Does Kohl’s Take Expired Kohl’s Cash?

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If you’re a Kohl’s shopper, you might wonder if Kohl’s will take expired Kohl’s Cash. In this article, we’ll talk about the answer to that question, as well as the answer to other questions about Kohl’s.

Kohl’s does get pricey on some items, but it can be a great place to shop if you know how to find the deals. One of those deals includes using Kohl’s Cash.

Can You Use Expired Kohl’s Cash?

There is a short answer and a long answer to this question. The short answer is “maybe.” The long answer is…well, let’s find out.

What Is Kohl’s Cash?

Just in case you haven’t heard of Kohl’s Cash, Kohl’s Cash is a certificate you get from Kohl’s when you spend money on Kohl’s purchases during specified days.

Typically, Kohl’s Cash is awarded in $10 increments, which you get for every $50 you spend on Kohl’s purchases.

For example, If you buy $49 in Kohl’s purchases during Kohl’s Cash days, you wouldn’t get any Kohl’s Cash certificates. However, if you spend $50 in Kohl’s purchases during Kohl’s Cash days, you’d get a certificate for $10 in free Kohl’s merchandise.

The $50 cutoff is non-negotiable. So, if you spend $99 in Kohl’s purchases during Kohl’s Cash days, you’d still only get $10 in Kohl’s Cash certificates.

However, if you add another $1 to that same purchase you’ll get $20 in Kohl’s Cash certificates instead of $10. And cashiers won’t (and probably can’t) make exceptions to this rule.

For that reason, it’s important to keep track of the money you’re spending during Kohl’s Cash rewards days so that you don’t come close to earning another $10 certificate but miss out on it.

Next, let’s talk about how long Kohl’s Cash is good for.

How Long Is Kohl’s Cash Good For?

The number of days–as well as the specific dates–that your Kohl’s Cash is good for will be listed right on your Kohl’s Cash.

Most Kohl’s Cash certificates aren’t valid until a few days after you receive them. After that, they’ll be good for a specified number of days as listed on the individual certificate.

That’s the technical answer. However, there is an unwritten rule that says that Kohl’s Cash can be used up to 10 days after the official expiration date.

This 10-day extension applies to both online and in-store purchases. Every Kohl’s store location should honor your Kohl’s Cash if you use it during the valid written period listed on the cash itself or up to 10 days after the written expiration date on the certificate.

The same goes for online purchases at Kohl’s. If you order online and want to use your Kohl’s Cash to pay, you can use it up to 10 days past the expiration date.

Note that you may have to call customer service if the online shopping cart doesn’t take your Kohl’s Cash and it is within 10 days after the expiration date of the cash.

Can I Get My Kohl’s Cash Expiration Date Extended?

A common question people have is “Can I get my Kohl’s Cash expiration date extended?”

The answer to that question is a solid “maybe.” It’s well worth trying both in person at Kohl’s stores and online through the customer service center to ask about extending past the expiration date, even if you’re asking after the unwritten 10-day rule is up.

When I visited a Kohl’s store near me recently, the cashier told me to always ask for an extension, even if it’s past the 10-day extension.

Hint: Go to the Kohl’s store near you with the best customer service to ask for your extension. I have certain stores in my area where it’s obvious that the staff is very committed to customer service.

Although the other stores near me don’t have horrible customer service, there are a couple of stores where the employees consistently go above and beyond to help customers.

Those are the locations where I could go to ask for an extension on my Kohl’s Cash expiration date.  

Other Ways to Save Money at Kohl’s

Luckily, there are other ways to save money at Kohl’s besides using and earning Kohl’s Cash. Here are some ideas for you to consider if you like shopping at Kohl’s.

Sign Up for the Kohl’s Email List

When you sign up for the Kohl’s email list you’ll get an immediate 15% discount coupon in your email inbox.

You can use that discount coupon on your next Kohl’s purchase. Note that all Kohl’s discount coupons have some name-brand exclusions that aren’t eligible for coupon discounts.

See the coupon terms and conditions for more information.

Bonus: When you sign up to be on Kohl’s mailing list, you’ll also get periodical coupon discounts in the snail mail and in your email inbox.

These Kohl’s coupons can offer up to 30% in additional discounts on top of regular and sale prices. Personally, I usually get two to three 30% discount coupons a year.

I use these coupons for occasions such as back-to-school shopping and holiday gift shopping in order to maximize my savings at Kohl’s.

But it’s always nice to have the 20% and 15% coupons as well. Use them when you need them and save money when you can.

Get a Kohl’s Credit Card

You can also save money on Kohl’s purchases when you use a Kohl’s Card when you shop.

The first way that using a Kohl’s credit card saves you money is by using the initial shopping discount you get when you are first approved for the card.

Kohl’s offers a generous shopping discount for first-time Kohl’s credit card users. This shopping discount amount varies but is often as high as 35% on your first Kohl’s card purchase.

Also, you will get additional discounts and deals simply for being a Kohl’s credit card holder. There is no annual fee for Kohl’s credit card.

The interest rate for the card is on the higher side, so be sure to pay the card off in full each month that you use it.

Sign Up for Kohl’s Rewards

Kohl’s also has a rewards program that you can sign up for in order to save money when you shop at Kohl’s.

The Kohl’s Rewards program is generous and easy to use. And you get added benefits if you use a Kohl’s credit card to pay for your purchases when you shop.

Here’s a comparison of the rewards program with and without the use of a Kohl’s credit card.

Kohl’s RewardsKohl’s Rewards + Kohl’s credit card
5% rewards on purchases7.5% rewards on purchases
Birthday gift (usually Kohl’s Cash)Birthday gift (usually Kohl’s Cash)
Personalized perksPersonalized perks
Membership anniversary gift
Exclusive monthly savings
MVC (Most Valued Customer) status

Sign up for the Kohl’s Rewards program and watch your savings add up.

Use Cash Back Shopping Websites

Another way to save even more money on Kohl’s purchases is to shop at Kohl’s by accessing the Kohl’s website through popular cash-back shopping sites.

Cash back shopping sites and coupon sites such as Rakuten, Honey, TopCashback, and others give you cash back just for accessing stores such as Kohl’s through the site.

Here’s how they work:

  • You sign up to be a member of the cashback shopping site you’re interested in.
  • While you’re signed into your account, access the Kohl’s website through the cashback shopping site link.
  • Shop, add items to your cart, and complete your purchase from the access link you used from your cash-back shopping site.
  • After the purchase has been completed through the cashback shopping site, the cashback shopping site will reward you with savings of between 1% and sometimes up to 40% or more.

Note that each cash-back shopping site works differently and gives you different percentages back on purchases.

Also, the percentages of cashback can vary based on what you are purchasing. However, each site works the same in that you need to shop and complete your purchase during the session in which you accessed Kohl’s from the cashback shopping site.

If you leave the Kohl’s site and come back later, you need to access Kohl’s through the cashback shopping site again in order to get credit/cash back for your purchase.

See each cash back shopping site’s terms and conditions page for details on how getting cash back for your purchases works.


The answer to the question “Does Kohl’s Take Expired Kohl’s Cash?” is a resounding “maybe.” If your Kohl’s Cash is within 10 days of expiring, then the store will likely let you use it still.

And even if it’s past the 10-day mark, you may be able to use your Kohl’s Cash by talking with an in-store employee or manager or calling the Kohl’s customer service line.

It’s easy to forget about your Kohl’s Cash and not realize it’s still available for use until after its expiration date. Luckily, Kohl’s tends to be somewhat generous about extending the usage date.

In addition, there are many other ways to save money at Kohl’s, as outlined above.

does Kohl's take expired Kohl's Cash?