I am so excited to announce that the first ever episode of the Well Kept Wallet Podcast is live!

You can listen to the episode here on the blog or download it on iTunes, Stitcher (For those of you who use Android products like me), or Blackberry.

What to expect from the Well Kept Wallet Podcast

The purpose of this podcast is to highlight all sorts of careers by interviewing people who are successful and love what they do for a living. There are 3 reasons why I am doing this podcast:

1. I want to help people who are in a job that they don’t enjoy find a job that they love.

2. Learn from people who are successful and love what they do for a living.

3. Help you achieve your financial goals in life. Since the biggest source of income for most people will be their career, that is what I will focus on in this podcast.

Mentions in the podcast

Fox News appearance:

Article in US News and World Report:

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Are you interested in being interviewed on the podcast? Do you love what you do for a living? Submit your story here.

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