57. Leave the Phone Alone

Leave the Phone Alone members sign up to pledge that they will not use their cell phone while driving. When you pledge to leave the phone alone when you’re driving, they will send you a free sticker.

Visit this webpage to learn more or to get your free sticker.

Note: This is only available for Canadian residents

58. POW Gloves

POW Gloves sells gloves that will keep your hands warm in all kinds of weather. They sell gloves, mitts, and other accessories to keep you warm during the coldest of days.

They have gloves for both working or playing. Check out their shop to find gloves that will help you stay warm on cold winter days.

Click here to order your free POW Gloves sticker.

59. Hytest

Hytest sells safety footwear for men and women. If you work at a job that requires specialized footwear, such as in construction, you’ll find products here that will help you at work.

To get your free Hytest footwear sticker, fill out this form.

60. Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines is a clothing and apparel store that sells beachwear, boatwear, and other types of casual clothing.

61. Freestyle USA

Freestyle USA sells apparel and accessories for those who love water sports such as swimming. You can find watches, swimwear and more available on the site.

Visit this sticker request form and follow the directions to get your free Freestyle USA sticker.

62. Turntable Lab

Turntable Lab is a music store that sells turntables and other music accessories. Check out their free sticker page to get a free Turntable Lab sticker. One per customer.

63. American Farmland Trust

American Farmland Trust helps support America’s farmers.

When you sign up through this link on their website, they’ll send you a free “No farms, no food” sticker.

They have a special link for if you want to request stickers in bulk too.

64. Saucony

Saucony has running shoes for both men and women.

Oh, they have kids’ running shoes too. If you want to get a free sticker from Saucony, just fill out this form.

65. Whimsical Wolf

Whimsical Wolf is a company that sells shirts, beanies and other apparel.

Then they give a portion of all sales proceeds to help protect and preserve the wolf population.

When you fill out their free sticker request form, they’ll send you free Whimsical Wolf stickers. U.S. residents only.

66. Marshwear

Marshwear sells performance sportswear and accessories.

They sell jackets, shirts, sweatshirts, pants, hats and more.

Fill out their free sticker request form and they’ll send you a free sticker.

67. Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is an organization that rescues farm animals and supports veganism.

68. TGM Skateboards

TGM Skateboards sells skateboards and longboards. They also sell boarding accessories and apparel.

Check out this webpage for instructions on how to receive a free sticker from TGM Skateboards. Note: You’ll have to send them a self-addressed stamped envelope.

69. The North Face

The North Face will send you free stickers just for asking. At the North Face, you can get stickers relating to the outdoors, which make great additions to water bottles and other outdoor gear.

You don’t have to buy anything to get free North Face stickers. Just contact customer service and request them, and you’ll soon have free stickers in the mail.

70. Volcom

Volcom is a clothing company for the outdoorsy type and skaters. They typically send stickers with clothing orders, but you can get free stickers just for asking.

To receive free stickers, you must send a request in a self-addressed, stamped envelope. So it takes a few steps, and you’ll have to pay for the stamp, but in return, you’ll get quality stickers to use how you want.

71. Yelp Sticker

Why not add a free Yelp sticker to your business’s window if you run a business? It can encourage guests to review Yelp or tell others where to find information about your business.

It takes almost a month to receive your sticker, so start the process early if you want it soon. To get your ‘Find us on Yelp’ sticker, complete this form. You can also request additional stickers if you have multiple locations or multiple stylists who want a sticker for their station.

72. The Smile Shop

The Smile Shop offers fun smiley stickers to make anybody’s day bright. You won’t just get a free sticker from them; they will send an entire sticker book!

But there’s a small catch. You must make a purchase to get the free sticker book. If you don’t make a purchase, you can get the book for $2.99 in shipping and handling. 

73. Jones Soda

If you love Jones Soda, carry on the fun with their free stickers. You’ll recognize the fun stickers as the ones on their bottles, and now you can have them to decorate your belongings too.

To get your stickers, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the address on this page, and you’ll have free stickers within 3 to 4 weeks.

74. Simply Southern

Everyone loves the Simply Southern collection of tees and other apparel, and now you can get free stickers. In addition, simply Southern donates 10% of their proceeds to save the turtles, so it’s a great company to support.

To get your free stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to Simply Southern. In a few weeks, you’ll receive cute stickers in the mail. 

75. Google Pay

Google Play home

Businesses offering mobile payment options may increase customer loyalty as many people today prefer convenient ways to pay. But your customers won’t know you offer mobile payment options unless you display them. 

Google Pay offers free stickers to show your customers that you accept it. To get your free Google Pay stickers, click here and complete the form. The stickers are 100% free and arrive in approximately ten business days.

76. Moshe Popack

If you like positivity, Moshepopack.com is your site. Sign-up for their newsletter and get a positivity sticker.

Not only do you get the sticker, but you get a great e-newsletter that focuses on optimisum and hope to encourage a healthier and happier you.

77. You Are Beautiful

Since 2002, they have been sending You Are Beautiful stickers. Just send them a self addresssed and stamped envelope to:

You Are Beautiful 
3368 N Elston, Chicago, IL

78. Dickies

One of my favorite clothing lines that makes a mean backpack is Dickies.

They offer patches for sale but if you want the free sticker, send a self addressed and stamped envelope to:

Attn: Customer Experience
509 W Vickery Blvd
Fort Worth, TX 76104

79. Wolverine

Wolverine is well know for their 1000 Mile Boots. The name says it all. These solid made boots will last forever. From safety toe, to classic styles, they have them all.

In addition to boots, they have a huge selection of clothing, men and women, including rugged outdoor gear.

80. CCS

Who doesn’t like skateboards? And when you think of skateboards, CCS comes to mind.

They sell stickers online but you can get a free one simply by sending a self addressed stamped envelope to:

Department of Free Stuff
5909 NE 80th Ave
Portland, OR 97218

81. Ivory Ella

Ivory Ella is an apparel and lifestyle brand that supports elephant conservation. They donate a minimum of 10% of their profits to organizations such as Save the Elephants to support their work in sustaining elephant populations.

To get your free stickers, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Ivory Ella
PO Box 1908
Westerly, RI 02891

They also have exclusive sticker packs available for sale on their website.

82. Souther Tide

Southern Tide sells classic American lifestyle (a.k.a. “preppy”) apparel for men, women, and kids. And with “Southern” in the name, you can also bet that they have collegiate apparel for schools in the SEC, ACC, and other conferences.

To get your free sticker, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Southern Tide Stickers
84 Villa Rd
Suite 101
Greenville, SC 29615

83. DARR Equipment

When it comes to cold, DARR Equipment has a sticker for you. The sticker has “Ice and Snow, Take It Slow” wording. This is a great sticker for establishments to put on their front doors or near an exit.

84. Dragon Alliance

Another eyewear company, Dragon Alliance focuses on high-end goggles and eyewear with a variety of products.

Request your free stickers by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Dragon Alliance, LLC
Attn: Sticker Inquiries
971 Calle Amanecer
San Clemente, CA 92673

85. Shoei Helmets

Shoei Helmets makes some pretty cool helmets and accessories for motorcycle racing and recreation.

To request free stickers, drop them an email at customerservice@shoei.com, and be sure to include your full mailing address.

86. Brixton

Brixton offers unique apparel for men, women, and youth. Their headwear collection is especially impressive if you’re into hats!

Request your free stickers by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Brixton Attn: Stickers
3821 Ocean Ranch Blvd
Oceanside, CA 92056

87. Skatelite

Skatelite is a company that offers premium skate and BMX ramp surfaces for all of those fun tricks and stunts.

Request your free stickers by filling out this online form (it’s on Facebook).

Otherwise, you can send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Attn: Sticker Request
624 E 15th St
Tacoma, WA 98421

Note that you will be signing up for their email newsletter if you fill out the online form

88. MuirSkate Longboard Shop

MuirSkate offers longboards as well as other skateboarding accessories.

They do include free stickers with every order.

You can also get free stickers by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Muir Skate
Attn: Sticker Team
7919 Silverton Ave, Suite 407
San Diego, CA 92126

89. ENO (Eagles Nest Outfitters)

ENO makes highly rated hammocks and gear for the outdoors. They also plant two trees in a place of need for every hammock sold!

Get some free stickers by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Attn: Stickers Please!
601 Sweeten Creek Industrial Park
Asheville, NC 28803

90. Pickelball Ya’ll

Who loves Pickelball? Pepickleball had this free sticker for you.

PEP Pickleball is a major manufacturer of pickleball paddles. They focus on ladies only from paddles, clothing and more.

91. I Love Soil

Who doesn’t like dirt? The Soil Science Society of America loves dirt too and wants to give free stickers.

Simply fill out the online form and they willl send you a fun I love dirt sticker.

92. Be More Stoked

Artist and photographer Cy Whitling has some pretty nifty art that he puts on t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other apparel.

Request a sticker by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Cy Whitling
PO Box 1696
Driggs, ID 83422

If you want more than one sticker, feel free to send him a couple of bucks or some candy with your request.

93. TNT Fireworks

TNT Fireworks is the number one selling brand of fireworks in the United States. Show your love for fireworks by joining the TNT Club. Members receive a poster, sticker, magnets, temporary tattoos, and more.

Simply go to their site and fill out the online form.

94. Clean Drain Dry Pro-Ambassador 

Who loves to fish? This sticker is an awareness by Wildlife Forever created by pro-anglers to help protect the waters from invasive species.

By keeping your boats clean and dry, you can help stop the spread of invasive species that can impact waters.

95. Livin Foundation

The LIVIN Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote a positive outlook on life, reduce the stigma associated with depression/mental illness, and ultimately prevent suicide through various activities, events, and outreach.

They’re mailing out free #LIVIN decals for you to display and explain why the LIVIN message is important to you.

96. Alpenglow Adventure Sports

Alpenglow Adventure Sports is a Maine-based retailer of gear for camping, climbing, and hiking. They also carry apparel for men and women.

Request free stickers by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Alpenglow Adventure Sports
PO Box 121
Orono, ME 04473

97. Beachgoer

You can probably tell by the name, but Beachgoer offers beach products including bodyboards, beach gear, and surf gear for men and women.

Stickers are included in every order.

If you want stickers without an order, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

7503 Gary Rd
Manassas, VA 20109

98. All Downhill

All Downhill is a podcast about philosophy, politics, pop culture, and more. They’re sending out vinyl logo stickers to help advertise the show.

Shoot them an email at alldownhill@alternative-internet.com and plead your case as to why they should send you some free stickers. Don’t forget to include your address!

99. Occupy Your Heart

Occupying Hearts was started by an artist in the fall of 2011. Her goal is that we must “occupy our hearts” first and foremost to do all the hard, important work we are called to do in this world.

You can also send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Arlington Street Church – UU
c/o Laura Evonne – Artist in Residence (Occupying Hearts)
351 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02116

100. Boca Coast

Boca Coast is “the in-shore fishing capital of the world.” Located in Florida, they cater to serious in-shore fishermen and anglers.

Their flagship product is Bait Fish Chum, but they also offer a few apparel items for your adventures.

Boca Coast provides free, high-quality BC vinyl decals for fans who follow their Facebook page.

Fill out the form here with your name and mailing address. You may choose to receive one or two decals.

Next, I’ll talk about sites that will help you stay abreast of companies that are giving away free stickers.

Sites that Will Keep You Updated on Free Sticker Offers

Along with the sites mentioned above that send out free stickers directly from their companies, several freebie sites post new free sticker offerings whenever they come out. I’ll share a few of them here.

Sweet Free Stuff

Sweet Free Stuff is a freebie site that shares links to companies willing to send free stickers. They also share the scoop on freebies such as free samples, baby stuff, books, birthday things and more.

Their site posts links to freebies for pet items, health and beauty, and free food items. Also, they give coupons and information about giveaways as well.

I Crave Freebies

I Crave Freebies is another freebie site that shares information on how to get free stickers. Among other categories they have for getting freebies you can find out how to get many more items such as:

  • Admissions and tickets to events
  • Baby and kid stuff
  • Beauty samples
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Cashback offers
  • Cleaning products

They also share info on current sweepstakes happenings, coupons and other great deals you might find of interest.


VonBeau.com deals with giving info about how to get free stickers and a free bumper sticker as well.

Categories on their site include free samples in the areas of men’s, women’s and kid’s products, magazines, health, food and pet merchandise.

They also share coupon information and sweepstakes info.

Yo! Free Samples

Along with a free sticker section, Yo! Free Samples shares details on wedding and entertainment freebies, household samples, health samples, free food, clothes and more.

The site also features a savings blog, contest and giveaway information and Amazon promo codes.

Seriously Free Stuff

Seriously Free Stuff is a pretty popular freebie site that has info on free stickers among other things. I found a lot of free sticker info on this site that wasn’t common on many of the other sites I checked.

Along with free sticker info, the site shares links to free: health stuff, food samples, beauty samples and home goods. Plus, they have links to sweepstakes information as well.

Free Stuff Times

Free Stuff Times is another popular freebie site that has a free sticker category.  You’ll also find information there about contests, giveaways, coupons and hot deals.

They have a host of freebies including free samples in the areas of baby items, food samples, beauty samples, eBooks, magazines and more.


Freebies.com didn’t have a specific category for free stickers either but had search results indicating they do share free sticker info on their site.

This is a good reminder that a site might not blatantly advertise that they directly give away free stickers. Or that they share information about other companies that give away free stickers. It never hurts to do a search to find out.

I Love Free Things

The I Love Free Things site shares quite a bit of information about free giveaways. Also, they have a separate category on their home page that tells about companies giving away free stickers.

The site also explains how you can get things for free for babies, beauty products, clothing, food samples and more.


Freebies.org is like most other freebie site links I’ve shared here. I did have to search to find the “free stickers” category.

Freebies Website

There’s an abundance of other freebie information on this site about a host of categories such as health and beauty, household products, books, magazines, pet products, birthday freebies and more.

Free Stuff Finder

Free Stuff Finder was one of those sites that had some links to free sticker giveaways that I hadn’t seen on many other sites.

There’s lots of other shopping and saving information on the site as well.

Totally Free Stuff

Totally Free Stuff is one of the longest standing freebie sites, started in 1998. When I searched for “free stickers” on the site, it populated a list of available free stickers.

This comprehensive and easy-to-use freebie site tells about offers for free pet items, health and beauty products, home and garden items, electronics, free food samples and more.

Just Free Stuff

Just Free Stuff has an attractive website that’s easy to use. All of the freebie categories, including the free sticker category, are listed on the left sidebar, making your favorite freebies easy to find.

Some of the categories this site had that I didn’t see on many other freebie sites included free printables, postcards, games and software items.

3000 Free Goodies

3000 Free Goodies isn’t the most attractive site you’ll find for getting free stickers, but it’s easy to use and has a lot of information on it. Here’s the link to their free sticker information.

There is a LOT of information on this site for those of you who love getting free items.

Go Freebies

Go Freebies is one of the more popular free giveaway sites, and it shares a lot of great information. However, you’ll have to do a free stickers search to get the list of available free stickers on the site.

It was worth the trouble when I did my search as it returned quite a few results.


FreeStuff.com was another one of those sites where I had to work a bit to find their information about free stickers. But there ended up being quite a few links on the site for them.


Free stickers are fun to get for both kids and adults alike, especially if they’re free. So if you like free stickers, this list will help you make sure you get dozens of them.

And most are accessible by merely sending an email or letter request.

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  1. Thank you so much for creating this website!

  2. Ekuma Micael says:

    What will I do to get started?

    1. Just click on some of the links in this article! A lot of companies just require you to fill out a form so it’s really simple to get the free stickers!

  3. Kathleen Jones says:

    I am seeking free recycling stickers or supplies. We are a small group seeking to raise awareness in our community to encourage recycling. Thank you.

    1. Use the information and links in this post to help you. I hope you can get some stickers. Good luck!

  4. How’s long does it take and is it safe?

    1. That is up to each individual company. You would have to contact each one and ask them how long it takes. As far as safety, you can read their FAQ’s, polices, terms and conditions to vet them for yourself. You could also look for reviews about each site you are interested in.

  5. An'Drea Jenkins says:

    This was really helpful. I got a lot of free stickers sent right to my door! πŸ™‚

    1. That’s great to hear! I’m glad we could help!

  6. For Annie’s, the sticker is free, but you have to provide a UPC code. So, I just went to Target and got one off a box.

  7. Jaden Martinez says:

    Hi, it would mean a lot to me if I got some stickers from your company. I would like to promote this company. My address is 350 Barrett Place.
    Please and thank you.

    1. If you would like stickers, you need to follow the links in the post to try to get them. Good luck!

  8. I live in Chicago, LMAO! I’m not contacting the White Sox, but I am trying the Cubs!

    1. I hope that works out for you!

  9. I’ve spent hours on here requesting stickers and I’ve gone through every one of them with an online form and so far all of them have said my stickers will be shipping out.

    1. I hope you get them soon!

    1. Of course, we can never fully guarantee that any site is 100% legit because we are not responsible or liable for their actions. At the same time, we obviously try to only list those sites that are legit. It’s up to you whether or not you want to try it or not.

  10. I have to wait 2 to 4 weeks for all of the sites I liked. πŸ™

    1. That’s unfortunate. However, keep in mind that they are free!

  11. ENO Hammocks also will give you stickers for free!

  12. JT Spencer says:

    Collared Greens is out of business and no longer does sticker requests. We are now in their building and get sticker requests all the time. Please take them off!

  13. Please remove Osprey from this list. We do not offer free stickers upon request.

    Thank you,

    Osprey Customer Support Team

  14. Faith Lutz says:

    I love the little smiley face sticker in the image at the top of the post. Was that a free stickers from one of the companies? If so, which one?

    1. It’s probably just a random photo of a sticker. However, there could be similar ones in what you get. You’d just have to try to get some and see what you end up with. πŸ™‚

  15. For everyone asking, yes the stickers are free, although most are just logos. Some companies, like Billabong and others near the top, have nice stickers! Enjoy!

  16. Does anyone know if any of these have elephants or cats? They are my favorite animals. Thanks.

    1. I think you usually have to just take what you can get. Keep in mind, they are free.

  17. Crazy ginger says:

    Osprey no longer gives stickers due to larger demand. This is just a heads up.

    1. Thanks for putting that out there!

  18. Ashley Figueroa says:

    Are these actually free? I don’t want to pay.

    1. Yes, they are supposed to be free. πŸ™‚

  19. I’m just hoping the stickers come because, for me, it took a little while to get to the request stickers part of the websites.

    1. I hope they do too and that you enjoy them when they arrive. πŸ™‚

  20. Are all these sites safe to use? For some sites, I got a warning saying it wasn’t secure.

    1. Well, I just went to the first ten in the post through the links with no warnings or problems. So far they seem secure. Maybe it’s the settings on your computer?

  21. Hi
    I tried ordering from MediBadge and they emailed me that they only sell to hospitals and not to individuals. Do you have any idea how I can get MediBadge stickers for my daughter?

    1. My suggestion would be to contact them and ask additional questions. However, it does say on their website that they may not accept all orders and they generally sell to businesses and not individuals.

  22. ricky mcgrady says:

    I like free stickers. I like anything free.

  23. Thank you for this! It was so helpful. πŸ™‚

  24. Wahoo! Who doesn’t love free stuff and who doesn’t love free stickers? This is awesome, thanks!

    1. I’m glad you like it!