22 Ways to Get Discounts on Six Flags Tickets

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A day at Six Flags will be a day packed with fun. With 16 parks spread out across the country, it will be easy to find a park to enjoy. The day will hopefully be an experience that your family can enjoy together, but the cost at the end of the day might put a slight damper on your enjoyment.

The price of tickets is very high and spending between 60 and 85 dollars per ticket might not sound like your idea of fun.

Especially when you multiply that by how many members are in your family. Once you start adding in food costs and souvenirs, the total cost of the trip might be astronomical.

Luckily, there are many ways to find Six Flags tickets at a better price. If you can find a good deal on the tickets, then the trip will be more affordable It will also be more enjoyable because you won’t be worried about going over your budget.

How to Save Money on the Tickets

Check out the list below for the best ways to save on Six Flags tickets!

1. Coca-Cola Company Cans

If you already drink soda, then this is the perfect deal for you. There are usually some great deals on the back of the can. You will need to bring the pop can to the park in order to get the discount at the ticket window.

The discount usually ranges from 15 to 21 dollars, but there can be some restrictions. One of the most common restrictions is that most coupons can only be used on an adult price ticket. Make sure to read the rules before you head to the park, it can be an upsetting surprise when the coupon you planned to use didn’t work.

You might not want to bring your empty cans to the park, so another option is using the promo code “COKE” on the Six Flags website. It may not work for every park, but if you are attempting to buy your tickets online, then this is a good option to try.

2. Buy Your Tickets Ahead of Time

You can save a surprising amount of money simply by buying your tickets ahead of time. Just by buying your ticket in advance you can save between 15 and 25 dollars depending on the park you plan to visit.

You just have to go to sixflags.com and buy your tickets at least 24 hours in advance. You can easily print them and head to the park.

Not only does this trick save you money, but it also saves you time because you will not be standing in the ticket office line with everyone who didn’t know about this deal. You will have more money in your pocket and more time in the park as a result of this discount.

3. Use your AAA discount

If you have an AAA card, then make sure to use it!

Many of us have AAA memberships to save us from sketchy situations on the side of the road. Another benefit of AAA is that they also have a ton of member exclusive discounts available to cardholders. One of these discounts is on Six Flags tickets.

AAA members can save 5 dollars on a general admission ticket, just by showing your card to the ticket office. You can also save son souvenirs by capitalizing on the 10% discount available on all merchandise purchases of 15 dollars or more when you are in the park.

This is definitely a double win if you have an AAA card handy.

4. Look for printable coupons

Who doesn’t love using coupons? Finding a good coupon is like finding free money, especially when it comes to Six Flags coupons. You can save a ton of money on your next trip there if you find the right deals.

Check out these sites for the latest coupons available for Six Flags tickets.:

There are usually some coupons that will get you a great deal.

You will have to remember to print out the coupon and bring it with you, but it is worth the effort because you will be saving a good amount of money. Any amount of money you can save is a good amount of money.

5. Buy a Season Pass

If you are a Six Flags fanatic or just someone who goes fairly often, then you might want to consider buying the season pass. You can save quite a bit of money on tickets if you use your season pass often.

Buying the season pass will not make sense if you only go one time a year, but if you go three or four times a year then it is definitely looking into.

In addition to a cheaper admission to the park, you will also receive some great benefits as a season ticket holder. These benefits usually vary by season, but some of these perks from past seasons include in-park discounts, free parking, exclusive events, free tickets for your friends on certain days on top of unlimited visits.

It can really be a great option if you are planning to spend many weekends at the Six Flags parks.

6. Groupon

Groupon has some great deals on almost everything you might want to do, including Six Flags discounts. There are usually some worthwhile discounts on the site, so it is worth checking out before you make your final purchase.

7. Group Discounts

Group discounts can be a great way to get a good deal at most theme parks and Six Flags is no exception. You can save money by getting a big group of people together and heading to the park.

The minimum number of people usually ranges between 10 or 20 people and it varies by park.  If you are thinking “there is no way that I could get that many people together,” then you haven’t thought about all the options yet.

The discount can be given to companies, youth groups, schools, travel groups, reunions and more. You could even go with another family or two and buy your tickets together for the discount. If you don’t want to hang out after the ticket window, then you can easily go your separate ways after you score a great discount together.

8. Check for Coupons at the Grocery Store

Six Flags has worked with many manufacturers over the years to place a Six Flags coupon on product packaging. For example, Six Flags coupons can be found on Tony’s frozen pizza and Ortega taco shell boxes.

The discounts can vary based on what product the coupon is on, but it can be worth looking for these coupons. Sometimes you will find a really great deal.

The Six Flags coupons will usually move from one product to another every year, but it can be worth looking around the store to find the coupon.

9. Look for Discounts at Local Merchants

Some local stores and regional chains sell Six Flags tickets at a discounted rate. You can look around the store in your area to see if there is a deal for you.

One store that does sell discounted tickets is Kroger stores, you can get a season pass at a much better price than at the park.

10. Employer Discounts

Some employers sign up for programs like TicketsatWork.com. As an employee, you can receive benefits like discounted tickets to theme parks and concerts.

It is worth finding out if your employer offers a similar program. You will be able to save money on Six Flags tickets as well as other events and parks in your area.

11. Credit Unions

Some local credit unions allow you to purchase Six Flags tickets at a discounted price. Just call around to credit unions in your local area to see if any nearby can offer you a good discount on tickets.

12. Join the Read to Succeed Program

The Read to Succeed program is a reading club that is designed to encourage kids to read. The program is offered for children in kindergarten to sixth grade. Your child’s school has to be within 250 miles of a Six Flags theme park in order to participate.

Any student that completes six hours of recreational reading will receive a free admission ticket. That’s right, a completely free ticket.

Not only will your child earn their ticket, but also encourage them to read more! Another double win!

A bonus feature of this program is for the teachers. If you are a teacher that has 10 or more students participating in the program, then you are also eligible for a free ticket.

Scoring a free ticket is even better than finding a good discount.

13. Use Your Discover Credit Card

Note: This is no longer available however, if you do bring your discover card, they actually have a special entrance for you. Find out more here.

If you already have a Discover credit card, then definitely use it to purchase your Six Flags tickets.

As a Discover cardholder, you will receive a 5% discount on your ticket purchase. The discount also applies to all purchase made within the park.

You can use this discount either at the ticket office or online before you go.

14. Military Discount

You know if this applies to you. Just ask for the military discount and you should receive a discount, the exact amount will vary by location.

15. Look for Tickets at Costco

Check out a warehouse store like Costco, Sam’s Club or BJs for a deal. Sometimes they have amazing deals on tickets, other times the deals aren’t as great. Still worth checking out on the off chance you hit the coupon lottery.

Other Ways to save at Six Flags

You can not only save on tickets, but there are many other things that you can save money on when going to Six Flags.

16. Buy Your Parking Pass Ahead of Time

While this trick won’t save you money on your actual tickets, it will help you to save money on the overall trip. The parking prices at Six Flags can be steep, between 15 to 30 dollars for each vehicle.

You can buy a parking pass in advance that will save you a bit of money. The season pass for parking is currently 45 dollars, but it will allow you to park for free all season.

Otherwise, you will have to shell out at least 15 dollars just to park your car in the parking lot for the day.

Although you can always have someone drop you off or hope to find an empty parking lot, those are both inconvenient and unlikely.

Hopefully, this will help make the fact that you have to pay for parking a little bit less painful.

17. Don’t Get a Locker

Only bring what you want to carry around the park all day to avoid purchasing a locker. It can not only be expensive to buy a locker but also inconvenient to continually have to be running back to the locker to get something.

18. Don’t Buy Any Souvenirs

If at all possible, don’t buy the park souvenirs. They are expensive and can add to the bottom line of your trip fast.

The best souvenirs are the memories you make and the pictures you take, so if you can live with that then skip the gift shop.

Some people (including myself) absolutely have to get a souvenir to mark the day.

I would recommend limiting yourself to a strict budget before you head into the gift shop, that way you aren’t tempted to justify buying something that is obviously out of your price range.

19. Eat Outside of the Park

You are not allowed to bring any food or water into the Six Flags parks, so if you don’t plan ahead you will be forced to spend an insane amount of money on amusement park food.

Whatever you choose to do about food, just remember that the park food will be outrageously expensive.

The best way to avoid this cost is to eat before you get into the park and after you leave. There will likely be many options right outside of the parks gates that are more affordable.

If you would prefer to save even more money, then you could bring your own cooler full of lunch food and eat it at the car around lunchtime.

20. Stick to the Rides

Instead of playing the many games that are available in the park, just stick to the rides. The games are fun but expensive. If you play more than one or two the cost can really start to eat into your trip’s budget.

If you cannot avoid the games altogether, then set a budget before you start playing and stick to it.

There are many other things to do at the park, including the rides! You can have a ton of fun without playing a single game.

21. Have a Plan

If you want to get the most out of your money, then you will want to have a game plan before you get to the park. A good place to start is to decide on what you want to do.

You can then decide the order based on the park layout. Maps of the parks are easily found online, this is the Magic Mountain location’s map.

Making a plan is a great way to maximize your park time, but remember to be flexible. It is likely that not everything will go exactly according to the plan, but it is still good to have an idea of what you would like to see while you are in the park.

22. Remember the Extras

Every time you visit a theme park, you will encounter little things that can really add to your budget.

It might be the photo you have to buy because everyone is actually smiling, the ice cream cone that needs to be replaced after an accident or a balloon for a kiddo who is behaving extremely well.

You never know what little thing will come up on your trip, but make sure to budget a little extra money into your trip so that you are able to enjoy the trip even if things are not going exactly according to the plan.

Final Tips

The parks are spread out across the country and all offer different experiences. One final way to save is to just plan on going to the park closest to you, instead of trekking across the country.

The closer you are to home, the less you will be spending on transportation to get there and can really help save you a lot of money.

Planning a Six Flags trip will be an adventure in itself. Most of the deals vary by the park location, so you will have to look in a few different places to ensure that you get the best deal for tickets.

Always check out a couple of different deals before you choose a deal. The best thing way to save money is to give yourself plenty of time to look into the different money saving options so that you can use the best deal in the area to your advantage.

How will you save money on Six Flags tickets this summer?

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