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  1. I’ve used it, but I’ve actually settled on, whose cash back rates are usually higher. Once you reach the minimum threshold, you can request your cash back at any time. It is my default portal, except when trying to earn frequent flyer miles.

    • That is interesting, I am familiar with Be Frugal, but I did not know that they had better cash back rates. I started using Ebates because we were not currently getting any cash back at all. I will look into Be Frugal as we do a lot of shopping online these days.

    • Thanks for sharing, Kenny! I wasn’t aware of that site!

  2. I love the ease of use. My only complaint is that sometimes if a new tab opens on your browser, you have to make sure that the ebates icon on the toolbar is still active for the session.

    • That is good to know. I wondered how I can tell if it is going to count the purchase for the cash back. I will definitely keep an eye out for that!

    • That’s interesting! Thanks for pointing that out, Latoya. I haven’t had that happen before.

  3. This is yet another reminder that I NEED to start using Ebates! I keep hearing about it and I keep putting it on my “to check out” list, but I never get around to actually getting my account set up. Today is the day!

    • Haha. That is exactly what I told myself: ‘it sounds like a great idea, so I will sign up for it one day.’ Well, I signed up for Ebates recently and earned cash back on something I was already going to buy – checks for my business. I’m glad to hear you are ready to give them a shot. So far I am very pleased with the results.

  4. Thank you for the information on eBates. I chose the cashback program offered at because it pays more in the long run. There’s an amazing video on the compensation page of the site comparing it with eBates.

    • I haven’t heard of that one.

  5. I have been an Ebates subscriber for 3 years, and the last 4 months it will not let me open or log in. It tells me that my server is not allowed. I have had the same online account forever. I tried to contact Ebates online, by email, and by phone with no response from any of my attempts. I have money in my account, but no checks. I’m frustrated!

    • That stinks. Have you tried reaching out to them on Facebook or on Twitter? Sometimes doing so publicly will elicit a response from them.

  6. I found it was a scam. I make a lot of business purchases and was scheduled to get a large check. They cancelled my account without explaining why despite repeated customer service emails. The customer service representatives were rude in responses and inconsistent. I’m very disappointed!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you! 🙁

    • I had the same experience. I made some bigger purchases so I had earned a larger rebate. Rather then pay, they just cancelled my account.

      • I’m sorry to hear that. If you didn’t contact them about this, I would do so right away. Perhaps it was an error on their part?

  7. I must have hit the right pay out period for Ebates, because I received my check within a week of my purchase. I am new to Ebates and curious about using the “in Store” Ebates app. I see that it requires you to enter your method of payment, either a credit or debit card. Then, from my understanding, you make your purchase through Ebates using that information. How Safe is this? Aren’t we suppose to limit this information, or not give it out at all? I would love to use in store Ebates, but……

  8. I’m drop shipping and make money by Ebates. Ebates made a payment to me one time. When I was working, I made $300-$400, but now my account is BLOCKED.
    I cant login. I have read the terms through Ebates. The message I got was: “Termination – We reserve the right, at any time, to modify or discontinue offering the service at our sole discretion. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the service at any time, your sole and exclusive remedy is to cease using the service. You agree that we will not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension, or termination of the service.”

    • You did not mention whether you contacted them about this or not. If you haven’t already, I would contact them and ask why they terminated you. Perhaps you could make whatever changes they suggest to modify your account, or what you’re selling, to meet their requirements. Then they might re-establish your account so you can go on selling. Good luck!

  9. Is ebates using/saving your credit card information when you go through this site? I would be nervous that it is taking your information and then if they were to terminate your account unexpectedly, do they save any information of yours?
    If not, then I’m definitely going to sign up and use this.

    • One way to find out some of those types of questions is to check out their policies, terms, and conditions pages as well as FAQ’s (frequently asked questions). This may tell you what you want to know. If not, try contacting them directly via their contact information to ask before signing up. Good luck!

  10. Ebates is kind of fake. Cashback is randomly guaranteed, particularly for the expansive order like the Bloomingdales’ one. I almost never got back the money that was originally guaranteed. Also, there are many exceptions, so I encourage you not to waste your time logging in via Ebates.

    • I’m sorry you had a negative experience with them. Did you contact them about the situation?

  11. Most people fail to read the “fine print” when they go to Ebates for online purchases. For example, when you go to Amazon through Ebates, it will pull up a list of “exclusions” as well as what percentages you can (or not) expect on your purchase. Once you start checking the “exclusions” you will know whether or not you qualify for the cash back. I have been a member for a couple or so years now and have been perfectly satisfied with the service (& checks) I have received. Ebates does pay quarterly and, if you search your account, you can find what you “made” on each purchase. Also, if you know you made a purchase & didn’t get credit, you just send them the required info from your receipt. I love Ebates!

    • Lots of times being informed makes a big difference on your success. Thank you for pointing that out and for your comments!

  12. Could someone hack into eBates and get your information?

    • To find out more about eBates privacy policies you need to go to their site or ask them directly. 🙂

  13. They exist, but it’s almost impossible to get paid. They have since joined or completed some joint venture with Rakuten. Many people that had accounts with both companies are finding out that their accounts were canceled. We have found that in almost every purchase there is a seller that offers the product at a lower price and you don’t have to mess with points or waiting for a quarterly check that may never arrive.
    If you do have a problem, good luck getting it resolved with either company, Ebates or Rakuten. If you do get a complaint to a person, the reply is many times rude and surly. I wouldn’t recommend Ebates or Rakuten to my worst enemy. We use BeFrugal, as someone mentioned above, and mostly TopCashBack for us works flawlessly and they have great customer service. Good luck saving however you can, but do not waste your time with Ebates or Rakuten!

    • I’m sorry you had trouble with Ebates. Thank you for your opinion and comments.

  14. My last rebate check (around $15) was from May 2019 and was returned (at an online bank) as expired. Well, it clearly wasn’t. So, I deposited it to a brick and mortar credit union by mobile deposit. Unfortunately, it was returned. I was charged a return fee of $35. I am not happy.
    Rakuten online help (couldn’t help) referred me to a link on Rakutin’s site, but there’s no category for check problems. The only category I could write in was Rakuten feedback. I just wrote them today about the bad check.
    One new plus I did find out while scouring my issue on their website is that they now will let you get paid by PayPal. So, I signed up for that. Hopefully, there will be no more bad checks and missing rewards.

    • That sounds like a very frustrating and upsetting experience. I’m glad you followed up to see what you can do about the situation. I hope you get it resolved. 🙂

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