DIY Spa Day Gift Basket Ideas

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There’s nothing like a gift basket to make someone feel cherished. And these spa day gift basket ideas can make your gift recipient feel both cherished and grateful.

It seems these days that life is so very busy–for everyone! Use these ideas to give the gift of pampering and relaxation to that special person in your life.

Great Spa Day Gift Basket Ideas

gift basket ideas

Knowing some great DIY spa day gift basket ideas can help you have great gift ideas right in your back pocket.

Whether the gift basket is for a new mom, a busy friend or simply for a person who deserves to be pampered, these ideas for spa day gift baskets can fit the bill. 

Manicure/Pedicure Spa Day Gift Basket

Mani/pedi spa day gift baskets can be fun gifts, even for the person who isn’t big on baths or whole body pampering. 

After all, almost everyone likes to have pretty toes at the beach or attractive nails for parties, even if they’re not painted. 

Considering adding the following items to your mani/pedi spa day gift basket:

  • Emery boards and nail files
  • Cuticle pushers, cuticle trimmers and nail trimmers
  • Foot files/scrubbers
  • Toe dividers
  • Foot scrub
  • Fine-grit files for smoothing the tops of thick nails

Consider adding nail polish remover, cotton balls and a couple of pretty nail polish colors as well. 

Choose colors that compliment your gift recipient’s skin tones or fashion style. Not sure which colors to choose?

Check out this article on how to choose colors for specific skin tones. If you’re still in doubt when you get to the store, do some comparison shopping.

For instance, pick out a few different shades of red nail polish. Hold them next to each other and work to discern the warm reds from the cool reds and the neutral reds. 

Relaxation Spa Day Gift Basket

We live in a busy, stress-filled world, and almost everyone could use a break from that stress. This is where the “relaxation” spa day gift basket can come in handy.

A spa day gift basket that focuses on relaxation helps your gift recipient put aside the stressors of life, if only for a few hours.

Consider including these items when you make your relaxation spa day gift basket.

  • Epsom salts with lavender oil or frankincense oil for calming and relaxing detoxing
  • A calming CD/CD player or custom Spotify song list
  • Relaxing, scented candles 
  • Herbal teas
  • Chocolates and wine
  • Foot massagers or other body massage tools
  • Inspirational reads

You could even add some super comfortable pajamas, robe, socks and slippers for after the relaxing bath. 

If it’s okay with your gift recipient, offer to neaten up the house, bedroom or bathroom to increase the relaxation experience. 

Does your gift recipient have little ones? Offer to take the kids for the day/evening/overnight so they can truly relax and enjoy their spa experience.

Skin Care Spa Day Gift Basket

A skin care spa day gift basket focuses primarily on skincare. One thing you’ll want to try and find out about your gift recipient when choosing a skin care basket is their skin type. 

Do they have normal skin? Dry skin? Oily skin? Use your detective skills to find out, and then go about creating your skin care basket, including items such as:

  • Facial and/or mud masks that are skin-type specific
  • All natural body scrubs such as those made with coconut oil, sugar and essential oils
  • Bath salts (especially those made with Epsom salt) for detoxing and soaking away stress
  • Body and face lotions that nourish the skin with moisture after a bath
  • Lip balms

Consider adding other items to pamper the skin, such as a warm, fluffy robe, and thick bath towels, washcloths and slippers.

Top off the basket by adding serums and skin care products that help preserve and protect the skin. 

Add in some all-natural, organic teas too, which will help detox the body and promote clearer, healthier skin. 

They’re also great for sipping on while you’re enjoying that hydrating bath.

Bath Spa Day Gift Basket

A bath spa day gift basket contains everything needed for a calm and relaxing bath. Along with bath bombs, bath beads or bath salts, you can consider adding:

  • Bath sponges, loofahs and bath gloves for exfoliating
  • Body scrubs, lotions and butters
  • A hair wrap towel and/or body towel
  • Hair masks and face masks
  • Scented candles
  • Bubble bath

And more. For instance, you could get a CD of some relaxing music if your gift recipient has a portable CD player, or create a Spotify song list of calming music. 

Or, you could choose a color or scent and create your basket with a theme. For example, you could create a vanilla or lavender scented basket, or create a basket that focuses on your gift recipient’s favorite color. 

Top off your bath spa day gift basket with some fluffy, cushioned slippers and some great books for your gift recipient to enjoy while in the bath. 

All Natural Spa Day Gift Basket

An “all natural” spa day gift basket is great for the gift recipient that loves to live life naturally. Here are some ideas of what you could put in your “all natural” gift basket.

  • Epsom salts scented with a few drops of essential oil for the bath
  • Hand and body scrubs made with coconut oil, sugar and essential oil
  • Bar soap or lotion made from tallow, olive oil and essential oil
  • All natural loofahs, body scrubbers, foot scrubs, etc
  • Organic towels
  • All natural candles

You get the picture. The goal is to avoid artificial scents and ingredients, all while creating that relaxing spa atmosphere. 

You can also find “make your own” DIY spa kits with all natural ingredients, like this one from Uncommon Goods.

Use the kit to make all natural spa treatments for your gift recipient. Or give the kit as a part of the gift so they can make the treatments themselves. 

Another tip: Check out non-toxic nail polishes for your spa basket. These are made without formaldehyde or other toxic ingredients.  

“The Works” Spa Day Gift Basket

“The Works” spa day gift basket has it all: Items for the body, for the nails, for the face. It contains everything you could think of for your gift recipient to feel pampered:

  • A large, fluffy towel, hair wrap and washcloth.
  • Nail items such as files, cuticle pushers and trimmers, nail polish remover, cotton balls, toe separators and a few nail polish colors (along with a top coat).
  • Body and face scrubs
  • Body and face lotions
  • Exfoliating items such as bath gloves, loofahs, bath sponges and callous removers for feet.
  • Bath salts, beads and/or bombs
  • Face masks and hair masks

You can also include extras such as wine, chocolates, candles, books to read and other treats.

This is obviously the most expensive of the basket ideas we’re featuring here. However, if you’re searching for a gift that will really “wow” your gift recipient, this might be the way to go. 

As with all of our spa day gift basket ideas, be sure to choose colors and scents based on your gift recipient’s preferences. 

When in doubt, choose unscented products. Another tip: Check out the best coupon app websites to get discounts and cash back on spa basket products you buy. 

How to Create the Perfect Spa Day Gift Basket

Creating the perfect spa day gift basket is easy when you consider a few helpful tips. Here are some suggestions for helping to create the perfect gift basket. 

  1. Choose a basket, and consider one that fits in with the recipient’s home decor so they can reuse it.
  2. Add a towel and/or washcloth in your gift recipient’s favorite color. Lay the towel or washcloth on the bottom of the basket, or roll it up and set it upright in the basket
  3. Artfully arrange the basket’s contents in the basket .
  4. Add a beautiful ribbon if you can find a design that fits the theme or matches the basket.
  5. Add a custom name tag to top it off.
  6. Consider wrapping the basket in cellophane with another ribbon on top to tie the cellophane together.
  7. Sneak in a treat or two: a bottle of wine, some chocolates or a favorite candy.

As you work to put the basket together, consider your gift recipient’s style, personality and favorite things, and design the basket accordingly. 

How to Create a Spa Day Gift Basket on a Budget

There’s no doubt that spa day gift baskets can be expensive. It’s not unrealistic to end up spending $100 or more on a basket.

If you’re looking to get a spa day gift basket on a budget, consider these ideas. 

Search Around the House

Most everyone has an abundance of items in their house or apartment that they never use. Search your home for unused baskets, new and unused towels and other items you could add to your gift basket. 

Don’t forget to include unused spa items and extra treats such as wine bottles or candles.

Shop at Dollar Stores

Dollar stores often have face masks, nail polish and a host of other items on sale for just a dollar. 

If you’re shopping on a budget, stop by your local dollar store to see if you can find some items for your spa day gift basket there. 

Shop the Clearance Racks

Clearance racks are the bomb when it comes to making a DIY spa day gift basket. This is because you can get higher quality items at super low prices.

When a store decides to clearance out beauty and other items, you can often get them for 50% off, 60% off or more. 

Shop for your spa day gift basket well in advance, and search clearance racks at your favorite stores often to get the best deals on great beauty items.

Ask Around 

Lastly, ask around!!!  Ask family members and friends if they have any unused beauty/spa items they want you to take off their hands.

Or, reach out to your local Facebook Buy Nothing group and ask if any of the members has anything they want to give away that would fit into your gift basket. 

People are often willing to help out and to help declutter their homes at the same time. 

DIY Some Spa Items

Do-it-yourself spa items can be a great way to save money on your spa day gift basket. 

For instance, you can make a homemade hand/body scrub by combining coconut oil, sugar and a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil. 

Or you can create homemade bath bombs by combining a few common household ingredients. 

Search the internet for other ideas for DIY spa items for your gift basket.

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When is a Spa Day Gift Basket Not a Good Idea?

Although many people (myself included) love receiving spa day gift baskets as gifts, there are certain times when a spa day gift basket may not be an appropriate gift.

For instance, you may not want to give a spa day gift basket to someone who has allergies to scents or chemicals. 

Similarly, you may not want to give a spa day gift basket to someone who has sensitive skin. 

Also, you may not want to give a spa day gift basket to someone who is choosy about the scents they like and use, unless you can find all unscented spa items. 

Lastly, you may not want to give a spa day gift basket to someone who doesn’t care much for baths or for pampering themselves. 

The point of these suggestions is to consider your gift recipient and tailor the gift basket to their individual preferences.  Or, consider forgoing the spa day gift basket idea altogether if you’re concerned there may be issues with it.


Great DIY spa day gift basket ideas abound, that is, if you know where to look.

Search online, search your creative mind and ask around for ideas to help make your DIY spa day gift basket the perfect fit for your gift recipient. 

DIY spa day gift basket ideas