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John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire

Have you ever thought about producing your own podcast? Well, in episode 2 you will hear from John Lee Dumas who is the founder and host of the daily podcast Entrepreneur On Fire which now has over 200,000 unique downloads per months in 145 countries. He is known for interviewing today’s most inspiring and successful entrepreneurs. Here is a summary of what you will hear in the podcast.

Career: Podcaster

Previous employment: Army, Corporate Finance, Real Estate

Interesting Fact

He moved to San Diego to paddle board every day

How does he make money?

He sells corporate sponsorship’s to, 99 Designs and others. He currently makes around $13,000 per month from these corporate sponsorship’s.

How did he get to where he is today?

Went to Blog World in New York City and met Pat Flynn, Derek Halpern, and Cliff Ravenscraft in June of 2012. They all agreed to be on his show so then from June to September he knocked out a ton of interviews to launch his daily podcast in the Fall of 2012.

Book Recommendation

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

How to get started with podcasting

Podcast Launch – A Step by Step Podcasting Guide Including 15 Video Tutorials by John Lee Dumas

Tips to find a job that you love

Not every passion can be turned into a viable business. Figure out what you love to do that could actually become a viable business and provide income for you.

Start with small steps. Wake up 30 minutes earlier and take 30 minutes at night to learn about what you want to get into. In 6 months you will be shocked with the amount of information and knowledge that you have gained.

Mentions – Service to help you automate your schedule and sync up with other peoples calendars.

Most recent project

Working on a product called 6 Months to 6 figures – A Podcasters Journey where he breaks down everything that he has done to make over $12,000 per month  with his podcast.

How to get in touch with John


Podcast: Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast

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