Dan Nainan inside the gotham theatre

In this episode, Dan Nainan shares how he went from being a Senior Engineer at Intel to becoming a full-time comedian.

Career: Comedian

Previous employment: Intel Engineer

Average Day:

A lot of time in front of computer contacting people, making travel arrangements, etc. Writing content, plays 6 musical instruments, working out, learning other languages.

Interesting Facts

Introduced the Winklevoss twins (Made famous by movie The Social Network about Facebook) for the Bitcoin conference.

He has a YouTube video over 1 Million views:

How did he get to where he is today?

Dan performed for free on many occasions to get his name out there. He said that you never know who will be there in the audience that might want to hire you. In fact, three of his highest paying gigs that he performed came from working free events.

He went to a Toastmasters club for Intel to learn how to speak in front of people because he traveled around the world doing technical demonstrations on stage. He soon decided that taking a comedy class would be more beneficial because it was more challenging and better prepared him to speak in front of 1,000’s of people.

Book Recommendations

100 Ways to Motivate Yourself, Third Edition: Change Your Life Forever by Steve Chandler

The Best Book on How To Become A Full-time Stand-up Comedian by Dan Nainan

How to become a comedian

Go to your local comedy club and take a class.

Influential people

Jerry Seinfeld told him “You should work clean, you will work everywhere”.

Working with Russell Peters & Robert Schimmel, who are two of the most popular comedians, was really helpful as well.

Tips to find a job that you love

Pursue your passion during the evenings and weekends. If the average person in America watches 32 hours of TV per week, they should be able to find time to pursue what they love. Steve Chandler says that when you are watching television, you are watching people who do what they love and who are making a lot of money to do it. Turn off the TV and work on something that will help you get where you want to be.

Most recent project

Dan is currently working on books 2 and 3 as well as doing a comedy tour in Australia and New Zealand.

How to get in touch with Dan

Site: ComedianDan.com

Twitter: @ComedianDan

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