Focus T25 Workout to get back in shape

Almost two years ago I received first place in a weight loss contest at the office and I won somewhere around $150. I lost nearly 20 pounds and I was down to about 180 pounds. It felt good, but after the contest was over, the momentum was also over. Yesterday my wife told me about a new workout called the Focus T25 Workout and how it was only 25 minutes a day. This sounded very appealing to me because I tried P90x that was created by the same company (Beachbody) and those exercises were an hour long. At the time it was hard to consistently find 1 hour a day to workout since my schedule was so hectic.

At the starting point to get back in shape

Well, I decided to buy the Focus T25 Workout base package which included 9 DVD’s, a nutrition plan, a workout calender and a 15lb resistance band. I weighed my self this morning and I was 208 pounds. That means I have gained about 28 pounds over the past two years and it is time to start being serious about my workout regimen. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fitness nut nor do I really care about having a six pack like the guy in the picture. I do care about eliminating the slight lower back pain that I get on occasion when I am lifting things around those house. And I also care that I don’t lose my breath 100 feet into a hike with friends and family.

My first Focus T25 Workout experience

This morning my wife and I did the first workout which is Cardio. At first, I thought that it would be no big deal because it is only 25 minutes, but I was mistaken. I was able to keep up for maybe the first 5 minutes but then I needed to change my pace and follow the girl that was doing the modifier. What is a modifier? It is a modified version of the workout for those who need to ease back into getting into shape. I figure that I will be following the modifier for at least the first few weeks until I feel comfortable going full throttle.

What I have done in the past and why I am going with T25

Like I mentioned above, I have tried P90x but is was too much for me at the time. The workouts were twice as long as T25 and they were 6 days a week. It just wasnt something I could fit into my everyday schedule. I also signed up for a gym membership this year. I have been going 1-3 times a week but mainly to lift weights, but I have focused much on cardio or getting lean. Lastly I tried Healthy Wage where they pay you to lose weight, however, this is not a workout program. It is a competition only, so you need to have a workout plan for it to make sense to sign up.

I am going to give the T25 Workout a shot. How about you?

Have you ever done a workout program? What was your experience like? Did you get the results you were hoping to get?

Image Credit: The Bewithcin’ Kitchen

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