Entrepreneur Success Stories

To help motivate you on your journey to start your own business, I have created an ongoing series called “Entrepreneur Success Stories“. These stories are from ordinary people who have “taken the plunge” and started their own part or full time businesses.

#35 How to Create A Successful Franchise with Paul Maskill

Brief Intro: Paul Maskill was able to grow a business to over 40 employees and $400k in revenue in only 4 years. He now works with current franchise owners to put processes and systems in place so that the business can thrive without relying on the owner.

#34 14 Year Old Invents Product and Gets Offered $30 Million

Brief Intro: Taylor Rosenthal invented a vending machine for first aid kits and got offered $30 million for it.

#33 How to Achieve Financial Independence with Todd Tresidder

Brief Intro: Todd Tresidder went from broke college student at age 23 to self-made millionaire in just 12 short years. Todd Tressider is a serial entrepreneur who was able to build and sell a hedge fund and “retire” at age 35. His work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Forbes, and NPR.

#32 How to Have Multiple Streams of Income in Your 20’s with Robert Farrington

Brief Intro: Robert Farrington is the founder of CollegeInvestor.com and in this episode he shares how he developed multiple streams of income in his 20’s.

#31 How to Become Financially Independent by Age 37 with Chad Carson

Brief Intro: Interesting in retiring early? Chad Carson shares how he is planning to be financially independent by age 37 by investing in real estate.

#30 How to Make Passive Income in a Vending Business with Matt Miller

Brief Intro: Matt Miller is the President of School Spirit Vending which is on the cutting edge of both the vending and school fundraising industries. Today he share tips on how to make passive income with a vending business.

#29 How to get $18 million in Free National Media Exposure with Steve Economides

Brief Intro: Steve Economides is a New York Times best selling author of three books and is recognized internationally as a family finance expert.

#28 What it Takes to Make a Living as a Writer with Jeff Goins

Brief Intro: Jeff Goins is an author, blogger, and speaker whose passion is to help people live and tell better stories. He has written 4 books and his newest book is the Art of Work. Today he is going to share how to make a living as a writer and so much more.

#27 How to Make Six Figures a Year Selling T-shirts Online with Benny Hsu

Brief Intro: Benny Hsu is the creator of Get Busy Living which is a blog dedicated to helping people create epic lives. Today he is going to share with us how he made six figures selling t-shirts online.

#26 How to Retire in Your 20’s with Austin Netzley

Brief Intro: Austin Netzley is an athlete turned engineer turned investor turned entrepreneur and a #1 Amazon bestselling author of Make Money, Live Wealthy. He is also the founder and host of the podcast and blog, YoPro Wealth, and is best known for retiring at 27 years old.

#25 How to Buy and Sell Internet Businesses with Justin Gilchrist

Brief Intro: Justin Gilchrist is a founding partner at Centurica, an agency dedicated to help entrepreneurs and companies purchase internet businesses.

#24 Social Influence, Interpersonal Dynamics and The Art of Charm with Jordan Harbinger

Brief Intro: Skill can get us somewhere, but paired with a great personality, good relationships and wide social connections, we will often get farther both in our careers and in our personal lives. For this reason among others, it is imperative that we work and invest in developing ourselves to the fullest potential.

#23 Turning Your Passion into a Business with Steve Silberberg

Brief Intro: Steve Silberberg is the founder of Fitpacking, a company that guides people to lose weight and get fit through backpacking adventure vacations.

#22 Fueling Your Passion and Staying Ablaze with John Lee Dumas

Brief Intro: John Lee Dumas is the founder of Entrepreneur On Fire, a top-ranked business podcast interviewing today’s most successful entrepreneurs. This is a follow up to his first interview on the show.

#21 How to Make a Million Dollars on Amazon with Ryan Daniel Moran

Brief Intro: Ryan Daniel Moran is an entrepreneur, podcaster and author of “The Freedom Manifesto: How To Make A Million Dollars, Travel The World, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams.”

#20 From $7 an Hour to 7 Figures Per Year with Matt Theriault

Brief Intro: Matt Theriault is a real estate investor, entrepreneur and a coach who shows people how to invest in real estate so they can achieve financial freedom. He is also a Desert Storm veteran and the man behind EpicRealEstate.com.

#19 Leaving the Corporate World to Become an Entrepreneur with Jesse Marrus of Street ID

Brief Intro: In this episode of the Well Kept Wallet Podcast we have Jesse Marrus, who is the founder and CEO of Street ID, which is an innovative online financial career matchmaking and networking site.  After spending several years in the financial recruiting business, Jesse saw a need for a website that would connect qualified candidates with financial institutions and that is exactly what he created.

#18 Rebecca Braglio Quit Being an Attorney to do What She Loves

Brief Intro: Rebecca Braglio was a public defender for the city of Philidelphia and she got burnt out. She then decided to create a website that she was passionate about called ThePhillyDog.com which is an online resource for dog owners in the Philadelphia area. Because of her experience with creating this site she was able to become the Community Engagement Manager of Pet360 Inc. where she now handles the social media of Pet360.com. Her job is to make the site fun so that people want to come back. In addition, she is a top 100 winner of Start-Up Nation in the “Savvy in Social Media” category.

#17 How to Make Money Developing Mobile Apps with Steve P Young

Brief Intro: In this episode of the Well Kept Wallet podcast we have Steve P Young the host of Mobile App Chat Podcast where top mobile app developers share their stories. He has developed 7 apps that you can download and he started his podcast so that he could learn from successful app developers.  He is 60% marketer, 30% developer, 10% designer and 100% hustler.

#16 Make Money Developing Websites with Eric Scott

Brief Intro: Eric Scott is the CEO of Dolphin Micro, a web development company that has done work with companies like Wired, Business Insider, and even AT&T. He runs a 22 person firm that builds custom software for anyone who needs it.

#15 Starting a Business That Makes $60,000 Per Month with Dane Maxwell

Brief Intro: In this episode of the Well Kept Wallet podcast, we have Dane Maxwell who is the founder of The Foundation, a platform that helps people build a recurring revenue software product in 6 months. Not only that, but within a year or two afterward, the goal is for the people participating to have complete financial freedom. His most successful software company he started with $8,000 and within three years it is now making over $60,000 per month.

#14 Becoming a TV Producer with Nicole Dunn

Brief Intro: Nicole Dunn is a Creative Television Producer who has done work on the Weakest Link, the Man Show, Split Ends and Dr. Phil’s “Decision House“. She is now one of the owners of Dunn Pellier Media where she is currently creating, pitching and selling unique Multi-platform concepts and projects with Web, Mobile and TV. One of her most notable clients today is Tony Horton who is best known for his fitness program p90x.

#13 What it’s Like as a Professional Organizer with Bonnie Dewkett

Brief Intro: Bonnie Joy Dewkett is the founder of the Joyful Organizer and in this episode she shares why she loves what she does.  She is also a nationally recognized organizing expert, author, motivational speaker, & internet radio personality.

#12 How to Earn Recurring Revenue by Building Software with Dave Devogt

Brief Intro: Dave Nevogt is the co-founder of Hubstaff, a time tracking software that helps with managing remote teams. Previously Dave ran an information marketing business in the golf niche that did well over 7 figures a year. Dave has been founding companies since 2004 with his first success coming at 23.

#11 Accidental Entrepreneur

Brief Intro: Jon Neitzell began training in Krav Maga over four years ago to get into better physical condition after years of not being physically fit. Krav Maga (Israeli for “close combat”) is a self-defense system developed for the military in Israel that consists of a wide combination of techniques sourced from Aikido, Jujutsu, Boxing, Judo and Wrestling along with realistic fight training.

#10 How One Woman Designed Her Way to a Modern-Day Business

Brief Intro: My name is Renae Justin, and I’m an interior designer living in the Midwest. I’m a stay-at-home wife and homeschooling mother of 4 who also owns and runs a successful interior design business. I’ve built my business, Lasting Impressions Design, over the last 17 years, working to transition it from what was once a service that only the “elite” could afford to a business that has interior design options for all budget levels.

#9 Making Entrepreneurship a Family Affair

Brief Intro: The main reason we wanted to own our own business was to create a sense of freedom for ourselves. We wanted to take control of our own destiny, both personally and professionally. We enjoyed working at our previous jobs, and we were really good at them. However, something just kept gnawing inside of us because we knew that we could do better.

#8 How Jesse Clark Made a Business Out of Helping Others Enhance Theirs

Brief Intro: In my opinion, there is nothing more valuable than leaving the house or office in the middle of the day and running to the grocery store or taking a three-hour lunch. This type of flexibility is truly one of the main reasons I wanted to get into business for myself.

#7 Stacking Benjamins Takes Time: It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Brief Intro: Since college I’ve owned my own businesses. I’ve found that great bosses are hard to come by. I’ve always struggled with trying to impress my boss and my customer, because when I worked for “the man” my boss often wanted different things from me than the customer. By owning my own business I could tie my paycheck directly to inputs: if I do things my customer likes they pay me more. If I don’t….I get paid less.

#6 This Woman Turned Video Editing Into a Career, and You Can Too!

Brief Intro: I think I always had it in the back of my mind that working for myself would be cool, but when I was working full time I never had the guts to take the plunge.

#5 How One Entrepreneur Traded in “Tradition” for “Revolution”

Brief Intro: Most financial firms want this population to utilize cheaper online resources or apps; however, most people are not motivated to make financial changes just using an app or a website. The only way I saw the potential to serve this severely under-served population was to start my own company.

#4 How One Man Learned That Less Can Mean More in the Business World

Brief Intro: My parents – as well as my brother – have all owned their own businesses. Entrepreneurship is in my blood. I love the thought of building something from scratch and making it a success. It’s a thrilling adventure for me.

#3 How One Woman Took the Leap From Employee to Business Owner

Brief Intro: It sounds so cliche, but I started my own business to enjoy the freedom of doing what I love and creating my own schedule. That schedule is much busier than a standard 9 to 5, but I can also take naps, work whenever or wherever I want, and deal with things in my own time. I wanted to be able to really feel the fruits of my labor.

#2  How One Man Took His Blog From Hobby to Career

Brief Intro:  I’ve been self-employed for over 4 years now as a blogger…but the funny thing is, I didn’t even realize I had a business until….

Brief Intro: My wife, Nicole, and I live in Omaha Nebraska and have three young children all age 7 and under. I spent about 12-13 years in the financial services industry but knew that something was missing. I had always wanted to work for myself but never thought it was possible.

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